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Writing Hangover

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me mention something about cranking out 12k words this weekend. I haven’t done that in months. Mostly because I’ve been swamped by real life and the evil day job. I’ve been trying to sit down for weeks to pound out Primal Dance, the next book in the Cajun Heat series and last week I had every intention of working on that story.

But on Thursday night as I went to bed, I began to brainstorm a completely different story. A contemporary with not a single paranormal character in sight. Even better, it’s a menage a quatre. I know, are y’all shocked? I’ve written a menage before, but this one is really stepping out of my “comfort zone”. On top of that, each of the male characters are anti-heroes. Each and every single one is a bad boy.

And even better, the whole story is loosely based on a very popular book and musical. I’m not going to say which one it is because I’m still in the “with-this-seekrit-project-I-will-rule-the-world” phase of writing. You know, when you’re positive this story is going to be the one that has people storming the virtual book stores to get a copy of it. Heh. Or should I say Muhuhahahaha!?

Anyway, I’ve been working on this story for…three days? Since Friday at least, but Friday was mostly spent on research. My writing method is that I must have character names down and a title for my stories before I can work on the book. However, all I managed to get were the character names before they demanded I start writing. I still have no title for this story, but I’m actually okay with that. Weird, huh? But it didn’t matter because my muse has finally shown up. Y’all know how she is. She was out partying with hotties and forgot all about me, leaving me to flounder on my own. But she’s back now and she’s putting me through my paces, demanding I write, write, write. The last time this happened, I wrote a 80k story in 25 or 28 days. Something wild like that, edited and revised. Yeah. She really knows how to make me work and I wish she’d stop being such a hooker.

So for now, I’ve had to put Primal Dance on the side to concentrate on this contemporary. I’m sorry for my readers who are waiting on Coltrane and Kanda’s story. It’s coming, just a little later than I’d originally planned. Don’t worry though, it will happen. And if I’m lucky, I’ll have the final book in the series ready shortly after. (But I’m not lucky so…)

Oh and before I forget, today kicks off the start of another blog tour of Touched by Lightning. I’m giving away 2 sets of prizes (Order of Themis travel mugs, swag and gift cards). I have some guest posts and interviews as well as reviews mixed in there so be sure to check it out and enter to win!

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“WIP”ing Like a Writamatrix

I have no idea what inspired me to entitle this post such a weird thing, but I think it works, so that’s fine by me. By now, most of you know how er…quirky (let’s go with quirky) I can be.

While I’m waiting for news from one quarter and my 2nd MS is sent out for a second round of edits from my fabulous critique partner, I’ve been musing on a story. It isn’t the same story I sent to she-who-shall-not-be-named because as much as I wanted to start writing it, a new story pushed forward. Amazons are pushy, you know. It doesn’t help that this particular Amazon has been in all three of my manuscripts (even the one that’s buried under clothes in my room).

Izzy has been one of my favorite secondary characters with a…flare for trouble and relentless humor. I guess because I’ve been writing her into stories for the last year, she almost feels like a member of my family (poor thing). I hadn’t really planned to give Izzy her own book. I liked her as a secondary character, but then I had this crazy idea that she needed a hero. Not just any hero, either. Nope, her hero needs to be stronger, bigger, and more stubborn than she is. What came to mind? A minotaur shapeshifter.

BINGO! I’ve been writing like a fiend since Monday and hit over 12k words yesterday. The story is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s almost as though my fingers can’t type fast enough. I’ve had to pause now and then to refer to my “bestiary” so I could make sure I was following the rules of my world. So far, so good. Oh, and did I mention that his mother has made an appearance in the story? And she and Izzy hate each other? And that’s the smallest part of the plot? Bwahahaha.

I was even in the dentist’s chair yesterday thinking about where the story was going. My power naps have been interrupted by conversations I can almost hear her having with the minotaur. When I’m reading for relaxation, I’m thinking about how these two are going to clash. It’s wonderful. It makes me remember how great it felt to write “the end” even if I haven’t done that in a while.

This is why I write, this is why I sit down and edit even when I don’t want to. It’s why I wrote queries and synopses and entered contests. It’s because I have to. The characters give me no peace when they’re in the mood and right now, Izzy and Grant are SO in the mood. For fighting, for love, for sex and not necessarily in that order…yeah, it’s that kind of book.

Are your characters driving you insane? Do you ever get to the point that you think your keyboard will start smoking from your attempts to keep up with the visions in your head? Do you find yourself sinking into your story while doing other things?


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