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My New Pretty

Does anyone else find themselves in a gollum-like state? I know my five month old nephew does. If you take his pacifier away from him, he curls his little hands toward it in a very gollum way and I always have to say “My precioussss” when he does.

I feel the same way toward my Kindle. I bought that lovely, evil device right before Nationals in Orlando. Since then I’ve done my best to use up the entire memory. Alas, I’ve only accumulated 574 books in that time. I joked yesterday on Twitter/Facebook that I love my Kindle so much I’d marry it.

But then it’s younger, sexier brother came along. The Kindle Fire. Oh when it was released, I pined after it. I ogled it hungrily and wished I could have one. I cuddled my old, boring Kindle and dreamed of another. Basically, I was unfaithful to my Kindle because nothing can compare to the Fire in my mind. Yes, yes, I know there’s the Nook Tablet and the iPad five million (or whatever model they’re on now), but it was the Fire I wanted.

Even the name sounded awesome. I have mentioned before my awe and fascination with fire, so this shouldn’t come as any surprise really.

Yesterday I went to Books-a-Million in an attempt to write. I itched to put words down on paper, but I picked the most unfortunate spot to sit. You see, from where I sat, I had a perfect view of the Nook Color/Tablet station. It taunted me. Instead of writing, I found myself reading reviews and staring at the Tablet and the Fire. I even begged for help because I knew I’d end up buying one or the other.

Until I finally broke down and bought the Fire. *bites her knuckle* Oh the relief when I hit “purchase now”. Of course now I’m lost to exquisitely painful anticipation as I wait for it to come in. I had to send a message to my sister who’s been wanting a Kindle/Nook/anything for almost a year with the good news that she can have my old Kindle. She’s ecstatic. But my brother found out and he wants my old Kindle and pouted beacuse I already promised it to our older sibling.

I can’t be bothered with that really. I have more important things to think about, like what I’m going to do with the Fire when I get it. I’m actually a little nervous. What if it doesn’t like me? What if I’m not the kind of owner it wanted to go to? What if my old Kindle vows vengeance and does something to ruin my standing with Amazon, thus preventing me from buying anything?

Okay, I’m calm.

No I’m not. I won’t be calm until I have that new pretty in my hands so I can hug it and squeeze it and call it Fire.

Or my Precioussss….


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Please Sir, More Books?

Yes, I feel like Oliver begging for more food. I’ve had the Kindle for about two months now. Do you want to know how many books I have on it? 130…well after yesterday, 133. Granted, I have about 7 on there I haven’t read yet, but that’s still a helluva lot of books!

I know I joked a while back, likening the Kindle to a crack pipe, but for me that’s true. I went to dinner a few weeks ago with my sister-in-law, brother, and mother.

Me: “I hope you all appreciate this. I’m giving up precious time with my Kindle for you.”

Sister-in-Law: “Yeah, I know and I’m glad. You love that thing don’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you named your first child Kindle and when they grow up, they’ll ask you where you got their name from and you’ll say ‘Well, once upon a time, I was in love with Kindle. Would you like to see it?'”

I couldn’t dispute her words because yes, I do love my Kindle. Sometimes when I’m feeling dorky (which is nearly…well, all the time), I’ll sing to myself, “Me and Mr. Kindlllllleeee, we got a thiiiiiiing going oooonnnnn.” Yes, I’m a nerd, but y’all love me anyway.

I don’t actually read any more than I used to. It’s about the same, but I read new stuff all the time now as opposed to me re-reading my favorites when I couldn’t afford to order books, or head to the local bookstore. Kindle has allowed me to explore new authors for a lot less than paperbacks. It’s let me find new genres to read without worrying about what the clerk will think when I check out. The Kindle has also been a wonderful conversation starter.

For instance, on my way to Orlando, I whipped out my Kindle and started devouring yet another sexy book by Kaitlyn O’Connor when the guy next to me says, “Wow! Is that a Kindle?”

I fought back a grimace and put it down, angling the screen away from him and the guy next to him who was also staring at my Kindle. “Yes.”

Guy 1: “I’ve heard and read about them, but I’ve never seen one in person!”

Guy 2: “How many books does it hold?”

And therein began a conversation that lasted for about 45 minutes of the hour and a half flight. I didn’t mind, not really. Guy 2 was very cute in a blonde surfer way and he read. I think I was just so surprised to come across men who actually read, I was delighted to share my Kindle experiences with them.

So do you ask me if I love my Kindle? No, I don’t love my Kindle. I adore it. I want to hug it and squeeze it and call it Kindle George Ravenswaay IV (I have no idea if that’s someone’s real name, it just came to me).

Have you bought a Kindle, Nook, I-Pad, or other electronic reading device? How do you like it? Do you buy it pretty clothes and show it to everyone with pride? (I don’t do that. Yet.) Do you find yourself reading more or less? C’mon, be honest. Is your family jealous of it?


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21st Century Digital Girl

Or woman.

I have a confession to make. I think I’m a technophile. Or maybe not. Maybe I’m just adjusting to the changing times? As it is, I’ve just realized that I’m surrounded by my own…geekiness.

First of all, let me explain: when I say geekiness, I don’t mean I can take a computer apart and put it back together. If I take it apart, it’s because I dropped it on the floor while dusting. I can’t make a website using nothing but HTML and a cup of Java…or is Java a script? I don’t know, don’t ask! I power up computers and use the programs I need. I don’t add anything to them except my music, stories and pictures. Capice? If I have a problem with my computer, I call my mom. She loves fidgeting, which she calls “fixing”, with them.

Okay, so let me explain my techonomania. Every morning I come to work, I have a small…briefcase kind of thing. Okay, it’s more like a tote (but briefcase sounds more important). In it is my purse – because I hate it and don’t want to see it. In the side pocket of my…tote, is my personal cell phone, my MP3 player, my business cell, and my external hard drive…passport thingy (technical term). These come with me everywhere during the work week.

“That’s not too bad,” I hear you say! But I haven’t mentioned the laptop, Kindle and mini notebook I have at home. *bites her nails* It’s a disease! I see something cool and I have to have it.

Okay, okay, the Kindle…well, it feeds my book addiction. I’ve likened it to a crack pipe, which it is. I’ve downloaded…eh, maybe a dozen books on it, but I’m tempted to go on Amazon right this very second and buy a dozen more.

My laptop is older…maybe 5 years old. I need to clean it, but I always forget to when I get home, and I only really use it these days as a place to hold all my pictures and music. Since I got the external hard drive, I barely write at home anymore.

The mini-notebook…well, that just came in yesterday. I’m hoping that will force me to write at home…leaving my Kindle all alone and feeling rejected. Because I need to write more. I need to…do things and this mini is going to be my gateway to a new me!

At least that’s what I hope. And there it is…my geekiness spread out for all of you to pick over. How about you? Do you have more electronics than Egon did in Ghostbusters?


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On the Move

Right, so before I start waxing poetic about my Kindle, I’ll instead talk about the weekend.

My brother and his wife have until June 30 to clear out of her apartment and into their new house. Since they were still waiting on utilities and various other things to be completed on their new home, they had only this weekend to move. They sign the papers tomorrow, but with their work schedules, there would’ve been no time to move at a leisurely pace.

So Saturday, they rented a truck. With my brother, his wife, her best friend, and myself, we cleared her apartment of furniture and as much as we could fit in the moving truck and three vehicles. It was hot as hell too. My deodorant quit on me about half-way through the move, but it needed to be done. Oh sure, I pined for my brand new toy at home. But I kept telling myself it needed time to charge. Then I remembered that the electricity had gone out right before I left my house so the Kindle wasn’t charging.

I was relentless in getting things moving. I’m bossy by nature (that could so be my rap name!) and had no problem telling everyone where I thought the furniture should go in the truck. We managed to pack and load the truck in about three hours. Not bad considering how much stuff my sister-in-law has.

Between worrying about my Kindle and moving boxes, I couldn’t help but remember George Carlin’s take on owning things. I’m paraphrasing here, but he said something along the lines of, we buy a house and stuff it with crap, then complain because we have so much crap. Then we move to a bigger house for all that crap and then add more crap. It’s true. We collect things as we live in one spot for a while. I don’t even want to think about moving my house. The amount of utter crap we have is ridiculous, in spite of the throwing-things-out wild hairs I get from time to time.

So Saturday finished on a sweaty note. Sunday morning, my nephew came to replace my sister-in-law’s best friend and we emptied the truck in 45 minutes. It’s amazing how much gets done with two strutting males determined to show off their strength. Bookcases were lifted onto shoulders, dressers were picked up without help. My sister-in-law stayed out of their way and moved boxes.

Now they’re half-way moved in with things still placed haphazardly all over the house, but at least the bulk of her belongings are in the roost. All that’s left is for my brother’s crap (which isn’t as much as hers).

Onto the Kindle. I love it. I even stuffed it in my purse today just in case I have some free time to finish reading the book I started yesterday. I shouldn’t. I should be writing today in my spare time, but I can feel the Kindle calling to me…”read me”, “read me!”.

I like the fact that it stays charged for so long. That was my biggest concern. I hate having to charge something every single day (my phone, my mp3 player). This sucker can go a long time without charge. I also approve of the ability to order books from the Kindle, or from the Kindle Store on Amazon. I didn’t want to have to have the Kindle with me at all times if I happen to be browsing Amazon’s site for new books. The book store on the Kindle is okay, I just prefer the internet.

Granted I’ve only had the Kindle since Saturday, but I’m really loving it. I just can’t remember all the books I want to get! It’s like being at a buffet and not knowing what I want to eat first. Everyone else is pretty impressed by it as well. My brother and his wife have both looked at it and I think they each want one. Maybe that’ll be their Christmas presents to each other.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. It wasn’t terribly exciting unless you count the Kindle. I’m sore from moving furniture, tired from staying up too late each night to read, and fuzzy-brained from trying to remember all the books I want to get, but I’ll manage. I hope.


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The New Phone Books Are Here!!

I kind of feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Yes, I’m that excited. Why? Because my Kindle is charging up and I’m so ready to use it.

I suppose I should start worrying now though. Considering how much and how fast I read, I could very well bankrupt myself buying books. Especially since now I don’t have to wait for them to come in from Amazon or going to Books-A-Million to get them. Now they’ll be at my fingertips…oooooh!! *drools* Bah, so what, it’s only money. Not like I need it to survive or anything. Not like I need my books.

Ah books…reading…*sigh* Unfortunately, I won’t be able to press my nose to the Kindle for most of the weekend. We’re helping my brother and his wife move into their house. It’s hot as hell out there, so this doesn’t make me a happy cookie. In fact, I’m quite irritable. But this is what you do for family. As a bonus though, he told me I could take my time getting there…you know, cause my new crack pipe (aka Kindle) was coming in. MMMM ,Kindle.

So we’ll see how I like it and take it from there.


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A Want is Kindled

Saturday evening, I attended an engagement party. I’m not the sophisticated entertainment kind of person. Give me an old comedy, or a few beers, or even Trivial Pursuit, and I’m happy. I didn’t mention give me an evening of uninterrupted reading because that’s a given.

So the engagement party was for my younger brother. He’s getting married in June (can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to being the last single person in my family!), and his fiancée’s godmother threw the party. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out they weren’t high in the step. I worried about it for weeks. Would they think my family is uncouth? Would they think we’re crazy? (I mean, we are crazy, but we try not to let everyone know!) Would they think their girl was marrying into a family of lunatic perverts?

As it turns out, we were well-received. Everyone was on their best behavior while not changing who they are. I enjoyed myself immensely. The fun really didn’t begin though, until my future sister-in-law’s godmother brought out her Kindle to show me what it was like.

*deep breath* I was drooling. I’ve been debating the whole Kindle thing since they came out. I can’t help but enjoy actual books. I like the way they smell, feel, and the convenience of taking them wherever I want. I figured there was no way I’d ever even dream of wanting a Kindle. It isn’t a ‘book’. I worried it would be too similar to a computer screen for my eyes’ sake. Then…I held it in my hand.

I quivered. I could save so much room in my house with one of these things! I could stuff it in my purse and read as many books as I could put on it! I could…oh, I could do so many things! I think Bennie (the godmother) may have begun fearing for her continued ownership of her Kindle. I was coveting it that much.

As we were leaving, she hugged me, saying if she hadn’t been in the middle of a book, she’d loan it to me to see if I truly liked it. What a sweetheart! She’s my new favorite person, and no, not just because she offered. She was a wonderful lady who indulged my addiction for a little while.

So now the real question is: when am I going to get one? I’m not sure. With the release of Apple’s iPad, I begin to wonder if it would be better to wait out the big e-reader crisis. Then, I suspect that e-readers will turn out like video game systems. There’ll always be a new one coming out that’s so much better than the last, and you won’t be able to use your old games on the new one. What a dilemma!

How about you? Do you own a Kindle or similar reader? Do you like it? Will it replace hard cover/paperback books for you?


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