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Don’t Read This Story

Darn, I shouldn’t have titled this post that. Some people might think I don’t want them to read it when I do. Ah well.

If you haven’t heard, I had a short story accepted for anthology by Evernight Publishing. It was my first attempt at writing anything under 10k words. It was funny really, because the deadline is April 20, which is this Friday and I only decided last Thursday that I needed to write it. I wrote 9k words on Friday and submitted it Friday afternoon. I got the acceptance email on Sunday afternoon and signed the contract yesterday.

It was a whirlwind kind of thing. But I felt the need to write that story. The anthology is called Keyboards and Kink, so that should give you some idea of the types of stories they were looking for. I wasn’t sure I could pull it off because yes, I write hot stuff, but Immortal Love the book they already have (which I thought was plenty hot) only rated a 3 on the heat level thingy. I was a bit surprised about that. I mean, it’s…very hot to my way of thinking so when I saw they were looking for stories heat level 4 or 5 I was nervous. I mean, what’s hotter than my scenes inImmortal Love?

Don’t answer that. I read a lot of erotic romance and yes, I read a lot of menage stories with all kinds of variations, but I’ve never written one. I knew I wasn’t ready to write a scene like that, so I did something I’ve never written about before. Let’s just say (for the sake of keeping this blog PG) that they went places that’s actually illegal in the state of Louisiana. Did you know that by the way? There’s a very old law on the books about certain uh, positions and practices. I don’t think anyone’s been arrested for it, but it would be interesting if they ever enforced it.

Anyway, the story was accepted. Yay. Immortal Game was a fun little story to write and I’m very excited to have it released in this anthology, but part of me is like “I don’t want my family and friends to read this”. They already think I have hot drawers (pronounced hot draws), this will only reinforce their belief that I’m a freak. Not to mention my sister-in-law’s mother who wants to read everything I write and I’m thinking she’s a retired teacher, she’s the grandmother to my darling, innocent nephew, and she’s nice. She can’t read this story! (Sorry Ms. Susan if you’re reading this)

Is it my way of trying to preserve innocence while simultaneously being depraved? Sorry, I’m laughing at that thought. I’m an erotic romance author and I’m not ashamed of what I’ve written. Honestly. There are just some things you don’t want your family to know about. Even if they already know about it, I don’t want to know they know about it. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like knowing your parents have had sex because you wouldn’t be here otherwise, but I don’t want to think about it and I definitely don’t want to hear about it. It feels icky. That’s a technical term, by the way.

Do any other writers have that feeling when they write something a little outside their comfort zone love scene wise? If you’re a reader, do you think to yourself, I can’t lend this book to my mom because of that scene in the shower? I’m really interested to know if I’m being paranoid about this.


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Keep Your Clothes On…Or Don’t

Over the weekend, my mom mentioned one of her friends is publishing a children’s book. The conversation went something like:

Me: That’s cool, does she have an agent?
Mom: Um, I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to you know, talk about it.
Me: Hm, because you didn’t want to explain how you know about the industry and then have to explain your daughter writes porn?
Mom: Yeah…

So I should’ve been a little upset. Who doesn’t want their mom to be proud of them trying to achieve their dreams? But I wasn’t. I understand she doesn’t like the idea of me writing sex scenes. That’s okay. Jermaine Stewart agrees:

I love that song! However, I like writing sex scenes. Oh sure, when I first started out, I blushed as I wrote the words down, but after a while it became easier. Then the most amazing thing happened when I was writing my last manuscript: I wrote more erotically. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I never expected to put so much heat in my manuscript.

My problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I can’t do “sweet”. I’m not a sweet person. Okay, you don’t have to roll your eyes! I prefer to consider myself saucy, or sassy even. Sweet is wonderful, but I can’t do it even in my writings. I’ve tried. Oh yes, I’ve tried to write a heroine who’s a wonderful person with few faults. I’ve tried to make her virginal even…yeah, that didn’t happen. So, I suppose I have to disagree with Mom and Jermaine Stewart: in my stories you do have to take your clothes off to have a good time!

When I discussed this with my CP Daisy Harris , she said I write “paranormal romance with a strong erotic element.” Hm, I like that. Erotic sounds so much better than porn, or smut (although smut is such a great word!). Oh! Before I continue, this Friday I’ll be conducting an interview with Daisy and she’s giving away two – count them, two – ARCs of her debut novel, Mere Temptation. It’s hot, funny, and a great read. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win a copy!

So, what about you? When you’re writing, do your characters go um, jogging vigorously? Or do you prefer them to keep their exercise habits hidden from the reader? As a reader, do you want to feel the sweat dripping off their bodies as they…jog? Or do you want to leave it to your imagination?


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