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Memory Association

I was just thinking, which we all know is a bad thing. And I realized that there are some things I can never see, hear, smell, or taste again simply because of something that happened while partaking of it. Does that make sense? No? Well, let me explain:

The song One Headlight by The Wallflowers. I can’t listen to this song without feeling panicky. See, this song was playing when I got into a wreck. I was driving home with my brother, a car thought I was turning (don’t know why) and crossed the street, smashing into my front driver side fender, spun and hit my car in the back. The crash propelled my car into a field straight for a bridge piling. Luckily, my car died first. It was a bad wreck, but no one was seriously hurt. Thank God.

I can never be in the house where someone is baking a pie from scratch. Why? I was 7…snuck some blackberry wine and got drunk on it while my stepdad’s mom was baking pies. My cousin ate some raw pie dough and the sight turned my stomach. Since then, any time I’m around the stuff before it’s cooked, I get nauseated.

Jose Cuervo is no longer my friend. In fact, he hates me. Christmas Eve. Playing cards. The losing team has to take a shot of tequila. My partner was pregnant so I got railroaded into taking my shots and hers. Needless to say, the next day, any time I saw someone on television drinking alcohol (beer, whiskey, wine), I was running to the bathroom calling for Ralph.

It’s all association. Bad thing happens right when I’m tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing this and I can never do it again. Does that mean I can never listen to One Headlight ever again? No, I just prefer not to. Shame too, cause I did like the song. I can’t do anything about the pie dough. That’s forever etched in my memory as bad. Seven-year-olds are so impressionable, don’t you think? And as for Jose…let’s just say as long as I don’t know it’s in the drink, I can have it.

What are some associations you’ve made that ruin something for you?


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