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It Feeds the Geek

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m something of a geek, a nerd if you will. I’m okay with that.

I actually adore Monty Python movies and skits. I used to play video games before the graphics improved too much (3-D is not my friend) and I have a music fetish. I played a text-based Multi-User Dungeon for a decade. I was a level 28 Druid elf jokingly referred to as the hanging judge (I had a bit of a harsh reputation when I was on Council). I actually like sitting around chatting about physics (what I remember of it), philosophy, history and anything else that most people find boring. I’m a car whore and apparently I also have a fingernail polish obsession.

But deep down in the very heart of me, I’m a band nerd. Oh yes. I actually pouted when I found out the marching band festival was the same weekend as my nephew’s birthday party. I love those things. I adored being in band and even though I bitched about the hours spent practicing and the idiots I had to deal with on the parade routes, I really loved being in marching band. Concert band was okay, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

So when I saw this video posted on the news, I had to watch it. Again, and again, and again. Because it’s just that cool. It feeds the band geek and video gamer in my soul. The bands I was in, both in high school and in college, were never big enough for shows like this, but we were pretty awesome. I thought we were at least. Okay, maybe not high school, but college was fun. Freshman year we did a Blues Brothers show. I remember that one because it was the first time I’d marched backwards across the length of the football field in thirty-six steps. I wish I had video of it because it had to be funny to see 11 tuba players crouch down and stretch their short little legs that far. *laugh*

Okay enough reminiscing about the good ole days. This post is for the band nerds and the video game geeks who will understand it. The rest of y’all, just check it out because it really is cool.


Oh and tomorrow I’ve interviewed a smexy man who isn’t a caveman. *waggles her eyebrows* And today, my buddy Lea Barrymire has yet another Demystifying the Male post. This time it’s about male orgasms and other things I won’t prepare you for, LOL. Stop by!


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Cold Sweat

Continuing with the brown theme this month, today’s song is from the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown!

I have a special love in my heart for this song. Oh, I know, I say that about nearly every song, but this time it’s because I actually played this song. I was a tuba player from my 8th grade year to three years in college. Tubas don’t have the most thrilling parts in a song. We’re the rhythm and bass and spend a lot of our time sitting in the back of the band thinking “oompa-pa-pa, ompa-pa-pa” or maybe that was just me.

In my 2nd year of college, my tiny college played a school called Southern University. If you’ve ever seen the movie Drumline, that’s the style of marching and music this school plays. They’re high-marchers with flashy cymbols and dancing drum-majors. Our drum major probably couldn’t dance to save his life. But, we had an interesting assistant band director who has a skill for teaching us conservative musicians to play like we had soul.

And he loved tubas. We were a line of eight. Six men, two women (me and my best friend). Shiny, silver tubas lined up in the back of the band surrounded by wealthy, well-dressed Southern fans at this football game. The director looked up at us and said, “Cold Sweat!” We slung our sousaphones over our shoulders. My heart pounded with a combination of fear and a tinge of awe. I’d just heard Southern’s band play something modern and cool.

Then we busted out. Just tubas with the opening riff of “Cold Sweat”, the heavy bass grinding out across the bleachers. This was a song meant for tuba players who wanted to get away from the polkas in their heads. Those fans turned and looked at us in surprise and then they began dancing. The trumpets and saxophones picked up at their part and we rocked the stadium playing dirty and raunchy, just like our director had taught us.

Man, that was fun. So here’s “Cold Sweat” for the good ole days:


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