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The Day The Earth Stood Still

No, I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about the sheer awesomeness that’s taking place today. I mean, really? There’s so much awesome going on, I had trouble deciding on a song for today. If I tried to find something that fit the magnitude of fantabuliciousness…well, let’s just say that your computers would explode and you’d then try to sue me for it. So we’re not going there. *puts away her rendition of What About Me*

But what is this awesomeness, you may ask. First off, it’s Release Day times two. Yes, times two! My fellow Cabalite, Cara Carnes has a hot release today with Weekend Menage. Mega Happy Release Day, Cara! I’ll be featuring her next week with a giveaway, but her book is hawt. H.A.W.T. And it made me think that while the Cabal likes to bring the funny, we’re also some amazingly erotic writers. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I meant that we write some hot stuff. Despite our goofy, sometimes inappropriate humor which makes an appearance in the Fondled and Gobbled stories, this is what we’re all about:

If you’re old enough, you’ll recall the big buzz about Madonna back in the day. She was all naughty and sexy and wore her bra outside her clothes, but yeah, she was all about being the bad girl of the music industry. Just like the Cabal features women who are some of the bad girls of romance.

Then there’s the other release day. Oh yes, it’s finally here. Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had To Do It is out today! Do you hear that? That’s the roars of outrage from people with no sense of humor mingled with the howls of laughter from those who “get” what we’re doing. Yes, we’re serious about erotic romance and bringing the sexy. We’re all about that. But we also like to laugh and we wanted to share that with our readers. Some people won’t get this at all. They’ll read it as a serious erotic romance and become offended. I’m prepared for that. Because while we’re also the bad girls of romance…we’re also a bit like this:

*sigh* Yes, we’re silly and can be very goofy sometimes. Well, I can. I enjoy it. It helps me relieve stress to mock myself and others. Yes, I mock others. Just ask my mom.

Happy Release Day to the Cabal of Hotness! There’s no going back now! And to prove it, we’ve invaded the Naughty Author Chicks’ blog for nearly the entire month with our brand of funny. Check out the characters from both volumes of Fondled and Gobbled and be sure to get your copy!


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The Giddiness is Spreading

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to wake up this morning only to realize it was Monday and I had to return to the EDJ. Don’t get me wrong, the EDJ helps pay all the bills my lovely writing job can’t, but still. I can pout about it. And I am.

The weekend was a success in many ways. I set out to at least write 10k words on Saturday. Well, my goal was actually to hit 12k on my current WIP. It took me a lot of coffee, no nap, a lot of music, but by the end of the day on Saturday, I hit 10k. It’s still not my best daily word count total. That belongs to the first half of Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose. I wrote the first 11k words of that story at a coffee shop on a summer morning. I must’ve been a lot younger (or felt it) because there’s no way I could sit that long now without remaining stuck in that hunched-over-the-keyboard pose.

Sunday was spent helping my nephew paint the living room of his house. Again, this is  how I know I must’ve been younger when I wrote Ruby. I currently can’t lift my arm over my head so I was stuck painting everything shoulder height and lower. Crawling from one spot to the other around his large living room meant when I stood at the end of the day, I was hunched over like a senior citizen.

But aches and pains aside, it was a good weekend. It was made even better when one of my fellow Cabalites created this very fun, silly video to celebrate the upcoming release of Fondled and Gobbled. Oh yes, the excitement is growing. At least for me. I haven’t had a book release since September, so this is like a big yay for me. I promise though, I am writing and plan to have at the very least 5 releases this year. Somehow. I might have to become a hermit to do it, but do it I shall!


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