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The Cherry Chase

Well, I’m back from my small Christmas break, but that doesn’t mean the trauma has ended. Oh, Christmas was great. I got to spend time with my three nephews, girlfriends of two of them (one of which is now a fiance!), and the rest of my family. However, getting to Christmas day was a chore.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you would have read an update that went like this:

I just dropped a whole jar of cherries on the driveway. #lostmy cherry

That was on Friday afternoon. I’d gone to the grocery store with the specific task of buying pineapples, cherries, and honey for the ham my mom planned to cook for Christmas. After being caught in traffic for nearly an hour on the way to the store and then another hour getting home, I was in a bit of a huff. (I may have mentioned a few million times how much I don’t like shopping or going to the store.) I was so glad to be home, I practically slammed on my brakes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then it was time to get the groceries. I opened the hatch of my HHR and started grabbing bags. Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong one and the cherries slid out of the car and splattered on the driveway. It looked like I’d just killed something with the cherry juice all over the place. I was hopping mad. I hate when things like this happen, but since I already knew I had to go to the store again (because I forgot to buy honey), I was okay. Sort of. I was still very displeased.

On Saturday morning I braved the wild Christmas Eve traffic. I wasn’t planning to go to an actual grocery store because I know better than that. Ha! I stopped at Walgreens to pick up the cherries and honey as well as a few last minute Christmas gifts. I stalked down the small grocery aisle only to find they didn’t have any cherries. Well, damn. I’d have to go to another, smaller store because there is no way I’m going to the damn grocery store! I went to another store that sold a few more groceries. I went up and down each aisle searching for cherries. I looked everywhere and other than chocolate covered cherries, I couldn’t find any.

But I wasn’t finished. Oh no. I stopped at a gas station. Surely they had to have one very small jar of cherries. The station I chose had a smaller selection than Walgreens did and I finally asked the attendant if they had any. She gave me a look like she thought I’d lost my mind—maybe I had—and said no. That was it. I was defeated. I refused to go back to town to the grocery store and this was the last place I could think of near home that might have cherries.

In the end we didn’t have cherries for the ham. I’d given up. The great cherry chase was over. It was only later that my sister said, “I had a jar of cherries at home.” I might have glared at her, but I let it go. This is the last I’ll ever mention hunting for cherries. It’s a sore subject for me. In fact, I might boycott ham altogether.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!


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Social Meltdown

Before I get to the reason for today’s post, I’d like to announce that the winner of yesterday’s giveaway is Dawn Chartier! Dawn, drop me a line with your information and I’ll mail your prize to you this weekend.

Now for the post. This is serious stuff, people. Lately, I feel as though the only thing I can keep up with is my blog. You lucky dogs, you! Yes, things are more than a bit hectic lately, but that isn’t the only problem. You see, I have a smart phone that’s supposed to help me keep track of all the happenings in the Tweetverse and Facebook World.

I’ve been tempted to chuck this phone into traffic, but I’m afraid it’d only anger some burly truck driver and he’d beat me up. It probably isn’t the phone’s fault, so much as the area I live in. You got it, 3G sometimes exists here, but not always. It’s annoying because I’d really like to get involved in some of the discussions on Twitter, but can’t. I believe I’ve mentioned before that Twitter has been blocked from my service here. That’s why I bought the bloody phone in the first place! Gah.

Anyway, when I wake up in the morning I have nearly 400 updates and conversations to wade through which means I’m a day late and a buck short on everything going on. It’s annoying beyond belief. Facebook is the only thing I can use during the day, but the good stuff doesn’t happen there! There are no chats going on about special “toys” or whether Charlie Sheen should lay off the crack. I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but it’s Twitter I enjoy following.

*sniffs* Yes, I’m drowning in self-pity. I want to raise my fists to the sky and scream, “Arrrrrrgh!” But I don’t. No, I try to do what I can, retweeting for my tweeps, replying when I actually see messages to me that aren’t nine hours old. Damn you, phone! Damn you!

So, it isn’t that I’m ignoring y’all. I’m having…issues. Not mental issues for once, but technological ones. Oh, I’ve been tempted to get all kinds of gadgets to help me deal with this problem. Like a gun because this phone has a death wish. *deep breath* I’m better. I’m better, I swear.


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Hello It’s Me

*waves* Y’all remember me, right? Danica Avet. Good to see ya!

I’ve been kind of…gone from social networking lately. I’ve kept up with my Tweets and Facebook updates, but I haven’t really had a chance to keep in touch with y’all lately. I’ve also been a horrible critique partner lately. So sorry! All I can say is, the real world grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

First there’s work. This is a good thing because it means I’m earning money, but really, there’s only so much whining and tattle-tailing I can take. No, I’m not an elementary school teacher. It would make sense if I were. No, I’m talking about the grown men who point the finger at their co-workers when I pin them down for doing something wrong.

Me: Why, why, why are there paint cans just sitting on the ground out here?

Foreman: I don’t know. They aren’t mine. Those belong to Harry. He left them there. Or, it might’ve been the painters from MC. Yeah, they left that there.

Me: And?

Foreman: I’ve been busy making money for the company!

Me: You’re gonna end up costing the company money if you don’t pick that paint up and put it where it belongs.


And that’s just one instance. Le sigh. That’s been going on since I started in this position, but it was worse over the last three days because I was out in the yard with these guys for that long. Complaining, bitching, and moaning. And men say that’s all women do. *snort*

Then the personal life intruded. I’m not gonna go into the very ill-advised drinking I did Saturday night, but suffice it to say that I’m never ever drinking three bottles of Chardonnay by myself again. *shudder* I was too brain dead and hung over to talk with my interweb friends. I couldn’t even hold a simple conversation with my dog this weekend, much less keep up with the witticisms of my peeps.

Hopefully though, hopefully, things will calm down again. I do like being busy, but really, there’s a limit to how much I can take. I haven’t written in several days, just now sent off a critique I was supposed to have looked at this weekend, and still have three chapters to look at for someone else. These are important things for me to do! So yeah, kind of hoping someone doesn’t pop in my office and say, “Hey, can we talk about that comment you made on that audit you did because I’m almost positive it wasn’t my fault?”

Oy vey.

Can’t wait to catch up with y’all again!


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