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Post 997 – Friday

Can I hear an Amen? Because yeah, it’s finally Friday. Man, it’s crazy how long a single week can feel. And that’s not even mentioning how long 10 minutes can feel, forget a full minute while you’re staring at a clock. Meh.

But it’s Friday and I have a full weekend planned. Hair. It’s about time to get rid of the blonde bangs. Not sure yet what I’m going to do, maybe tone it down a little since I don’t have anywhere to be until next October. I can start training my hair to like colors other than red and blonde. We’ll see though. Usually I don’t decide what I’m going to do with my mop until I’m sitting in the chair staring at myself. Of course that’s usually when I have these epiphanies about it. “How about…” and my stylist will either talk me off the ledge or say “I can do that”.

Other than that, I plan to write. Yup. I have a story that’s just about halfway finished and it needs to be finis before Thanksgiving so I’m going to work on that as soon as I find the time. It kind of helps that I’ve read through all the books I wanted to read in the last three weeks. Danica has been a reading machine lately which isn’t a good thing for the writing side of things, but I’ve finally hit a wall.

We’re only three posts away from the 1,000 Blog Post Giveaway Celebration. That’s just awesome. I hope y’all will stop by to visit and to enter to win the humongous prize I’ve gathered for y’all. Trust me, it’s huge. And be sure to tell your friends it’s happening next Wednesday, November 20!

For today’s Freaky on Friday song, I’m going with one that I love to sing along with. It’s another one of those songs that makes me want to hit the open road and just roam. So far everything I’ve heard from this band I’ve liked, so check it out and let me know what you think.

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Time For A Change

I have this thing about having the same hair styles. I hate it. I like change whether it’s cut or color. I’ve had the same cut for about two years now, but what makes it fun is that I change the color…well almost every single time I go in for a trim.

I’ve had to train my stylist. It’s taken nearly three years, but she no longer cringes when I ask her for something “different”. That’s my usual request when I sit in her chair. “I want something different this time.”

Well, this weekend was no different. I’ve had three-toned hair for months now. Black underneath with blonde, brown, and red streaks on the top. That’s how my hair looked for Nationals. It was obviously time for a change.

My stylist has this color she’s been dying to try on my hair (I did say I’ve been training her!) and this time we finally gave it a try. It came out a little brighter than I’d hoped for, but I do like it. Of course, I have to wonder if my boss will like it as much. So this morning, instead of fixing my hair the way I normally would after a trip to the salon, I put it up to cover some of that marvelous reddish pink color.

This is what it looks like:

The colors are wonderful, if a little bright for me. My sister-in-law and sister laughed when they saw it (we all got our hair done together) and wondered whether or not I was trying to fix my hair like Ruby’s.

What do you think?

Her hair is more auburn than pinkish red, although the cut is surprisingly similar. How weird is that? I swear, it wasn’t my intention to attempt to look like my cover model…although I wouldn’t mind having her physique! Maybe Ruby was on my mind a lot while sitting in that chair. Her book is coming out Wednesday and I feel decidedly ill. Oh, and I got the edits back for book 2, Succubus-in-Waiting on Friday. I have a lot to do, so I suppose it’s natural that she was on my mind.

How about you? Are you a hair rebel, or do you like to lay low? How often do you change your hair style?


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