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Fantasy Man Friday

What a week. You can’t even imagine how glad I am that today’s Friday.

Tomorrow I’ll be at my very first book fair and author signing as a published author. That’s right! The 8th Annual Jambalaya Writers Conference is taking place in my home town and I’ll be attending (and signing books!) as a published author. I’m so nervous. I still have no idea what I’m going to wear, but the ugly shoes are coming out so I’m not grimacing at people when I should be smiling at them. It looks to be a lot of fun.

On top of that, Monday I have special guest, Rachel Firasek stopping by to celebrate the release of her first book, Piper’s Fury. I hope you’ll visit. And then next Friday, I have a very, very special Fantasy Man Friday planned for you (so mark your calendars).

This has been one of those weeks when you want nothing more than to stagger home and dive head first into your bed—so long as there are no furry babies in your way. I need a massage and a vacation. At the same time…I’m closing my eyes right now to imagine what that would be like.

I’m at a luxurious spa resort where only male attendants with schexy accents cater to your every need. Of course, they’re all gorgeous and built like the studs they are. But I’m not in the mood for that. No, it’s all about the relaxation right now.

I enter the locker room to change before my massage and…wait, what’s that? Oh. My.

Um. Sorry y’all, I think my masseuse is waiting for me. If you don’t hear back from me in about five days…don’t come looking for me.

Happy Friday!


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