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Fantasy Man Friday

So glad today’s Friday. And not just any Friday, mind you, but the Friday before a 3-day weekend. WOOOO!!

I have NO idea what I’m doing this weekend…unless you’re one of my CP’s in which case, I’m so reading your manuscript! Honest! Other than that though…eh. I may head out to the coffee shop in the morning to get some writing in. I’ve had to step away from my Amazon story for a little while because she was starting to make me crazy. (Don’t say it…)

The only thing I know for sure is that Monday afternoon/evening, I’ll be celebrating my nephew’s 21st birthday with him at Copeland’s. Mm, Copeland’s. Oh, I mean, you know, it’s to be with my nephew…not because I have the envie for seafood or anything. *cough*

And so because it’s Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d find a picture of a really hot working man and I did…but then I found his friend and er…well he’s sort of working too?

I mean…he’s got muscles bulging all over the place and er, just a little sweat. *drools* And he looks like he could use some rest. In my bed. For several days. Hubba, hubba. I don’t even care if he brings the sand with him. *growl*

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend to those of you who celebrate it. Everyone else…well, have a safe weekend anyway.


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Fantasy Man Friday

Another week has ended. Yay! It was a short week due to me taking Monday off for post-Superbowl relaxation. Yes, the Saints went to the big game and came out winners. Happy, happy!!

Now we’re looking towards Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. I’m not concerned about either holiday, to be honest. I’m single, so I have no Valentine, and I don’t like parades. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about having a Valentine. In fact, I’m going to conjure one up.

Let me see…he’ll be gorgeous, of course. I personally love dark hair and light-colored eyes…a torso with rippling muscles would be lovely too. And because it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, he’ll have to be wearing red. Now, close your eyes…(but read the rest of this first!)…make a wish, count to three…(you can close your eyes now)




Hells yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! He’s a little younger than I like…with a baby face, but I’m not complaining. Now excuse us while we enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Go on…we don’t need an audience. Stop looking! Oh, and I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day. I’d offer your sweeties a kiss, but you’re not getting one from mine, sooo…sorry! 🙂


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Post Christmas Blahs

Is anyone else experiencing the post Christmas blahs? You know, you still feel bloated from Christmas dinner, tired from the anticipation of the big day, wanting nothing more than to sleep for 12 hours a day? Or is that just me?

Christmas was great. For the first time in years, my entire family was gathered. My brother-in-law was home for the first time in nine years, all the kids were there, my friend showed up, it was a packed house. I think at the peak, we had 25 people there, all of us trying to fit in my aunt’s house. Good times.

My baby (my godson) bought me an ABBA cd for Christmas. I think it was my favorite gift. I walked around the house singing ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and ‘Fernando’. Yes, I’m strange.

So how was your Christmas? Did you get to spend enough time with your family? Did they appreciate your gifts, did you get what you wanted?

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Christmas Fantasy Man

Well, it’s finally here. Tomorrow’s Christmas which means spending time with family and friends. We’re looking at a house full of people this year with new additions joining us for the first time. It should be interesting.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next three days, but I can never let a week go by without giving everyone a Fantasy Man. I tried my best to find a sexy Santa, but all the ones I found were so…not attractive to me. Instead, I spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect specimen to show how appreciative I am for all of you who read this blog.

So, in light of the holiday season and the gift of giving…Here’s your Christmas Fantasy Man:

I try not to be crude, but seeing this picture, especially around Christmas gives me a lot of naughty thoughts. Mostly, it’s me thinking, ‘I hope he’s about to show me his candy cane!’ What do you think he’s saying or thinking?

Merry Christmas all, thank you for stopping by!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Actually, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas the day before Halloween. It’s madness, I tell you! I was walking in the store the day before Halloween, and where a week before there had been nothing but black and orange, was replaced with red and green. The bottles of egg nog were showing up, and I was thinking this madness needs to stop.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years, Christmas items will show up Labor Day weekend, then for the 4th of July, then Easter! What’s with that? I mean, really.

Gr. Okay, so Thanksgiving is now over. It was nice. Small gathering filled with lots and lots of food, and laughter. Oh, and paintball guns. No, we didn’t have a battle, but we did get to watch my nephew, his friend, and our 7-year-old little blonde haired, blue-eyed angel shoot targets. We also had this…I don’t know what it was, some kind of machine that checks voltage. So of course, everyone in the family had to see how much voltage they had. My mom, cousin, and I had the highest (read: we suck the life out of the others in our family), while my cousin’s daughter was a negative (she’s anti-matter). It was amusing, silly, and we had a great time.

Now we’re trying to decide what to do for Christmas. Mais, Christmas! Already! Where did the year go?? Hmph.

Did everyone enjoy their holiday weekend? I read all weekend long. Got an order of books in on Friday and read every single one of them by last night. I have several new authors I like, and I’m oh so excited!

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And Now for Something Completely Different…

It’s Monday again *boo, hiss*. Fortunately, it’s also a short work week. It makes me feel like a kid again. You remember what it was like. The holidays would come around which meant you were out of school for a week (or 2 for Christmas). You’d be flat out giddy with delight. That’s how I feel this week. 3 days. Just 3 days and I have a long weekend!

People. I have an announcement to make. The New Orleans Saints are 10-0!! 10-0! (I have put this everywhere, so if you’ve read this on my Facebook or Twitter, I do apologize.) But 10-0!!! Holy crap! I’m just all kinds of happy now.

Okay, on to more interesting things. Commercials. I love commercials. My sister and I can have a two hour conversation about our favorite commercials. I know, we’re weird. However, I like to call us commercial connoisseurs. Saturday, she came to the house to pick up the turkey she’s cooking for Thanksgiving. We spent at least forty-five minutes with my godson talking about our favorite new commercials. I still like all of the Coors Light commercials and that online trading company…E-Trade? or Ameritrade? With the baby telling the old guy ‘It was on the cart path! Why don’t you try reading the rules? Shankapotamus.’ And the other one with the baby singing ‘Take…these broken wings and learn to fly again!’ I mean, really! These are GREAT commercials!

Now for today’s question: Are you a commercial connoisseur? Do you flip the channels when they come on, or do you wait to see what the advertising giants will come out with next? Is there one commercial you’d love to come up with yourself?

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The Holidays are Coming

Nearly every year since I was a teenager, my family has flocked to my uncle’s house in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving, they’ve wandered to our house for Christmas, and my aunt’s house for Easter. Since my stepfather died nearly 8 years ago, the holiday rotation has changed a bit with my sister’s house hosting Christmas and Easter, but Thanksgiving has always been at my uncle’s house. Always.

This year, that’s changing. My brother is getting married next summer and he’s decided to spend time with his future in-laws. Their schedule is Thanksgiving with his bride-to-be’s family, Christmas with us. When my uncle learned of the change in my brother’s plans, he cancelled Thanksgiving. Funny, huh? The entire family holiday apparently hinges on my brother. Not that I blame my uncle.

My brother is the closest thing he has to a son now. He lost both of his sons to illnesses. His oldest son, whose nickname was Boy, had a stroke at 3 years old and it was discovered he had a brain tumor. He was terribly sweet, calling me Sha (Cajun French for dear), he could play hide-n-seek better than anyone else, and he had table manners that earned him an award nearly every year at his school. Boy wasn’t supposed to live past his 8th birthday. He surprised the medical community and though he had the mentality of a young child, we had him until he was 22 years old. He was only 6 months older than me and I loved him like a brother.

My uncle’s second son was born a  year after the burst of kids in the family (my brother and 2 cousins 15 months apart). Edward was the youngest of the group. He developed leukemia at age 2, but he never let that stop him from living life to the fullest. For 2 years, he raised hell, leading his older cousins into all kinds of trouble. He was a charmer and when we lost him, it was like all the light went out of the family. Losing Boy 10 years later was even harder.

Holidays are hard on us because of the loss of the boys and my stepfather and for a while, it looked as though we would break apart. Somehow, we’ve held on, fighting through depression and family squabbles, coming together every year like an amoeba. It’ll be strange not to have a big family gathering for Thanksgiving this year (although I’m sure my mom, sister and her family, my aunt and her family will pull together regardless), but I know we’ll be together for Christmas.

I’m very vocal about my dislike of the holidays sometimes, but I crave being with my family more than I dislike the commercialism of the next two months. They are my muse, my entertainment, my heart. The holidays are coming and I can’t wait. I look forward to the inevitable arguing, old stories being dredged up, picking on each other, and eating so much I probably won’t fit into the dress I have to wear for my brother’s wedding.

This was an intensely personal and emotional post for me and if it’s made you uncomfortable, I apologize. What is your favorite holiday in the upcoming season? Do you have large family gatherings? Have the dynamics in your family changed recently?

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