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Daylight Savings Time and Men

Those really have nothing to do with each other. My brain is still in bed sleeping the sleep of the innocents. Or not so innocents.

I think y’all liked last week’s interview, right? That’s what it seemed like anyway. Which leads to part of today’s post. It’s fun searching and trying to track down men for the interviews. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy. I have a couple of guys this month but I may not have them every week the way I’d like. To make sure I have enough to go around (I’m cracking up at myself), I’m going to stagger them a little. Maybe post fantasy men every other week.

For instance, next week we have one of the newest Cavemen to join Ellora’s Cave, Austin. Oh yeah, I have a new Caveman debuting right here on Unearthly Musings! After that? Well, I may have a Marine and fighter scheduled. *shivers* He’s something else. Seriously. So y’all don’t want to miss the upcoming Fantasy Men Interviews. And hopefully, that’s whetted your appetite and will have you coming back again and again. *rubs her hands together with a maniacal laugh*

There’s so much coming up really, that it sucks to have this Daylight Savings Time thing dragging me down. My great-nephew arrives on Thursday (yay!), the Big Cocks and Shamrocks Blog Hop starts on Sunday, my Scavenger Hunt for Dean’s List starts a week from today, Dean’s List comes out next Wednesday and then we have Easter right after that! And here I am having to prop my eyes open.

Heck, I had to nearly carry my dog out of bed because in her mind it was 4:30, not 5:30 when I rolled out of bed and flipped on the light. She blinked at me as though to say “Are you out of your mind, woman? It’s too early to go potty.”

The cat, who has to oversee my shower every morning, did not look happy to do so at such an early time. She sat on the counter glaring at me throughout the entire process. I could see her through the shower curtain. I felt like such an inconsiderate pet owner. Why was I up and making noise? Why was I making them get out of bed before they were ready? Didn’t they realize I stayed up later than usual to watch that Vikings show? (Which was really good, by the way.) How could I possibly justify going to bed late and waking up so early?

Well I don’t feel that bad really. Why should I? I’m going to be working all day to make enough money to keep them in good food and litter while they’re going to sleep all day. *mutters* I really need to win the lottery. Or find a rich man to take care of me. Do y’all know any who might be looking for a Cajun woman who prefers jeans to dresses, has a fingernail polish fetish, three pets, writes smut and loves men with beards? No? Me neither.

Happy Daylight Savings Time. Yeah, I’m shuddering at that phrase too. *mutters*


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Fantasy Man…Thursday

Today marks the end of the work week for me. Yes, tomorrow is Good Friday and I have fried fish to eat. This means I won’t be around my computer for at least 3 days. I’m relieved, to be honest. I need a break!

So let’s review the week. I did find my dress on Saturday. I will get a picture up eventually. The strangest thing about it was I went to a completely different store than my cousin and managed to get the same dress (in my size of course). Even better, it looks…well, good on me! I was shocked. I told my family they had better enjoy seeing me in it because gowns are so not my thing. Then, I had an identity crisis. Yup, I have divided myself into two people: Danica Avet and Jojo Solet. Danica, you all know. Jojo is an entirely new person, but I think I’ll get used to having her around. She’s very creative, that’s for sure!

I also somehow managed to pull/strain the muscles in my lower back which sent me to the doctor yesterday. I have meds now and the pain is more bearable, but I’m still hobbling around like a geriatric.

And now on to the Fantasy Man. I decided to let Jojo have her way this week, sort of a way to show you what kind of lady she is. As you may know (if you’ve read her raw blurb), she’s writing an erotic love story. She wasn’t able to find a picture of triplets who flipped her twinkie, but we did find this:

Since it’s April Fool’s Day, I was tempted to post something completely un-sexy, but I couldn’t do it. You all depend on my Fantasy Men to get you through your weekend. I hate to disappoint my peeps. So here he is. What do you think of him? Is he has good as last week’s lime green dream? Or are you like me and wishing the picture wasn’t cut off at the hips?

Have a great Easter folks!


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