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Fantasy Man Friday

Well, today is the last day of guest blogger week. I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the characters of Ain’t No Bull, as well as the awesome Kristin Miller. Next week starts my 7-day blog tour and I hope to see some of y’all around! Today we have Isola “Izzy” Malone, Amazon, heroine of Ain’t No Bull, and fellow Fantasy Man connoisseur!

Izzy, take it away!

Do you have to keep emphasizing my first name? You know I hate it. It’s so…soft and romantic sounding *shudders*

Anyway, hey y’all! It’s about damn time I get to say something. After reading what Grant, the heifer mother, and incubus had to say, y’all probably think I’m a monster or something. Which is ironic since I’m the only one who can’t change into something else. And when I get back to Grant’s house, his ass is so mine. *blush* I mean—I’m going to kick his ass!

Sheesh, y’all are a tough crowd. Now I know why Danica worries every week about picking the right fantasy man. As if there’s a wrong one. Men are gorgeous creatures. I especially like the ones who clean house. Why, when I was still with my tribe, I’d fight for those and—

Isola! Dammit, I told you not to talk about those other men!

Grant, this is so not your blog post. Be quiet so I can share my love of beautiful men with all of the ladies who visit here! *sniff* I swear, sometimes Bull Boy drives me insane. He acts like I’m pure as the driven sn—


Dang! See what I mean? Danica feels my pain, don’t you? I mean, I’m an Amazon. Hello! I’m all about hanging with my sisters, kicking ass, catching a few all-male review shows, and watching movies, although I haven’t had a lot of time to do those things except the kicking ass part. It seems like I’ve been fighting someone since I came to Wyoming. Wyoming of all places! My queen is a cruel witch sometimes. *sniff*

Anyway, this is what I like to look at…*whispers* when I’m not staring at Grant. OMG, did I mention he is f-i-n-e? Seriously, that bull has a body that makes me want to cry it looks so good.

I’m glad you think so, baby.

Dammit! He heard me! Anyway, I’ve got to go…you know um, there are nymphs to fight, minotaurs to evade, cow-swans to torment. *cackle* But enjoy the picture! And be sure to look for Danica next week. She’s all worried about people thinking she’s weird or something stupid like that *eye roll*. I keep telling her if she’d just wield a sword when she’s talking to people, they’ll listen to everything she says, but nooo, she has to be all like “But I don’t want to scare anyone, Izzy!” *snort*

Isooollaaaaa, I have a present for you named B.O.B.!

That sneaky mintoaur!! Gotta go!

Well, that was…interesting. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this week! I know I have. And does Izzy know how to pick good-looking men or what? Rar. This little cutie is just asking for me to do naughty stuff to him. Bwahaha!

Thank y’all for visiting this week. If you’d like to follow the blog tour, here are the scheduled dates:

August 29 – Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews(Interview/Giveaway)
August 30 – Babs Book Bistro(Guest Post/Excerpt)
August 31 – Close Encounters with the Night Kind(Review/Giveaway)
September 1 – Deep in the Heart Romance(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 2 – Escape by Fiction(Review/Giveaway)
September 5 – Bea’s Book Nook(Guest Post/Excerpt)
September 6 – Book & Movie Dimension(Review/Giveaway)
Happy friday everyone and have a safe weekend! 


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