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Song Association

I know y’all won’t be shocked to realize that I associate almost everything with music. I might have even mentioned this before, but for me nearly everyone, every situation I come in contact with ends up connected to a song in some way.

For example, one of my former co-workers was an interesting guy. He was my mom’s age and if you listened to him talk, you can just tell he did a lot more than study in college. He had the craziest stories and this slow, drawn out speech pattern that made him sound a bit like a hippie. Well, I remember riding along one day and War and Eric Burdon’s “Spill the Wine” came on the radio. My brain instantly connected that song with my friend and when I mentioned it to him, he said that was one of his favorite albums. Go figure.

So yeah, people connect to music in my mind. Before you ask, it has to be people I’ve met and talked with for a prolonged amount of time. Usually. Sometimes that doesn’t matter.

As for situations, I had one recently that surprised me. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Rebecca Zanetti’s Hunted at the FF&P Conference. By the way, excellent book. Yet it was one particular scene that happened in the book that brought a song to mind. I’ll try not to give away spoilers, but the scene was between a potential bad guy and a future heroine who’s still a child. The bad guy tells the little girl a parable about the frog and the scorpion and when she asks who he is in the parable, he tells her he’s the scorpion (if I remember correctly). The potential hero for this little girl appears and the bad guy goes away. The little girl looks at her hero and asks who he is in the parable and he replies, “I am the water”. (Forgive me Rebecca, if I got this wrong! I’m going off of memory.)

With that line, I had to put the book down because my brain instantly flipped to a song. I don’t know if Rebecca listened to this song when she wrote this scene, or if she gave it any thought, but it was the perfect song for the scene (which is something I tried to explain in my workshop).

The song is “I Am the Highway” by Audioslave. If you read Rebecca’s book when it comes out, do me a favor and listen to this song first and tell me if it fits the scene or not. I might just be crazy (I highly suspect I am).

This isn’t an official video of the song, but I find I like it. The people in this video were moving from L.A. to Washington.

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