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They’re Here…

It came out in 1982, but I didn’t see it right away. Maybe my mom had learned a lesson by then. You know, after the Halloween 2-I-can’t-sleep-in-my-own-bed month (or two) I went through.

I didn’t see Poltergeist until 1985, 1986. I would have been nine or ten. I remember very well how flippin’ scary this movie was. I used to have one of those monkeys with the cymbals…you know, you wind them up and they bang ’em together. I never went near that toy again after watching this movie.

What was so scary about this movie, anyway? Was it because you had a normal family that seriously picked the wrong location to build a house? Was it because Carol Anne looked so cute and innocent and she was the focal point of the poltergeist? (I was cute and innocent, and I just knew those things were coming after me next!) Was it that lady who “cleaned” the house? Whatever the hell it was, this was a movie that made me afraid anytime the television went to snow.

I can’t say that I remember any particular instances where I had nightmares about this movie, or crawled into bed with someone else because it scared me, but my mind goes back to it frequently. Maybe because I think my aunt had/has a poltergeist in her house. No, seriously, I think she did/does.

Things always happened in this house. One night my brother and I went to sleep over while my uncle was offshore. I was about twelve, my brother and two cousins were between 5 and 6. We heard this noise coming from the ceiling. It went in a circular pattern (her house is a ranch type) from the hallway to the kitchen to the living room to the hallway, over and over again. My aunt was 24 at the time. She grabbed all of us, the phone (dragging the 50′ cord), and we all stayed in one room that night. We listened to whatever it was limp around the house for hours. When they went up to check thinking it might’ve been an injured squirrel, nothing was there. The old man who owned the house before her though, used to have a wheelchair or a walker. *shivers* But that wasn’t all!

For instance, my aunt and her husband were relaxing in their living room. She was on one sofa, he was on another. There was a tube of chapstick on the entertainment center against the wall between the two sofas. While they were watching a movie, my uncle shouted, “Hey, why’d you throw that at me?” My aunt looked to see him holding out the chapstick. *cue scary music*

Later on, one of my cousins was home alone. She was in the shower when she heard what sounded like someone beating on the siding of the house. She called her mom who called several neighbors to check if there was someone running around the house to scare her. There was no one there, but the sounds followed her through the house until she ran outside.

Not long after that, my aunt and her friend were sitting at her dining room table. The dining room/kitchen were separated from the laundry room and garage by a light wooden door. While they sat at the table, my aunt thought she heard someone at the door. Since our family members generally used this door to go over to visit, she called out “Come in!”. No one entered, but then the door started shaking, the knob turned and rattled. No one ever entered the door.

My aunt still lives in this house, by the way, but the occurences have stopped. Well, they had stopped for a while. Things have begun happening again. The question is, is it the ghost of the old man who once owned the house, or is it a poltergeist?

What are your thoughts? Have you seen this movie? Does the part with the long hallway freak you out too?


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Ghost Lab and Ghost Stories

Back again, folks and I’m feeling better. Just a little sinus infection combo cold thing (at least that’s sort of what the doc said. I never really pay attention cause he has pretty eyes).

Anyway, last night I commenced to watch Dirty Jobs. I love Mike Rowe. He’s got such a great sense of humor and hello! that voice! So I watched Dirty Jobs and after it was over, picked up Alyssa Day’s ‘Atlantis Rising’ to re-read it when I saw this show called Ghost Lab. Now what I found really interesting, was they were at the Haunted Mortuary in New Orleans. This is a place I’ve heard of over the last couple of years, but haven’t visited yet.

I’m the kind of person who really does believe in the paranormal in terms of spirits, ghosts, etc. and as much as I’d love to go to the Haunted Mortuary, or House of Shock, or 13th Gate, I haven’t done so. I need to remedy this. Except part of me thinks, ‘Girl are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?!’ Yeah. But that isn’t the point!

This Ghost Lab goes around all over the US to prove/debunk paranormal activity in some of the country’s most haunted houses/places. I’m thinking…this is pretty cool. I’ve got to see the next episode. Which was Tombstone. People…watching some of the things that went on in those buildings and the graveyard of Tombstone gave me the creeps. I’m talking at one point, I had actual tears in my eyes. It might’ve been me staring at the screen so hard, but I think it was a hint of fear. Ahem. But you know what really creeps me out? The EVPs. I think this is called electronic voice phenomena and it’s downright freaky.

I’ve heard…gah, so many stories growing up. My mom talks about a house she lived in that was once a plantation home in town but was converted into apartments and how one Christmas Eve, it sounded like a party was going on when no one was in the house. My aunt’s current home has some weird crap going on in it like shadows moving, banging on the walls, doors shuddering and trying to open. In my current home, for a while after my stepfather died, my brother’s stereo would turn itself off and on. I’m talking go from complete no power to on and playing a song, then shutting itself off after a couple of minutes. I always thought it was a clock alarm, but no. It was a little crappy radio that you had to manually push a switch to turn on. Then there’s the feeling you get walking down the hall, like something’s waiting for you. Yeah. Is it any wonder I freak?

So how about you guys? Do ya’ll have ghost stories to share? Do you even believe in ghosts? Have you seen Ghost Lab?

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