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Watch Out Moms

It’s Mother’s Day this month and I’m playing songs with Mom, Mama, or Mother in the title. I say in the title because some of these songs aren’t exactly about how sweet mom is or how much the artist loves mom or whatever.

Like today’s song. I remember when this song came out. Well, the retitled version which came out in 1993, 1994 which would’ve been my senior year of high school. OMG, that was so long ago! Anyway, it was a kick ass song. I think most teenagers probably thought it was because who isn’t raging against their parents at 16, 17 years old? *polishes her halo* Except for me of course.

Anyway, today’s song is “Mother” by Danzig.


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For the Moms

Today I’m over at Avery Flynn’s blog with another giveaway of Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.)¬†and Avril Ashton’s blog with a book and gift card giveaway! This has been an exciting release week for me and it’s only the¬†third day! My fellow authors are awesome people. I can’t seem to thank them enough for helping me promote my newest release. Love you guys!

Mother’s Day is this month and I’ve decided to put a mom twist on What’s Playing Wednesdays. Next month isn’t going to be about dads though, sorry to disappoint!

There are a lot of songs about moms, some of them are funny, some are dark, some are sweet. I’m going to try to hit a little of those three starting with today’s offering by Three Dog Night. Yeah, if you’re a fan of classic rock, you know what song I’m talking about. “Mama Told Me Not To Come” is probably the classic “I should’ve listened to my mom” song.

Isn’t that the way it goes though? Your mom tells you things and you ignore her advice, then you’re stuck in a situation you really wished you weren’t.

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