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Touched by Lightning Scavenger Hunt

Tour long Giveaway: $25 GC to Amazon or B&N and an Order of Themis travel mug

Dates: 2/5/2014 thru 2/20/2014

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– Entering this contest means you have read, understood, and agree with all rules and regulations stated.- Entrants must be 18 or older (or age of majority in your country) to enter and to win.- No purchase necessary.- Void where prohibited.- All stated rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.- Chances of winning vary widely based on the number of entries received.- Prize is as stated. No substitutions or exchanges.

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Bio: Danica Avet was born and raised in the wilds of South Louisiana (that would be somewhere around Houma) where mosquitoes are big enough to carry off small children and there are only two seasons: hot and hotter. With a BA in History, she figured there were enough fry cooks in the world and decided to try her hand at writing.

Danica is the lucky pet of a compulsively needy dog and two cats. The pitter-patter of little feet has been known to make her break out into a cold sweat.

Writing is how she gives the voices in her head a way out. When she isn’t writing, working or contemplating the complexities of the universe, she spends time gathering inspiration from her insane family, reads far more than any sane person would want to, and watches hot burly men chase an oblong ball all over a field.




BLOG: https://danicaavet.wordpress.com/

EMAIL: danica.avet@gmail.com

Superhero Movie Quote Scavenger Hunt:

There are 15 (fifteen) stops for this Scavenger Hunt. Each stop contains a picture/button with a superhero movie quote on it. You can enter the movie title for each quote in the Rafflecopter for additional entries in the giveaway. Good luck!

TbL Quote 8


Book one in the Love’s Defenders series.

When empath Gyda St. Germaine is rescued from a sex-trafficking ring, she vows vengeance on her tormentors. Aided by two distinct personalities who bolster her powers, she becomes a vigilante, hungry for revenge. Her path of retribution tosses her into the arms of an Order of Themis Siphon and her world is turned upside down. Fighting her past takes a backseat to her all-consuming desire for the man whose honor and sense of justice go against everything she believes.

The moment electricity manipulator Brit Harper stumbled across a feral woman with a bloody knife, his life changed. Black and white becomes gray as the scales of justice tip. Fascinated by her strength and the darkness in her eyes, he vows to teach her the true meaning of justice and help her explore the passion sizzling between them. But when the evil haunting Gyda’s dreams returns in the flesh, he’ll have to choose between his beliefs and the woman he loves.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U22LHnllx8A&feature=youtu.be

Buy link~ Releases February 14th, 2014

Ellora’s Cave


Teaser Excerpt:

A thrill of power, heady and addictive, heated her blood like hard liquor. Pushing up to one arm, she leaned over him and pulled the sheet down below his hips. And promptly lost her breath. Brit, naked and aroused first thing in the morning, was perhaps the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

Lea Barrymire 2/5- Wed
In The Pages of a Good Book 2/6- Thur
A.M. Griffin 2/7- Fri
Literary Nook 2/8- SAT
deal sharing aunt 2/10- Mon
For Whom The Books Toll 2/11- Tue
Queentutt’s World of Escapism 2/12- Wed
Tattooed Book Review 2/14- Fri
Unearthly Musings 2/14- Fri
AReCafe 2/15- SAT
Riverina Romantics 2/17- Mon
Clutter Your Kindle 2/18- Tue
For the Love of Bookends  2/19- Wed
Lusty Penguin Reviews 2/19- Wed
Sizzling Promo 2/20- Thur


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Angling for Love Release Blitz

Today I have the great pleasure in helping to promote my friend and fellow writer, Lea Barrymire with her latest release, Angling for Love. This menage is a story I had the luck to read before it ever went to the editor. I love when that happens. I think I was just as excited as Lea was when she got this amazing cover with none other than Jeremy Mooney on it and okay, I fell a little in love with Brent and Jared and I think you will too. Be sure to check it out!


Flame rating: Scorching
Tour long Giveaway: $15 GC to Amazon, B&N or ARe
Dates: 10/2 thru 10/4/2013
Rafflecopter Code:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Legal Information:
– Entering this contest means you have read, understood, and agree with all rules and regulations stated.- Entrants must be 18 or older (or age of majority in your country) to enter and to win.- No purchase necessary.- Void where prohibited.- All stated rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.- Chances of winning vary widely based on the number of entries received.- Prize is as stated. No substitutions or exchanges. Residence of the United States only.
– Contest host/organizer is not responsible to misrepresented/mis-typed email addresses, spam filters, mailer demons, and other internet wackiness that may crop up at the time of winner notification.
– Winners are final.- Contest Starts 00:01EST October 2, 2013 and Ends 12:59EST October 4, 2013 and open to US residence participants ONLY- Winners will be notified via email, twitter, or facebook no later than 12:00EST October 8, 2013 -Respond by date to collect prize is 14 days from notification date.

About Lea Barrymire

Lea lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rugrats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She’s slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life’s adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays.

Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it filled a creative void. Now she communes regularly with the characters in her head and tries not to laugh out loud when they say something funny.

When Lea isn’t reading, writing or corralling kids, she enjoys watching movies and sciencey shows, or just kicking back and listening to some music.

Find Lea on herWebsiteFacebookTwitterBlog


Arin Walters decides that after ending her long-term relationship with her cheating boyfriend, she needs a vacation in the Montana mountains. She packs her fly-fishing gear and heads off for a week of relaxation and emotional healing.

Brent and Jared have been best friends since childhood. The abuse they suffered as children binds them together. They want a woman to share and build a life with but they’ve been burned in the past.

When Arin shows up at their fishing lodge, sparks fly and all three feel the beginning of something they crave—acceptance and love. Now they must hope that the passion between them is enough to help them leave the past behind.


Brent’s grunt brought Jared back from his thoughts. Brent was the polar opposite of Jared—probably why they made such good friends. He was stuffy and immaculately dressed, tidy and organized. Jared was none of those things. He was the heart and soul of the pair. He was the messy, unorganized romantic. Brent was the planner and the brains of the operation.

“You’ve known her for, what, two hours? Already you’re in love? Damn, man, this was the fastest yet,” Brent sneered. He raised his eyes off the newspaper for a moment, then shook it out, delving back into its pages.

“Shut your face. You’ll see—just wait. You’re gonna go ga-ga over her nerdy perfection.” Jared threw his head back against the chair and sighed. “I can’t wait to get her between us, man. She’s a little shy now, but I can feel the fire just under her skin. And the best part? She loves what we do. You should’ve seen her talking about her old man and the trips they used to take. She was almost vibrating with the joy of it all. I can’t wait to get her in a stream and watch her face as she hooks the first beast.” He groaned and closed his eyes. “I’m gettin’ hard just thinking about it.”

“You’ve got it bad.”

“I know. Just be nice when she comes down, okay? Don’t do the normal grumpy-puss that scares off all the females. Don’t you want to find someone? I mean, we’ve talked about kids and life beyond bachelorhood.” He slowly raised his head and found Brent staring. “Don’t you want that happiness for us?”

“Of course I do. We’ve talked this to death. But wishing for a girl and finding one are two different things. Just because you want to find a woman to stay doesn’t mean that the next one who shows up single is going to be her. You need to stop throwing your heart out there.”

“And you need to stop keeping yours caged. How is anyone supposed to fall in love with you if you’re grumpy and surly all the time?” Jared could feel his anger mounting. “I can’t do all the work, dude. If we’re going to find someone to love us enough to stay, you have to be willing to try too.”

“You don’t think I try? Really?” Brent sat up. “Who do you think puts you back together every fucking time you get your heart stomped on? I watch you fall for these girls I know are only out to get laid. But you do it anyway, time after time. What am I supposed to do? Fall for them too so we can be bawling women after they leave?”

Purchase Links:

Ellora’s Cave http://www.ellorascave.com/angling-for-love.html

A.M. Griffin 10/2- Wed
For The Love of Reading 10/2- Wed
The eBook Reviewers 10/2- Wed
For the Love of Bookends 10/2- Wed
Perusing Princesses 10/2- Wed
Anya Richards 10/2- Wed
Hennessee Andrew 10/2- Wed
Unearthly Musings 10/3- Thur
The Jeep Diva 10/3- Thur
Jayne Kingston 10/3- Thur
All I Want and More 10/3- Thur
Lusty Penguin Reviews 10/3- Thur
Cristal Ryder 10/3- Thur
For Whom The Books Toll 10/3- Thur
AJ Jarrett 10/3- Thur
Illustrious Illusions 10/4- Fri
Kick Start Your Heart Romance 10/4- Fri
Close Encounters with the Night Kind 10/4- Fri


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For some reason I thought I had a guest blogger today. Heh. Um, I didn’t. So I totally wasn’t ready for today’s What’s Playing Wednesday! I have no idea what kind of song I’m going to share with y’all! OMG. I’m…

Oh, I think I know what I’m going to talk about. Next week is RomantiCon 2013. Next. Week. Can you believe it? I can’t. I mean, the last time I looked at the calendar, we were still in August. And it’s already October. What’s up with that? I’m not really prepared!

I’m fighting to finish this WIP that’s been plaguing me since before my surgery. If I hadn’t had the shoulder worked on, I probably would’ve had this story finished in August, but I keep telling myself my characters would’ve dragged their feet anyway. But it’s finally in the final stages and it’s downright heartbreaking y’all. This very well might be the best book I’ve ever written. I don’t say stuff like that often because I know the next one can be better, but in this case, I think it just might be…spectacular.

So even though I try to stay away from the sappy stuff, I’m going to play a song that I kept on rotation for this book. My heroine, Gyda St. Germaine, has had a nightmare of a life…My hero has to work a hell of a lot to make her realize she’s worthy of his love and it kills me when I read over what I’ve written. Anyway, this song just speaks to her. It honestly makes me want to cry when it’s playing and I’m working on this story. I’m not usually so emotional, so you can make of that what you will.

Here’s Imagine Dragons with “Demons”:

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Same Old, Same Old

It’s so sad really. I have nothing new to report. Things have been going well, just not much has changed and I really hate to blog about nothing at all.

Okay, so a few things have happened. The surgery date is creeping closer and I feel a feverish need to have my next WIP written and submitted before that happens. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Unless these characters shove me out of the driver’s seat and take over. Which they might do! I can hope they will at least. But I think I could probably be close to finished with the story in two weeks. If I can write 20k a week…yeah, we’ll see about that.

Next cool thing to happen is I learned a writer I look up to read Primal Song and “loved” it. I think my heart jumped in my throat because there is nothing more amazing than writers whose books you devour reading your working and saying “I really liked it” or something similar. It’s the ultimate compliment and one of the first I’ve had like that. I’m not going to say who she is, but just knowing she liked it is enough to buoy my confidence in the skillz of writing.

The other cool thing happened first thing this morning. My editor sent me an email saying she was accepting the third book in the Cajun Heat series, loosely titled Primal Flavor. Can we all say yay? Of course, part of me is thinking I need to keep my mouth shut. Oh those painful lessons learned when I was a wee writer have stuck with me. But for now, I’m going with optimistic. Yes, me. Optimistic. Amazing, isn’t it?

So yeah, I think that’s it. Really not that much to report. They’re all awesome things, well except for surgery, but that’s motivating me to get my butt in gear and handle up on this story which is a good thing. I have a plan…and enough books to last at least the next five years. Now if only I had won the powerball…


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Hair of the Dog

I feel like such a bad blogger because I forgot to play a song last week for What’s Playing Wednesday. It doesn’t matter that I was at a convention. I need to plan ahead for these things!

Today is day 2 of life back in the “real” world. You know, the one where people don’t know me as Danica, where they wouldn’t understand if I suddenly lost track of conversations because the muse hits me upside the head with an idea and they have no idea what I mean when I say “I’ll electrocute your nipples”. Yeah, the real world. It sucks.

I really just wanted to go back to bed this morning. It doesn’t seem right to be jealous of pets, but I was. Both of those punks woke me up, made me feed them, let them do their thing and then they went back to sleep. What did I have to do? Get up and get ready for work because someone has to bring home the Kibbles n’ Bits. And that would be me. Of course, harkening back to the Ellora’s Cave party on Wednesday night, I have said on more than one occasion that “I will sell ass on the side of the road if I have to. Not my ass of course, but I have no problem selling yours. Or the cat’s or dog’s asses.” (I do, I just talk a good game.)

Anyway, today seemed like a perfect day to play Nazareth’s Hair of the Dog. I could use a little hair of the dog to get through the day, but that would require going back to Kansas City and I don’t think I want to do the security thing again. By the way, Jose from Da Hood (Cave Chaos radio) apparently has a thing about his nipples. Hence the “I’ll electrocute your nipples” thing.

Okay, I’m finished with my pointless ramblings. I need more coffee. Enjoy this while I start up a coffee drip straight to my veins.

Oh! And because I’m feeling cranky, let me tell you about Robert Friggin’ Quill. What? You’ve never heard of him? Well he’s an artist. Kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts, except he doesn’t have a ship. I think. I didn’t see a ship and he didn’t mention it. No, instead he charmed me into spending money on a drawing that’s going to be awesome when it’s complete. And then he got Lea Barrymire. And Cassandra Carr (I think). And Regina Cole. And I have no idea who else, but if you get a chance, you should really check out his work because he’s quite talented. And charming. Friggin’ Robert Quill. And because of his charming, talented bull-shitting self, I can’t get the character I commissioned him to do a sketch of out of my head. She’s stuck right there *points to head* and she won’t stop telling me to write and to do her justice because she’s totally going to kick my ass if I don’t write her in the style he’s going to sketch her. Gee, thanks Friggin’ Robert Quill. You’re the best.

And I mean that. He is awesome. Except when he stirs my muse to become Diva Bitch. *sigh*


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A Hero

I think I’ve mentioned about a million times now that I finished Primal Flavor last week. Can I get a “Woot-woot!”? Because yeah, it’s that bloody exciting. I just have to wait now to see if my lovely editor accepts it. I hope she does! *Fingers crossed*

I have books planned to write now. I sat down and counted all the works I have with more than 5k words and as of right now, I have six books I could hop on and start writing, possibly even finish. But I have a problem. I have characters slapping me senseless with their personalities and the back and forth between them. Yup, I have characters demanding their story is told now. Not later. Now, dammit.

*sigh* To quote my stepdad, if this is the only problem I have, I’m doing well.

But that’s a problem I’ve decided I have to solve. Now. The story I was going to write for my buddies in the cabal is going to have to wait because Coltrane and Kanda are demanding they get their story. NOW. And to be honest, I can’t wait. OMG. Yes, I just said OMG because y’all…Coltrane is my kind of hero. *swoon* My heart is pounding just thinking of his story because it’s going to be that bad ass.

And thinking of bad ass heroes, the song that immediately pops into mind when I think of Coltrane is this song by Pop Evil called Hero. So that’s today’s song. I really like Pop Evil’s music. They have kick ass guitar riffs, compelling lyrics and Leigh Kakaty has the rough, rugged voice I adore in my rock music. I hope you enjoy the song. I’ll be over here writing my poor little fingers to the bones.

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Fantasy Man Friday

Yet another Friday and I couldn’t be happier! I sent in the first round of edits for Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose yesterday afternoon and started back to work on my second Olympus, Inc. book.

Things are going well so far with that one although I did have to change a few things I’d originally wanted to see. Instead of our hero being the son of a Sumerian god, I had to change it to an Egyptian god. But these are things we have to deal with when you’re not a plotter. I don’t really mind.

Mythology was one of my favorite topics to study and Egyptian mythology was one particularly close to my heart when I was in college. It’s been…well, many years since I studied it, so I have to research again to remind myself of what I’d forgotten.

Anyway, I’m flying high this week and this weekend promises to be even better. I’m gathering up a gaggle of crafty ladies in my family to help me work on items to give away for my upcoming blog tours. It’ll be fun and I get to eat pizza! *drool* I’ve been dieting so well this week, but I always allow myself one day to eat what I want and I’ve been dreaming about that pizza all week.

Just like I’ve been dreaming about Fantasy Man Friday. So I had to think about it. With all of the good things happening lately, I might need a certified pilot to help me fly…er, safely. Honestly, this has nothing to do with the mile-high club! But what do you think of this guy?

Do you think he looks handy in the cockpit? *cackle*

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!


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We Salute You

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S.

I’ll be honest with y’all. When I was in high school, we had to take that ASVAB test…not sure what that all stands for, but when the scores came in, I had phone calls from the Air Force and Navy. Yeah, they wanted me. I probably should have joined the service because I had no idea what to do with my life, except I have a small…problem or two.

First, I’m bossy as all hell. It’s one of my personality quirks. I like to give orders. Joining the service wouldn’t have been a bad thing if I was able to be a commander starting out. You know, ’cause I do like to tell people what to do. But knowing I’d go in as a lowly grunt (or whatever they’re called), wouldn’t have sat well with me.

Secondly…I’m oppositional defiant. I absolutely hate being told what to do. It grates on my nerves like nothing else. Just ask my mother or siblings. If you tell me what and how to do something, chances are I’ll do it my way or do the exact opposite. I’m not alone in this, my whole family has the same quirk. But these kinds of personalities probably don’t belong in the military.

These reasons are why I so strongly admire people who do serve our country. I’m a patriot (the American kind, not the New England kind) and I strongly believe in protecting our values and way of life. They put their civilian lives on hold to train, to fight, to defend. Regardless of their personality types, they’re out there risking their lives. Their service to our country proves their strength of will and determination. Our soldiers, past, present, and future deserve our admiration, our respect.

So be sure to tell a veteran “thank you” for preserving the freedom our country was built upon. Give them a hug for the sacrifices they’ve made for us. Salute them for putting their lives in danger in the name of democracy. They’re true heroes and we should honor them as such.


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay! It’s Friday once again. That means manly muscles displayed for our viewing pleasure.

This is the end of Horror Movie Week Two which means next week, we’ll be moving on to Horror Music Week. Expect to jam out to some of my favorite songs in the “horror” genre. By horror, I don’t mean the way they dress.

When I was trying to figure out which Fantasy Man to choose for today (there are so many), I decided to go with a man who represents the hero of my latest WIP. Yes, I’m working on yet another WIP and this time I didn’t need help picking out the title! Yay!

Fit to be Tied is the 2nd book in my Olympian series and it’s turning out to be both a burden and a pleasure. I spent two weeks rewriting the opening scene because I just couldn’t get it right. Yesterday, I struck gold. It’s only at 9k right now, but I’m sure I can pump the word count up as soon as Meg (Megaera, one of the three Furies) and Duncan figure out that they want each other for more than a one-night stand.

Anyway, I remembered that Duncan, my most delicious, sexy hero, is a general contractor…which made me think of men with steel-toe boots and muscles…lots of muscles and I remembered I had this little gem of a man stashed in my Fantasy Man pile (It’s a very large pile and I take them out one at a time to sigh and drool):

*wipes away the drool* Come to mama…In my world, the construction workers are the ones who are whistled at as they walk in front of businesses…In my Olympian world, this poor man wouldn’t stand a chance before some immortal kick-ass heroine put the fear of Suzanne Somers’ Thighmaster into him. *cough* Y’all…meet Duncan St. Marie, the only child of the Greek god, Apollo and the Sumerian goddess, Inanna. All I’m saying is “fertility godling” *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more*

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday (it’s gorgeous here in south Louisiana!) and a fantastic weekend (hoping to get some fishing in Sunday and brainstorm Meg and Duncan’s next altercation er…meeting).


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Fantasy Man Friday

Well today marks the end of the first full week of October. I don’t want to think about it, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I need to shop!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Week 1 of Horror Movie Week. I figured I’d give us all a break from scary movies and childhood nightmares by posting a regular Fantasy Man Friday. But before we get to that, next week will be the week of true horror movies. Yup, you got it. I’ll be posting about the movies that literally bring tears of fear to my eyes.

Because I’ll be delving into my most frightening movies, I thought it might be a good idea to have a big, burly man to protect me. You know, so I have a 50-50 chance of survival if I’m attacked. I surfed around and found this guy:

Look it! He’s even bringing his own um, whatever gloves with him and no clothes which means he’s prepared to go all Greek wrestling with I mean for me. *fans herself* He’ll save me for sure and I’m positive I can think of some way to thank him properly. Maybe even several times, you know, just so he knows how thankful I am. *cough*

Happy Friday and have a safe weekend!


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