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Remaking Britney Spears

Hey y’all, I’m over at Four Foxes, One Hound talking about fear. And speaking of fear…

*looks for a bolt of lightning to strike her*

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’m not a big fan of pop music. Oh, sure, when I was younger, I was into it. I was also a child. As I got older, the pop music became less and less important to me. I never got the whole New Kids On the Block obsession, no, I didn’t have a crush on Donnie. Skid Row on the other hand? Hubba, hubba.

My tastes actually haven’t changed much now that I’m nearly the big 3-5. In fact, they’ve probably grown more anti-pop, which is why this post actually hurts to write. When the pop divas came out in the late 90’s, all I thought was, “Here we go again, another Debbie Gibson and Tiffany” (Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera). Yeah, I still feel that way really.

However, some brave guys remade a Britney Spears song and I love it. I hate the original because—sorry guys—I dislike her intensely. I just never got into her although I know a lot of people loved her, still do I suppose. *shrug* Whatever floats your boat. But! She did give this band a chance to remake one of her songs and I think it’s like so much better than the original. The band is called A Static Lullaby and I don’t know if they have any other songs, so I can’t tell you much about them. Anyway, here’s today’s remake!

The Original: (I’m gagging here)

The Remake: (Phew!!)


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Remaking Queen (and David Bowie)

It feels kind of funny write a blog post the day before it’s due. I didn’t blog much at all last week because of Nationals and I found that I missed it. I guess this really means I’ve turned into a blog whore. I can only hope y’all enjoy the blogging as much as I do.

Last week we had Cake taking on Gloria Gaynor and I knew before I put the post up that everyone would vote for Gloria. I can’t really blame them because she was pretty awesome. That’s a song that will definitely survive. Ha!

Continuing with the summer remake series, we have Queen featuring David Bowie. I remember when the song, “Under Pressure” came out. It was such a great song. I was a big fan of both David Bowie and Queen so when they did this song together, I was powerless against it. It’s a deep song, yet catchy as well. Two emo bands came together a few years ago to remake it and I think they did a good job. Sure, it isn’t David Bowie and Queen, but who is?? My Chemical Romance and The Used remade this song and okay, I like it a lot. What do you think?

The original:

The remake:



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Remaking Lil Wayne

Before I get to the remakes…have you stopped by Four Foxes, One Hound to enter for a chance to win a $150 prize pack? You should! It’s got goodies galore!

I hope y’all are enjoying the summer remake series as much as I am. So far, the remakes haven’t been doing well. Seether and Nonpoint lost their matches by a landslide and no one seemed able to choose between Faith No More and The Commodores. I’m beginning to think people are loyal to the original, which is cool. I feel the same way about movies.

Anyway! The newest match-up is between two different genres of music. I imagine it can’t be easy to take a song and make it fit your chosen form of music, but I have to admire people who are able to do it. It makes me wish I were more musically inclined.

I hadn’t heard the original version of the song when I heard the remake. Funny, huh? I thought the remake was the original, so when the DJ said “That’s a remake of Lil Wayne”, I was a bit stunned. So I of course had to listen to the original and it was like listening to a completely different song. But I’ll let you be the judge of it.

I have the remake by Framing Hanley on my MP3 player and when my sister heard it, she called it “the nasty song”. She likes it! She does, she just thinks it’s naughty,  which it is, so beware!

Original by Lil Wayne:

Framing Hanley (I cut out the first part of the video since it was too long):


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Remaking Wham

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Yeah, this is one remake I had to post. Why? Because when I was a kid this was one of my favorite Wham songs. I thought George Michaels was so cute! I didn’t care about his short shorts and pink shirts. I thought it was cool. Of course I was like eight, but in 1984…well, let’s just leave it at that. The 80’s are sacred.

So imagine my surprise when I’m driving in my car a couple of  years ago and I hear a familiar guitar riff that isn’t…acoustic, but there’s no pretending I didn’t know it. I frowned at the road, feeling my foot press down on the accelerator because there are some songs I don’t want remade. I was angry and my eight-year-old self was insulted that someone would have the nerve to remake this song!

Then I listened to it and I realized that though the song is a lot harder than the original, it’s still on point with the acoustic, sweeter version George Michaels did back in 1984. Seether did a great job on this remake, giving it a more raw and painful edge that I appreciate as a 34-year-old who’s lived life.

What do you think?

The original:

The remake:


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