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Caveman Ryan

Willkommen! No idea why I suddenly feel the need to speak German when I really only know a handful of words and most of them are bad. *shakes her head*

Is everyone gearing up for Christmas? You know, fighting the crowds at the store to get that last toy for your kids, or the perfect drill for your husband? Are you already tired of it all and eagerly anticipating Christmas morning so you can declare the season over? Never fear, my dear friends. I have a special early Christmas present for y’all. As you may have noticed, this post came at you in the middle of the morning. Why? Because I’m ending this week with a very special guest from South Africa and I want him to be able to participate in the insanity that’s bound to happen.

I’m thrilled to introduce Caveman Ryan today. Between his long, blond hair, his South African accent and his fantastic smile…among other attributes, he was a crowd favorite. Then people found out about his business. Oh, the excitement! But you’re not here to read about me. You’re here to learn more about this amazingly talented man. I give y’all, Caveman Ryan!

Danica: Do you have a favorite band? Is there a band you’ve always wanted to see live but haven’t?
Ryan: I have a variety of fav rock bands , guess one that I wanted to go to was Guns and Roses more so to see the past legend Axel Rose performing.
Danica: Axl before he went all weird? Yeah, I wish I would’ve seen them back in the day.

Danica: What’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Ryan: Nepal – it has a mystery to it and the mountains … yeah the mountains…
Danica: Does anyone else hear him say that his gorgeous accent or is that just me?

Danica: What made you want to be a caveman?
Ryan: Got tired of living in the modern world.
Danica: I could say something about dragging women around by their hair…oh wait, I just did. *blush*

Danica: What do you plan to do after modeling?
Ryan: At present I am  building a brand  I call ROK  – and then long term would be to fund new ideas of others.
Danica: Trust me, y’all will want to check out his ROK website. Amazing craftsmanship!

Danica: How many hours do you spend in the gym?
Ryan: 45min to 1 hour – its ‘consistency ’ with training as with life goals…
Danica: There goes that consistency word again.

Danica: How long have you been designing jewelry? Are you a metal smith or leather worker?
Ryan: I am not a designer as to say , more so have  a grand idea and bring people together that can work towards my idea. That said, I still assemble a lot of the bands by hand and do make all the details for the packaging but with all the avenues I plan to take it I need to look for appropriate people to assist that have varied skills and I try to coordinate it all. That’s what I like – the creating and the coordinating part.
Danica: Your company definitely makes some amazing pieces.

Danica: If you could go back in time to any era, I’m going to take a stab at this and say you’d go back to Ancient Rome? Possibly the Ancient Greeks? Why?
Ryan: Yep without a doubt the Roman era – they were real men , wars were hand to hand. Like all that layered, rugged, worn, tough clothing they wear and all the chunky leather and cloth accessories covering their arms etc. Just looks so good *grin*. Clearly a rough lifestyle though… mmm
Danica: I will say you were definitely rockin’ the gladiator/Spartan look for the conference.

Fast questions with one word answers or elaborate if you like:

Danica: What’s your favorite color?
Ryan: Green

Danica: Favorite food?
Ryan: Fresh bread

Danica: Do you prefer winter or summer?
Ryan: Summer
Danica: Am I the only person who prefers the winter? *pout*

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over?
Ryan: Gladiator

Danica: Do you prefer mountains or beaches?
Ryan: Mountains
Danica: Say it with me ladies, “Nepal.”

Danica: What attracts you to a woman?
Ryan: Down to earth, fun, and feels good about herself

Now if you have any questions of your own for Ryan, please post them in the comments and we’ll hope he gets a chance to answer them. Stop by ROK’s webpage and Facebook page to check out his awesome designs!


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