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Mama Said

Well hello people! I’m over at The Vampire Scribe today with an excerpt of Immortal Love. There’s also still time to win a copy of Immortal Love and a $10 Amazon gift card over at Lila Shaw’s blog, so be sure to visit!

Mother’s Day might be over, but we’re still listening to mama themed songs. We’ve gone way back, we’ve gone all metal, and now we’re going all dangerous.

Now, as I’ve said before, these songs have mama or mother in the title, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about the happy-maternal feelings mothers have for their children, or vice versa. It’s about the song title.

So for today’s song, I went with one of my favorite songs from the 90s. It’s one of those songs that even my mom knows. I don’t know how, but I’ve heard her sing a couple of lines when she thinks no one is watching (or listening).

It also doesn’t hurt that this musician is seriously hot.

Do you have any idea who I’m talking about?

No? Well, let me introduce you to LL Cool J. His song “Mama Said Knock You Out” came out in 1995. I remember hearing it and thinking “this is a cool a#$ song!”. I have it in my playlist and if I happen to miss the first part of the song, have to start it all over again because I have to sing/rap along. Just remember, “don’t call it a comeback”.


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Release Day for Immortal Love

Woot-woot! Today is release day for Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc. 1)!

You can hear it, can’t you? You know I’m on the verge of bursting into song. I can’t help myself. There’s nothing more exciting than a new book release. Hm, I don’t suppose the caffeine pills help much either, but hey! I’m supposed to be hyped up, right?

Today I’m kicking off the start of my blog tour over at Doris O’Connor’s blog talking about kick-ass heroines (my favorite type of heroine) and giving away a copy of Immortal Love to one lucky commenter. Don’t worry, there’ll be more chances to win in the next two weeks and there’s more at stake than a book. Bwahaha. I hope to see some of y’all there!

Meanwhile, sing along with me:


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Immortal Music 4

Hey y’all, because Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.) releases on Monday, I’ve invited the hero of the story, Mason Landry, to share his thoughts on his heroine, Roxana Love.

Mason, thank you for taking the time out to visit with us. Tell us about yourself and Roxana.

Thanks, Danica. It’s good to visit with another coonass.

There isn’t must to tell about myself. I’m a simple man. I work in the bar I own, try to pay my bills, and avoid being robbed by crackheads. Things were going great, well as great as can be expected with a mortgage and a truck note and all that other shit stuff.

Then this woman walks into my bar. Like I said, I’m a simple man, but this woman was the complete opposite. She strutted in like she owned the place, her bright red hair crackling around her head like fire. She wore these heels that made her legs look a mile long and holy hell I thought the top of my head would explode just from looking at her. She was hot. Mais, she was hot.

She had class. You could tell just by looking at her and I wanted to dirty her up. It was that whole uptown girl meets blue-collar man that revved my motor. She looked like she was into it as well and when she showed up after the bar closed…well, you want to keep this clean, right? 😉 Let’s just say I found out just how hot she was.

So yeah, Roxana is the kind of woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone and does it while wearing killer heels. One second she’s all feminine and fragile-looking and in the next she’s swinging a sword and killing things. Nothing turns me on more than to watch her fight. Does that make me sick? *shrug* Who cares? She’s hot and I’ll figure out a way to hold onto her.

When I heard this song by Pop Evil, it summed up Roxana perfectly. Well, except for her being the boss’s daughter. It turns out she’s not the boss’s daughter, but I’m the boss’s grandson. Mais, talk about culture shock. Me? A humble bar owner the grandson of a Greek god? Yeah, I laughed too, but Roxana doesn’t seem to find my disbelief funny. I’ll get her to lighten up eventually. After I get that dress off of her.

Meanwhile, enjoy the song and look for our story (which Danica so kindly wrote) on April 30th from Evernight Publishing.


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Immortal Love Music 3

We’re nearing the end of the month and the release date of my next book, Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.). I’m so excited. I know I say that every week, but there’s nothing quite like release days. They’re a rush.

This is going to be the last actual song that makes an appearance in the book. I have more songs that appear in the book like Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” and Eric Clapton’s “Layla”, but my hero is demanding his own music day. He says he has the perfect song to describe his love interest. *shrug* What can I do? He’s bigger than me!

Anyway, this week’s song is one of my absolute favorites. No lie. Any time I hear this song play, I have to crank it up and belt out the lyrics. I blame my aunt. She was a big AC/DC fan when I was little. In Immortal Love, this song is actually a ring back tone for someone who changes the entire story and brings us closer to the black moment.

I kid you not people, when I wrote this black moment, I got choked up. So yeah, it’s pretty heavy. But if it wouldn’t have been for this character who uses this ring back tone, I don’t think my black moment would’ve been so poignant.

So I hope you enjoy “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and keep watch next week when Mason Landry takes over the blog to talk about his Roxana Love.


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Immortal Love Music 2

In celebration of my upcoming release, Immortal Love, I’m playing some of the songs that are mentioned in the book this month. It isn’t easy picking and choosing since there are so many musicians and bands I mention in passing, from ABBA to Stevie Wonder to Rob Zombie, but I narrowed it down to four songs that I feel helped move the story forward.

Last week it was Derek and the Dominos’ “Bell Bottom Blues” which helped set the stage for the first love scene. This week, it’s Megadeth’s “Trust” which is when the heroine (who doesn’t trust anyone with anything) opens up a little about herself to the hero. It’s an important scene and this song is one of my favorites.

Without further ado, here’s Megadeth’s “Trust”:

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Immortal Love Music 1

Yup, it’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday! I’m so excited. Really, I am. The first book in my Olympus, Inc. series, Immortal Love is coming out on April 30th. That gives me plenty of time to drive y’all crazy with it.

And the way I’m going to do that on my music days is to play songs that are either mentioned, or heard in the book. Of course I’m not going to play every single one, but I’ll play the ones that work with story.

First up is Derek and the Dominos “Bell Bottom Blues”. I love this song. Flat out adore it. That guitar playing just makes me want to cry. Well, in the story, this is the song that Mason and Roxy dance to. It uh, leads to a very interesting *cough, cough* scene on top of a bar but I’m not going into details. You’ll have to read the book 😉

So enjoy some beautiful music from Slowhand.


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Announcement Time

It seems like so long ago that I had fantastic news to share. Sure, things have been good, but fantastic? Not quite.

First off, not everything is good. Last week my agent and I came to an agreement to stop working together. Now, now, it isn’t that horrible. We had a wonderful conversation similar to the one we had when we agreed to work together. We laughed a bit, bemoaned our inability to sell my book, and ended things on great terms. She’s a great lady and though I’m sad to no longer be working with her, it’s best for both of us.

Once we decided to part, it came time for me to sell my manuscript. The bigger publishers just didn’t want it. I don’t know why. Last year…no, it would’ve been 2010, I wrote a manuscript in 28 days. It didn’t turn into a zombie and threaten to destroy the publishing world. No, it was just a very quickly written story because the characters led the way. I was just along for the ride. That book, formerly titled Tie Him Up, Tie Him Down, is now called Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.) and it’s been accepted for publication by Evernight Publishing.

I’m thrilled to join the Evernight family. There are a lot of talented authors in that group and their covers are to die for. Excitement abounds! Immortal Love (Olympus, Inc.) will come out sometime in April 2012 and I’m so happy Roxy and Mason finally found a home. Out of all the books I’ve written, this is the one that really got to me. It’s funny, it’s fast-paced, and there are some gut-wrenching moments that I’ll leave for my readers to discover.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll have edits and revisions and more edits to do while still writing on my other projects. Things will be hectic, but that’s what writers adore, right?

Here’s a little Immortal Love teaser for y’all:

Enforcer Roxana Love works for Olympus, Inc., the corporate face of the Greek pantheon, and knows better than to trust anyone in administration. Assigned to find and protect the newest member of Olympus, Inc., she figures it’ll be a grab and go job, until she discovers her assignment is the same man she slept with the night before. Keeping things profession will be near impossible when she can’t decide if she wants to kill or kiss him.

One night with Roxana isn’t enough for Mason Landry, despite how crazy she seems. However, he isn’t given much choice when he’s thrown through his window, attacked by mythical beings, and told he’s part-immortal. Roxana’s explanation is too fantastical to believe, but it if it keeps him by her side, he’ll go along for the ride. Meeting gods and dodging monsters from lore is nothing compared to the fight he’ll have winning Roxana’s heart.


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