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October Orange Theme 1

So uh, this is my first time posting in the new color theme I made up for myself. If you’re just tuning in, I’ve challenged myself to find songs each month to fit whatever color theme I choose. Because someone mentioned they’d love to see what I came up with for orange, well, here it is.

October is orange month. Kind of fitting since that’s one of the theme colors for Halloween. Which I never really understood. Who came up with these things anyway? Who said “orange and black” look amazing together and we should find a holiday for it. Oh, I know, Halloween! *snickers* Right, right, logically I can understand it. Pumpkins are orange and jack-o-lanterns have been used for centuries to drive away evil spirits, yada, yada, yada. But it has no style! If Tim Gunn of Project Runway were designing a holiday, I can promise you orange and black would not be included together.

Anyway so this month I have to find songs that either have the word orange in the title, in the lyrics, in the band name, or seem orange…ish. To my surprise, I managed to find a few that I think will entertain y’all.

First up, is Johnny Cash’s Orange Blossom Special. This performance is from the San Quentin State Prison in 1969.

That’s one orange song down with three to go!

What color would you like to see next? (And let’s stick with primary colors folks, I don’t want to see puce in the comments.)


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Guest Blogger: Arabella Strickland

Hey y’all…I hope you’re enjoying this week of guest bloggers because I’m having a blast! I get to do other things, like ogle smexy men for Fantasy Man Friday posts and write on my newest novella. I um, didn’t know if today’s guest blogger should have her say, but she um twisted my arm until I cried like a baby talked me into it. Today we have Arabella Strickland, Grant’s mom! Y’all be nice!

Ms. Bella? Go on.

Thank you, Danica. I resent the implication that I bullied you into letting me guest blog today. I am a sweet, little cow-swan who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Unless her name’s Isola Malone. *fumes* That…that…Amazon is going to ruin my Grant’s future! I’ve been sending the sweetest little cow-swans his way for years and then he meets this…woman and thinks she’s his mate? I don’t think so! My baby deserves a calm, drama-free life with no battles and killer imps or nymphs or dangerous predators like Amazons following him around. *sniff*

My son deserves to have a mate who’ll keep him comfortable, not go galloping through the countryside picking fights and being rude. And that Isola is r-u-d-e! Why, she nearly drove me off the road and then had the nerve to blame it on me! Grant swears she’s a sweetheart, but my poor baby doesn’t realize Amazons are dangerous. *whispers* Why, I even heard thy brand their men! Can you believe that? Like they’re…catt—nevermind, that’s a bad example.

Anyway, Danica asked me to play a song I thought might sum up my son’s problems with this Amazon and I had to pick my very favorite human singer, Mr. Johnny Cash. Such a dangerous man. *titters* I hope you enjoy the song and please help me convince Grant to leave that…Isola woman alone!

Um, thanks, Ms. Bella. Ah…so, she chose a Johnny Cash song and it just so happens that there’s a remake of it! Perfect for my summer remake series! “Ring of Fire” was remade by Social Distortion and I have to say I love both versions. What do you think? (About the song and Ms. Bella’s accusations?)

The Original:

The Remake:

Danica! You ruined my post! *sniff* Young people have no taste. Ladies, please back me up here.

Um…a little help here? I don’t want her to shift to her cow form and stampede me!


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