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Fantasy Man Friday

Happy Friday all!!

Well, last night was the rehearsal and I’m not ashamed to say we (the groomspersons) spent most of the pseudo-ceremony looking confused. It’s been quite some time since any of us attended a church wedding with a full mass, so we spent most of the time looking down the pew at the last groomsman because he’s a very regular church goer. It was a good rehearsal and my brother didn’t cry once although he did spend the entire 45 minute drive shaking his leg nervously. It was bad enough that I had to tell him several times to stop rocking my car otherwise I’d puke.

We had SO much food as well. The kids were happy playing…whatever they were playing while everyone else gorged themselves on jambalaya, chili, chicken, and sandwiches. Then it was time for the wedding party presents by the bride and groom. The bride gave her bridesmaids pink flip-flops (to wear during the reception because no one wants to dance in heels) and jewelry for their dresses. The groomspersons *snickers* got pilsner glasses. Oh yes. Pilsner glasses! Initialed at that.

This morning we’re off to the reception hall to set up tables and decorate. I’m tired, but it’ll be fine. If we get home early enough I can take care of all the household chores before we’re swarmed by family tomorrow. Ah, it’ll be an interesting weekend!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the countdown to my brother’s wedding. I love the little snot and his fiancée is very lucky to have him, even though I had to make mention during my speech very wise advice we all learned from our Korean aunt. I told her “Marsha, I love Phillip and I’m very happy that you’re marry him, but being as we all worked for Aunt Chong at one time or another, I’d just like to tell you…No refunds, no exchanges! He’s yours, you can’t bring him back!”

So now, in honor of the wedding, here’s a fantasy man sure to have you thinking of a romantic wedding night…or maybe just a very sweaty one…where clothes are forgotten:

Oh there are so many things I can say…like, who wants to play doctor when you can play mechanic with this guy?? Or…with him, you don’t really need to worry about bringing your own rubber. Sorry!! I couldn’t help it. So anyway, with this…lovely man, I keep remembering that Express Yourself video by Madonna. You know, when the dirty worker is making love to her on those white satin sheets. *shivers* He looks like he wouldn’t care about a little grease on his sheets. In fact, it might be a requirement. *coughs*

I’m really leaving now!! I apologize if today’s post was more…risque than usual. I can only blame it on lack of sleep. It IS 5:30 in the a.m.

Have a great weekend all!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yet another week ended. We’re that much closer to Nationals and I’m so excited.

Tomorrow I’ll be having my hair done in the first round of May Madness (rush before my brother’s wedding and nephew’s graduation). There are still some items I need to buy for the wedding and even more to buy for Nationals. I wear ragged out clothes. I’m comfortable in them, so reading ‘casual dress’ in reference to Nationals makes me somewhat apprehensive. I’ll have to ask my sister for advice. Meh.

Anyway! Enough of that. It’s also Fantasy Man Friday and yesterday afternoon after I sent off my 2nd round of edits for my CP, I did a little surfing for today’s man. So many lovely, lovely men. *sigh* I could spend (and have spent) hours looking for these Fantasy Men.

Without further ado, today’s Fantasy Man!

Ooooh boy…There are so many naughty thoughts in my head I can’t concentrate on a single one! Where to start? I mean…I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious, but this man has booty. Juicy, bite worthy booty. TMI? Sorry all, I can’t help myself. I’d have loved this picture more if those jeans were history, but they can be removed. Very slowly and to some sexy Dave Matthews Band song. *fans herself*

So…is it hot in here, or is it just him?


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