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Can I Have Some Lemonade?

Today marks the last of our misunderstood lyrics theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays. I had a lot of fun with these posts. Maybe I’ll have to do it again,next time asking for your misunderstood lyric stories. We’ll have to see.

Starting next Wednesday, I’m handing over What’s Playing Wednesdays to my friends in the Cabal of Hotness. Yup, you got it, I’ve asked the ladies to share songs that either remind them of their works in progress, their books, or whatever. I’m giving up my Wednesdays and inviting them in to wreak havoc.

But today is still about my misunderstood lyrics. Actually, it isn’t my misunderstood lyric. It’s one I knew the words to, yet knew it also sounded like something else. In fact, knowing what was and what it sounded like helped me win tickets to a wrestling match, which I didn’t go to. *eye roll* What am I going to do at a WWE wrestling match? Honestly. Unless those big, sweaty, muscular men are taking their clothes off…

Anyway, today’s song is by a band I really enjoyed in the 90s. The Black Crowes hit the rock scene with their funky, blues laden rock and really hit it big. They had a lot of great songs that I still enjoy listening to today, yet there’s one, just one that will always be my favorite because I swear it sounds like they’re asking for lemonade. The song is Remedy and if you listen to the backup singers, it sounds like “can I have some lemonaade?”

My sister and I thought that was hysterical and of course sang it that way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s theme! And if you want, you can have some lemonade. I don’t mind.

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Hacksaw to the Bone?

The theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays this month is misunderstood lyrics. You know you’ve done it. Everyone’s done it at least once and we’re going to embrace our silliness (or bad hearing) this month.

Today’s song was one I figured was a no-brainer. It’s obvious they’re saying “Hats off to the bull”. Yet I discovered a coworker completely misunderstood this song. Let me set the stage for you:

It was my boss’ birthday. We went to the golf course for lunch. It’s a nice place and the food is decent. Most of the office is crowded around this table and the coworker who’s my least favorite is seated across from me. I spent most of the lunch chatting with the girls and trying to ignore my boss and his main cohort’s antics (They’re going to hell. Just sayin’). Anyway, somehow we got on the subject of music for the company Christmas party (Which I’m not attending).

The coworker I least like suddenly stops and says, “You listen to that hard stuff. Do you like Chevelle?”

Feeling as though I was about to step into something sticky, I answered in the affirmative. Chevelle is one of those bands whose songs I love, but I’ve never managed to buy their albums. I listen to them when they come on the radio and jam out like there’s no tomorrow, yet I can’t be bothered to buy their music for some reason.

Anyway, he says, “You know that song, Hats Off to the Bull? Well I heard it, really liked it and started looking for it but I could never find it because I thought they were singing “hacksaw to the bone”.”

Hacksaw to the bone…Hats off to the bull…It must be a down the bayou thing. It seemed pretty straight forward to me, but the more I listened to this song and put myself in my Cajun mind…the more I could honestly hear “hacksaw to the bone” which sounds pretty bad ass, doesn’t it?

You be the judge, do you hear hats off to the bull or hacksaw to the bone?


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Nuthin’ But A G-String

If you’re not sure you’re in the right place or not…I’m playing songs that were misunderstood by people. The lyrics, specifically. Last week I talked about a friend’s coworker who misunderstood “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” to be “Do the regulator.” This week I’m pulling my own embarrassing misunderstood lyrics from the closet.

I was a fairly…innocent kid when it came to music. I didn’t listen to hard rock or rap in my teen years. Okay, there was that one summer my friends and I memorized the lyrics to 2 Live Crew’s Me So Horny, but honestly? I had no idea what horny meant at the time. Looking back, I’m horrified at myself. Meh.

High school wasn’t that much different. Not really. I listened to classic rock, some choice alternative rock and country. Yes, I said it. I listened to country music. A lot. So I was completely unprepared for the question shouted my way during a parade. If you remember, I’ve mentioned before that I was a band nerd. I played tuba for eight years starting in 8th grade into college. Along with the drummers, I was part of the rhythm section. We were the ones helped the rest of the band keep the beat. We were also the ones who were supposed to be able “funk it out”.

Let me take you back to about 1992, 1993. I was a junior in high school. I think. That was a long time ago. It was Mardi Gras Day. My high school was marching in the big parade. It was bright and sunny, and hot as hell in my uniform. Lugging a tuba for 8 miles and playing it isn’t as easy as it looks. We stopped on the corner of Main Street and I believe it was Columbus. When this happened, it meant the parade king and queen were doing their toast. If no one falls off their float (from drinking too much) it usually takes 15 minutes to get going again.

I’m tired as hell. We still had another quarter of the parade route to go and I just wanted to get out of my polyester nightmare. The crowd was rowdy. Most likely they’d been up at dawn and started drinking as soon as they got out of bed. I slung my tuba off my shoulder and rested it on my foot for a break, chatting with the others in the rhythm section. A couple other tuba players, few trombone players and a couple of trumpets.

I looked around and this lady in the crowd shouts, and I swear this is what she said, “Play Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G-String, baby!”

Amused because what the hell kind of song is that, I look at a friend of mine and repeat what I thought she said. Michael nearly fell on the street laughing. Of course he had to share this embarrassing little tidbit with the entire brass section which then moved to the woodwinds and the drummers. Hell, the chaperones were probably even laughing at me. It wasn’t until later that I realized there was a song out there called Nuthin’ But A G Thang and that’s what the lady in the crowd wanted us to play. Yeah, okay. I’ll get right on that with my white girl rhythm.

*shuts up*

Now that you’ve read the whole embarrassing story, here’s Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg with Nuthin’ But A G Thang. G Thang. Not G-Strang. Funny thing is, I really liked the song after I heard it. Now when it comes on, I jam out. *Shrug*

By the way, I’ll have a very special guest stopping by for an interview on Friday. I hope y’all will visit to learn more about him!


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Do the Regulator?

I didn’t announce it last week, but this month I’ll be posting songs that either I, or someone I know, misunderstood. Oh yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You love this particular song, sing it to yourself and think you know the lyrics. And then the moment you’re with a friend, they say, “That’s not what they’re saying!”


Today’s song is one I learned about from my friend. One of his coworkers would walk around singing “Do the regulator”…when the song was Dude (Looks Like A Lady). I know, I know, how could he possibly messed this one up? Well, first off, he’s from down the bayou (down da bayou) and his accent is a little (okay, a lot) flat. I can actually understand how he might have gotten it  mixed up.

So today’s first misunderstood song is Aerosmith’s Dude (Looks Like A Lady). Are you going to sing it wrong now? It’s okay. Give it a try.
“Do da regulator!”


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