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Hiding from Grammarians

I’ve mentioned before how I sometimes slip into Cajun Woman mode (except without the tights). I swear, I’m educated. I have a degree and all! But there are some things I just can’t make myself learn to do, or rather…okay, I’m lazy!

I actually took Advanced Grammar in college. For one semester, I was an English major! Er, of course, I also tried my hand at Psychology (twice), English Education, English, and then finally settled on  History. As you can see, the English portion of my education was mighty. I could actually go back now and would only need 3 or 4 classes to hold a BA in English. Why aren’t I doing that?

Because I suck at grammar. Oh sure, I’m better than some people (like my nephew), but I’m nowhere near as proficient as I should be for an aspiring author. I write because I love words. The punctuation just gets in my way. My poor critique partner no doubt tears her hair out over my mistakes, but I do try…most of the time. My love of writing is more from loving how words fit together. I love the fluid ebb and flow of great prose. I devour witty, fast-paced dialogue. I hate punctuation.

I love words so much, I sometimes go overboard. I admit it, I can be a bit wordy at times (I hear your shocked gasps), which is why I have my brainstorming partner read my stuff for me. Um, okay, so I did use ‘coils of passion’ and got soundly bashed for it. It went something like this:

Brainstorm Buddy: You know I love you, right? But…”coils of passion”?
Me: I was trying to sound theatrical!
BB: Yeah, but “coils of passion”?
Me: Okay, so it is that bad. I’ll change it.

Now, my critique partner, on the other hand…poor lass. I can’t tell you how often I get my chapters back with commas taken out, semi-colons added, commas added…She’s the best. She’s an English teacher, which I’m telling you now, has no doubt saved me endless embarrassment at the hands of editors and agents. Without her grammatical and practical input, I think my hopes of ever being published would be dead. Grammar. Meh. I curl my lip at grammar! I bite my thumb at thee!

But don’t let this drivel fool you into thinking I don’t care about some grammar. I do. There are some things that drive me insane and I just can’t take it anymore. Your/You’re…OMG (I can’t even type it out) OMG don’t do this to me. I beg you! So just because I brought it up, here’s an article about apostrophe usage for everyone’s benefit. I’m going to peruse it further because I know my critique partner will thank me for it, lol. http://bvs-romance-writer-u.com/blog/?p=154

How about you? Are you a grammarian? Are you a word whore? (I am) Are you a bit of both?

P.S. I take no responsibility for any grammatical errors in this (or any other) post. I just spent ten minutes explaining how awful I am at grammar. Read at your own risk!


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