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Interview with Magic Brian

How’s this for impatience? Monday I said I would space the fantasy interview men out a little and I turned around and posted one anyway. I just couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and this week, I had to share Magic Brian with y’all.

Not only is this guy sexy as can be with his muscles and tattoos, but he’s also a Marine, an MMA fighter and charming as hell. I hope y’all enjoy learning more about Magic Brian!


Danica: How did you become a model?
Brian: I’m not a model just yet.
Danica: And that’s a shame. Not just a shame, but a damn shame. Ladies? Do y’all agree this man needs to be a professional model? Maybe an underwear model? Just a thought…

Danica: What are you doing now?
Brian: I’m a active duty Ssgt in the Marines and I’ve been in for 12 years now. All 12 years I’ve been an infantryman.
Danica: Man. In. Uniform. ’nuff said. See? What else can you say? Really!
Magic Brian Uniform
Danica: What’s one place you’d love to visit and why?
Brian: I love Jamaica, just the whole relax and take things slow is so nice at times and it makes your worries kinda just fade away.
Danica: I’ve noticed everyone wants to go to Jamaica or Costa Rica. I’m seeing a pattern here, y’all.

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Do you have any upcoming appearances? If so, when, where and will there be video? Just joking about that last one. Sort of. Ahem
Brian: I’m mainly focused on my career in MMA and I’ve got my next fight in Jacksonville, Nc on March 16th and yes there will be video and pics to follow.
Danica: *makes a note to go looking for video* Uh, just as a follow-up. Honest!
Danica: How often do you go to the gym?
Brian: I hit the gym 5 days a week and mainly focus on one muscle group a day.
Danica: I’m not going to say it, but if you can guess what I want to say…I’ll, I don’t know, give something away. Oh! I can give something away! Yes! Um…If you can guess what I really want to say, hit up the rafflecopter at the end of the post to win a Danica Avet shot glass and other swag as soon as they come in.

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Brian:I know it sounds cocky but I’d say my charm is my best feature, I’m kids cute at times haha.
Danica: I’m not going to argue with that. He certainly looks as though he has charm…If, you know, you can tell that by drooling all over a computer monitor. It’s that little quirk of the lips…right there.

Magic Brian 4

Danica:What’s your favorite kink? (Yes, sexually).
Brian: I like when a woman can dominate at times, like really just take control. Of prefer it to be random, at the store or just in passing grab me and take the hell over.
Danica: *silence* No seriously. I’m thinking deeply here. About…physics. Yes, physics. And centripetalal force and uh, inertia. An object in motion and all that jazz…hips maybe and uh *shuts up*

Danica: Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments from a photo shoot?
Brian: I’ve only had one shoot done so I’d say no on this one.

Danica: Are you a boob or butt man?
Brian: I’m absolutely a legs and ass man.. I mean that’s what I’m looking at when I see a woman is can she handle me being behind her or not. Titts are ok but I’m more interested in what’s going on lower. Do those squats ladies men love a woman with a full sexy ass!
Danica: I’m not saying a damn thing!
Magic BrianDanica: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a model?
Brian: nothing crazy yet.
Danica: Why do I have a feeling if I interviewed him a year or two from now, he’d have to sit back and think over all the crazy things he’s done?

Danica: What’s your favorite sexual position?
Brian: I’m calling it the crab, she’s on her back and I’m sitting up, my legs under hers and hers over mine so I can get deep and really nail her Gspot.
Danica: Whoa, Nelly! And that sound would be the collective “thud” as every woman hits the floor in a dead swoon. And look y’all, he’ll even cook for you after…And yup, there goes the thudding again.

Magic Brian 2

Danica: If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Your weaknesses?
Brian: Super powers would be able to read minds and control them too. Weakness is round circle things around my left finger… Any finger at that.
Danica: I’m nodding sagely. Yes, rings are bad. No, I mean, they’re not bad, bad…just..I’m shutting up again.

Danica: What’s your theme song?
Brian: Crew Love.

Danica: It’s the zombiepocalypse. Are you a survivor or the walking dead?
Brian: Oh I’ll definitely be a survivor.
Danica: I have no doubt…Yowsa.


So what do y’all think? Does Magic Brian have a future as a model? What did I want to say in response to his working out? Inquiring minds want to know! (And you can win some swag while you’re at it.) If you’re in North Carolina on Saturday, March 16th, Brian will be competing here: King of Jacksonville 7 so go out and shim some love!
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Interview With Chase

Well, well, what do you know? I’m back again this week with another great interview. Oh, y’all are in for a treat!

As y’all know, I scan the webs for sexy and fun men who are willing to answer just about any question we have. This time around, I netted myself a very handsome devil from Texas. Chase is a dancer at LaBare Dallas, the club that gave us such delectable men to admire as David, Nick and Taylor. Three of our favorite sexy cavemen performers. Is it getting hot in here or what?

Oh. Right. You’re here for Chase. Well, here y’all go!

Danica:  What’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Chase: Well traveling is really a great love of mine so this is a very difficult question. After a lot of thought I’d have to say Costa Rica. Out of Japan, Australia, Brazil and Italy I think it’s the only one I’ll be able to visit within this year. This of course is a list of my top 5 destinations. Costa Rica is gorgeous and has a little bit of everything. There are beaches, a jungle and even a volcano what more can you ask for? I believe that travel should be an adventure and I have always wanted to do a zip line tour through the Costa Rican jungle. They have hiking tours of the volcano and four-wheeler and horse back excursions on the beach as well. Let’s not forget the amazing scuba diving and fishing off the coast either. Costa Rica has a little something to offer everyone just like me. 🙂

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Do you have any upcoming appearances? If so, when, where and will there be video? Just joking about that last one. Sort of. Ahem.
Chase: I love this question! Yes there will be video 🙂 hopefully. I’ve always said if its worth doing it should be done on video…just kidding. In all seriousness though I will be performing at LaBare Dallas on April 18 for the Dance Wars I’m actually featured on the ticket so I’m pretty excited about it. I will be setting up a video camera in the club and may even do a live web cast of the event for all our amazing fans that can’t make it all the way down here to good ole’ Dallas, Texas. I also will be performing at a burlesque show in July in Dallas, and after that who knows the sky is limit as far as I’m concerned.


Danica: I honestly stared at my calendar trying to figure out how I could make this show on April 18th…damn you doctors’ appointments! *sob* If someone goes…take video for me. You must. Chase is the cowboy on the right. Now I’m singing “Save a horse, ride a cowboy…”

Danica: How many hours do you spend in the gym?
Chase: I spend a lot of time in the gym. Around two hours a visit and at least five visits a week. Not necessarily cause I have to, but more cause I want to. I love working out in all it’s forms. I’ve done crossfit, yoga, high intensity and high volume training I love it all. I am especially in love with yoga. It works out your core, adds flexibility and wow what a stress reliever I almost feel like it’s a solo massage and who of us doesn’t love a little me-on-me action. Oops did I just make a masturbation joke 😉 nope not me not never.
Danica: I think all the ladies’ eyes glazed over at the me-on-me action part…I know mine did. *cough* But there was no drool. I swear.

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Chase: I would have to say that my personality is my best feature. Looks will always fade, but a good personality is forever. If I had to choose a physical feature I’d have to say my smile.
Danica: And if y’all keep scrolling down, you’ll see the evidence of his smile for yourselves. Dimples, y’all. He has DIMPLES.

Danica: What’s your favorite kink? (sexual) 
Chase: Now that’s a loaded question. Do I have a swing available or leather straps? What shape is the bed? Just way too many variables to that question. In all honesty it depends on who I’m with. There are after all two of us involved in this activity so it really depends on how we interact together and how she feels during each position. It’s about what OUR favorite position is, not MINE or HERS.
Danica: And I have to give this week’s sex question medal to Chase. There really isn’t a medal, but I don’t think anyone cares. This is an awesome answer with soooo many possibilities. Swings, leather straps and bed shapes…really. Just…really? I do believe I might le swoon!


Danica: What’s your theme song?
Chase: These are some serious thought-provoking questions. I have to say the song that popped into my head first is “Don’t you worry child” by Swedish House Mafia, because I try to be worry free and I do love the idea of someone carrying about what happens to me upstairs. Plus that is a great song to jam out to and do cardio like the row machine. I’d also have to say “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble I’m always about positive energy and feeling good and happy. I also love that style of music. I miss the Frank Sinatra’s and Dean Martin’s of the world so I’m a huge fan of Michael Buble and I even do a performance based on two of his songs mixed.
Danica: I think one of my fellow Cabal members is going to at the club in Dallas this weekend. The hooker. If she sees this show without letting me know how good it is…

Danica: It’s the zombiepocalypse. Are you a survivor or zombie food?
Chase: I am a survivor for sure and will do anything for the ones I love. Also I love skeet shooting and archery so I feel like I have the necessary skills. Don’t mess with me and mine you crazy flesh-eating zombies cause I’ve got skillz! Yep… with a Z that’s when you know I’m serious. HAHA
Danica: For realz! I do the same thing, especially when it comes to talking about the menz.

Danica: What’s your favorite color?
Chase: Black, Red and Green


Danica: What’s your favorite food?
Chase: Sushi! I feel like its edible artwork and its good for you :-)…sometimes.
Danica: I use the same justification to feed my addiction for it.

Danica: Winter or Summer?
Chase: Summer! Any excuse to be in the water and see ladies scantily clad 🙂

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over again?
Chase: This is sad but the truth probably a kids movie like maybe Madgascar 3. I love kids movies. I can’t help it they make me smile and laugh. And who doesn’t love those penguins? Freakin adorable!
Danica: They are pretty friggin’ hilarious. Oh and penguins are cute. My sister and I just about killed ourselves watching the latest Muppet movie. At the theater. The kids just didn’t get it.

Danica: Beaches or mountains?
Chase: Beaches of course!
Danica: I wonder if it’s because there aren’t many scantily clad women in the mountains?

Danica: Do you have any pets? What kind?
Chase: I have no pets not because I don’t love animals, but because I have no time to take the proper care of them.

Danica: Boxers, briefs or commando?
Chase: I like to get naked as quick as possible so I wear my birthday suit under my clothes 🙂
Danica: And on that note…No, really. I nearly swallowed my tongue at that answer.


Danica: Is there anything about yourself you feel enough people don’t know?
Chase: I don’t think enough people know how hard I work. I currently work two jobs, run a personal trainer service, am trying to start a nonprofit fitness sponsoring site, refining another entertainment and merchandising site as well as going to school. I am a very busy and hard-working man.
Danica: Wow, that’s impressive! I wish you all the luck with your endeavors, Chase.

Are y’all finished shorting out your computers from drool? Hello? Can you see the words that I’m putting down on the screen?

*waits most of the day*

Okay, are y’all done then? What do y’all think of Chase? To quote the Cabal theme song (it’s an unofficial theme song) “As Prince says he’s a sexy mother…” Yeah.

Happy Friday!


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Interview With Dominic Dasinger

Hola my friends!

I seem to be stretching these interviews out to every other week, but it isn’t as easy to find sexy men as you’d think. I know, I know y’all think they just fall in my lap. I wish. If only it were that easy! Le sigh. However, when I do come across a properly studly man who is happy to answer my naughty questions I have to share him with y’all.

Today I’m introducing Dominic Dansinger, a smexy, muscular tattooed hottie. I hope y’all enjoy!


Danica: How did you become a model?
Dominic: I was working as a Bartender and a guy named Randy a photographer came in for a drink.  He asked me if I wud be interested in doing a photoshoot for him, that he needed a new male model.  I figured Id give it a try.  Before I knew it I was meeting Mike Lyons of Silver Model Management out of New York.  Everything has taken off from there. Who knew slinging some drinks with no shirt on and dancing on the bar would lead to all this 🙂

Danica: What’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Dominic: I would love to visit Spain.  I have always wanted to run with the bulls, see the beaches, and dance all night long!IMG_20130213_154245

Danica: How many hours do you spend in the gym?
Dominic:  I spend bout 2 hours in the gym a day, six days a week.  But I do a lot of exercises that most do not.  I try to work every muscle in my body once a week.  I even get on the abductor machine otherwise known as the leg squeezy machine and push myself to the point of groaning and crying out.  I’m pretty sure everyone in the gym laughs at me.
Danica: I seriously doubt that, LOL

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Dominic: I think my eyes are my best feature, sometimes blue other times like ice.  “The eyes are windows to the soul” so probably why I usually keep them hidden under a low pulled hat 🙂 95facebook9564662695795

Danica: What’s your favorite kink? (sexual)
Dominic: Oh wow I have to choose one.  Maybe a little out there but I love to find a spot where a vein is kind of out like on the neck, arm, inside of leg and suck and bite on it.  Huge turn on and even better when done to me.  (Maybe I’m a vampire at heart lol)
Danica: You know that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m sure somewhere, someone has evidence that this only a natural response to pheromones or something…and it worked for Bella and Edward.

Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
Dominic: I love all features but I’m a sucker for cleavage gets me every time.  582544_400344813381441_1838723420_n

Danica:What’s your favorite position?
Dominic: I guess considered old school, but missionary position.  Being on top, looking into eyes, maybe even pinning the arms down….My fav position. Well that or either picking her up and holding against the wall.  Def a close second 🙂
Danica: Somehow I doubt Dominic has a sex app on his phone he uses for reference.

Danica: What’s your favorite color?
Dominic: Black

Danica: Favorite food?
Dominic: Froot Loops


Danica: Do you prefer winter or summer?
Dominic: Summer

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over?
Dominic: Sin City

Danica: Do you prefer mountains or beaches?
Dominic: Beaches


Danica: Pets? What kind?
Dominic: My two chocolate labs..love em!
Danica: Darn dogs always capture the heart, don’t they?

Danica: Is there anything about yourself you feel enough people don’t know?
Dominic: I did Undercover work buying guns and drugs for three years and was a S.W.A.T. Officer for some years after that performing hostage rescue operations to executing drug search  warrants.
Danica: And suddenly everyone is imagining Dominic in BDUs. If they aren’t, something’s wrong with them because there is nothing sexier than a man in BDUs…unless he’s getting out of them. Just sayin’.


So my friends? What do you think of today’s muscled hunk? He’s got some killer tattoos, huh? Oh, you didn’t notice that? Go back and look again. Take your time  to scroolll through the pictures nice and slow. Wipe the fog away from the screen and move back a little so it doesn’t happen again.

Dominic will be stopping by periodically to chat with y’all, so be…well, I was going to say ladylike but I know y’all. So at least be gentle!


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Interview With Antonio Martinez

Welcome folks! Today I have a handsome young man that made me crack up several times during the interview process. Before I get to the interview though, the Cabal is being spotlighted with snippets of our stories over at Wickedly Sexy Writers. Stop by to get a feel for the Fondled and Gobbled books!  

And now, our Friday guest. Today’s handsome young man is Antonio Martinez, a dancer at LaBare’s Houston. Enjoy!

 Antonio 2

Danica: How did you get into dancing? And how long have you been dancing?
Antonio: My friend Lorenzo, a veteran at LaBare’s recruited me from the gym where would work out together. And I’m going on twelve months.

Danica: Where’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Antonio: If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil because of the beautiful beaches, hot girls in bikinis and two of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models are from Brazil, which are Adriana Lima and Allessandra Ambrocio.

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Any special shows?
Antonio: I have two road shows coming up, but besides that I go to Lonestar Community College where I’m getting my basics done. So dancing, school and the gym keeps me busy.
Danica: I bet it does. And one of the shows he’s referring to was this week in Austin. One of my fellow Cabalites went and she’s supposed to have taken pictures…Antonio 3

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Antonio: I have been told my best feature is my smile or my face in general.

Danica: What’s your favorite sexual kink?
Antonio: My favorite sexual kink would have to be having sex in the most random, newest places other people wouldn’t try. I like exotic animal prints and kicking things up a notch by being rough and rowdy.
Danica: Hm, random, new places…that’s intriguing. Is anyone else getting attacked by the plot bunnies? *goes off to write a new story*

Danica: Favorite position?
Antonio: My favorite position would have to be taking a girl to Poundsberg from behind.
Danica: This is where I did a choking snort kind of thing that caused my dog to stare at me. I’ve never heard it called Poundsberg before…Antonio 4

 Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
Antonio: I want both, but I can’t live without a good ass.

Danica: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a dancer?
Antonio: Everything I do is crazy! I’m very outgoing.

Danica: What’s your favorite food?
Antonio: Steak and lobster

Danica: Favorite color?
Antonio: Blue

Danica: Favorite movie?
Antonio: Mobsters. I love mob movies.

Danica: Boxers, briefs or commando?
Antonio: Briefs

Danica: Beaches or mountains?
Antonio: Beaches

Danica: Summer or winter?
Antonio: Summer

Danica: What’s something you think people should know about you?
Antonio: I’m always ready to try new things and have a good time. I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie.
Antonio 1

So that’s Antonio who, while I felt like a dirty old lady interviewing him, also made me laugh. What do y’all think of the young buck from LaBare’s Houston? I hope those who get a chance will stop at the clubs to see some of the handsome guys from there I’ve been interviewing. And if you happen to catch the guys at a road show, take many pictures and share them with me. I like pictures.

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Interview With Garren Luce

Before I start the post, today is my day for blogging over at the Cabal of Hotness. The giveaway continues so be sure to subscribe and comment for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

This week we’re keeping in with the theme of erotic male dancers. Sorry ladies, I’m sure y’all have awesome booty-shaking skills, but yeah…I like the menz. No offense. Nope, we get the men who don’t mind being asked extremely personal questions and this week, our dancer delivers.

Please welcome Garren Luce, a dancer at LaBare’s Houston. He was a lot of fun to interview and it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute as can be.

Danica: We’ll start off innocently enough. Where’s once place in the world you would love to visit and why?
Garren: Wow, that’s tough! How dare you 😉 Um, damn. Jamaica wins. Smoke, bbq, laugh and dance all day. Count me in.
Danica: I actually just shared the factoid on Facebook that 80,000 women go to Jamaica to have sex with the local men.
Garren: Really. Well maybe if I go, I can start a poll for guys visiting there to have sex with beautiful, local women 😉
Danica: If you do, please share that information with us.

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Do you have any upcoming appearances?
Garren: I just started dancing at LaBare’s in Houston. Just ask for Garren 😉 I also do personal training and would like to be in film.
Danica: With a sweet smile like that, the cameras would eat him up.

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Garren: My brain. I tend to wow people all day long because of what I like or am into is opposite from what I look like, haha.
Danica: Can you give me some examples?
Garren: I love philosophy and the study of the power of thoughts and intention. Oh yeah. But then I can throw you off because I love collecting shoes, or I’ll but out a guitar and play.
Danica: Eh, I have a fingernail polish fetish. We all have our quirks 🙂
Garren: Nice! That’s called being weird and weird is good because it’s different, LOL

Danica: What’s your favorite sexual kink?
Garren: Okay, I love blasting hip hop during sex. I love wearing my snap back hats with nothing else. Oh and I love when a woman spits on it during oral, LOL
Danica: Now, is the music for your rhythm? I have to ask.
Garren: Sex and hip hop just go together like peanut butter and jelly, LOL
Danica: In the back of my mind I was thinking “Or whipped cream and blow jobs” but I didn’t want to corrupt him. Or make myself blush.Garren_3

Danica: What’s your favorite position?
Garren: Doggy style. It always hits the g spot.

Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
Garren: Definitely an ass man! Big booty is a must, LOL
Danica: Which probably makes doggy style more comfortable.
Garren: Lol there is nothing like watching a big booty bounce back and forth against my lower stomach.
Danica: <silence>

Danica: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a dancer?
Garren: Hm, ask me that again this time next year since I’m still new 🙂

Danica: It’s the zombieapocalypse. Are you a survivor or food?
Garren: C’mon, I’m the new king and I got zombies bringing me food, LOL
Danica: Good answer!

Danica: What’s your limit when you’re dancing? How far would you let your fans go? And if someone showed up at the club with $100 in loose change, do you still dance for it or direct them to a coin machine?
Garren: I have no limit as long as everyone’s laughing and feeling good. Hey, loose change. I don’t care, LOL
Danica: Would you mind being taken advantage of? (Griffin made me ask that.)
Garren: Hmm, why not? It’s nice to relax sometimes.


Danica: What’s your favorite food?
Garren: Women.
Danica: Your favorite food is women?
Garren: Only on rare occasions, LOL. My favorite food is Bluebell cookies and cream ice cream.

Danica: Do you prefer beach or mountains?
Garren: Beach for sure. Nothing exists without water, so to sit and listen to it…ooh yeah

Danica: Summer or winter?
Garren: I love winter because women look so sexy during winter. I mean heels and leggings? Damn.

Danica: Boxers, briefs or commando?
Garren: Commando all day. Life begins when you start going commando 🙂

Danica: What’s one thing you think people should know about you?
Garren: I just love life 🙂


Wow. Special thanks to Garren for answering my questions and big thanks to Lea for helping us connect to get this interview completed. So, what do y’all think? Is Garren as sweet and innocent as he looks, or is he a little devil?

Happy Friday! And if you happen to be in Austin on January 30, be sure to check out Dallas Nightclub since the men from LaBare’s Dallas and Houston will be performing. Garren and next week’s intervieww, Antonio will be performing. If you go, take pictures and send them to me. High resolution close-ups if you can manage. And phone numbers! *cough*


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Interview with Kelii Naliielua

It’s a brand new year…did I do a fantasy man Friday this year? *ponder* Ah yes! Caveman David. Rowr. Hubba, hubba. I did miss last week though. I was working out different angles trying to find a man for y’all. Honest.

And I found one with the help of the first Caveman I interviewed and a really awesome guy, Justin. Today’s hunk is none other than a former Caveman, Kelii. Please give this exotic hunk your attention. *bats her eyelashes*


Danica: How did you become a cover model?
Kelii: I was asked through a friend who had done a few covers.
Danica: Did you have fun with it?
Kelii: It was interesting. It was the first time I had done anything like that. I had done a few fitness magazines, but not a book cover.

Danica: Are you still modeling? What are you doing now?
Kelii: No, I haven’t been a cover model in awhile. I’m a personal trainer by day, stripper by night.
Danica: How is that?
Kelii: It’s two totally different worlds for sure.

Danica: How is it being the focus of that much female attention?
Kelii: When you’re having a bad day, it’s definitely a pick me up. Whenever you walk through those doors, whatever problems you have going on, you’re not going to show it and you forget about it all. You forget about all the stress you have during the day because your job is to make other people have a good time.

Danica: Did you ever read one of the books you’ve been a cover model for?
Kelii:  Yeah! I read Altered States.  I thought it was pretty good. It was interesting how they matched the character on the cover of the book to the character in the book. It was weird, almost as though I was reading about myself.

Danica: What’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Kelii: As I’m getting older, I watch the History Channel a lot so I appreciate things like that more. I like to visit China, being part Chinese. I’d like to see where her side of the family came from. I’m Hawaiian and Chinese, I’d like to see more of the Asian side of the family.

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Do you have any upcoming appearances? If so, when, where and will there be video? Just joking about that last one. Sort of. Ahem.
Kelii: Dancing at LaBare’s Houston. Three-four nights a week. Wednesday through Saturday.


Danica: How many hours do you spend in the gym? For yourself, not your clients. (I was blushing at this goof.)
Kelii: I’m only there about an hour to hour and a half about six times a week.

Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
Kelii: I’d have to say my smile.

Danica: What’s your favorite kink?  *moment of silence* What’s your favorite kink? And yes, I mean sexually.
Kelii: I love it when a girl dresses up in sexy lingerie. Garter belts, hose, heels, corset, teddy. That does it for me.

Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
Kelii: I’m a breast man. That gets me going.
Danica: I have to say you’re probably the first of the men I’ve interviewed to say that.
Kelii: Really? Funny, but yeah, I like boobs.

Danica: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a model/dancer?
Kelii: I did an office party and it never happened to me in the 6 years I was dancing. It was an office birthday party. The lady I was dancing for had her own office. I was dancing for about five minutes with the door open and there wer e a couple of people inside. Next thing I know the door was closed and my pant were down. And my penis was in her mouth
Danica: I was blushing the entire time, y’all, but I had to ask what he did next.
Kelii: After about a good 15 minutes I was finished and we are continuing our adventures as we speak.
Danica: Y’all can’t take this plotbunny away from me. Don’t be surprised if there’s a book based off of this…just sayin’.

TioDanica: What’s your favorite color?
Kelii: Sky Blue

Danica: Favorite food?
Kelii: Italian food: pizza, pasta, etc.

Danica: Do you prefer winter or summer?
Kelii: Winter because when it’s hot, you can only go down to your skin and you’d still be hot.
Danica: Amen!

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over?
Kelii: The Hangover
Danica: Or as my mom calls it “The Alcoholics”

Danica: Do you prefer mountains or beaches?
Kelii: Beaches

Danica: Boxers, briefs, commando?
Kelii: Briefs. I like how it holds my junk together.

Danica: Is there anything about yourself you feel enough people don’t know? Kelii: I’m always smiling, always happy and courteous. But no one really knows I’m a secret sex fiend.

Tio Photos

Um…wh-what? Y’all are actually paying attention here? Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, licking the screen and babbling incoherently? What do y’all think of Kelii?

Happy Friday!


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Caveman David

Ah 2013, you’re determined to show me how naughty you’ll be, aren’t you? Oh yes, I see it now. The Danica who only appears during Cabal of Hotness chats and when Jack (Jack Daniels) has been visiting is going to make a regular appearance here on the blog.

Sorry y’all. That’s just how it’s gotta be. Why? Because to kick of 2013, I’ve got the gorgeous Caveman David here with his interview. I’ll admit to blushing many times during this interview. Oh yes, he got me good.

Y’all? Here’s David.


Danica: Have you ever read one of the books you’ve modeled for?
David: I’ve only read one romance novel when I was 13 and it taught me a lot about sex and woman, haha. But not yet a romance novel that I have modeled for. I’m sure it would make me blush.
Danica: It would only be fair since he made me blush too.

Danica: What’s your favorite part about being a dancer/model?
David: I love the performing aspect of it.
Danica: I’ve seen him dance at RomantiCon. I enjoy his performances as well. *cough*

Danica: Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from a photo shoot?
David: I’m usually very professional, but during one shoot with a female friend, I got a little too excited. Couldn’t help it, LOL
Danica: Part of me is wondering if she felt the same way…Brazen Hotness, this sounds like a plot bunny!

Danica: What’s your favorite kink?
David: I like when a girl is shaved and it’s comfortable sitting on my face. She must be neat and clean.
Danica: *red as a tomato* It’s uh…kind of hot in here, huh?


Danica: Are you a breast or a butt man?
David: I’m a butt man, breasts can be purchased.
Danica: I watched a show where this woman got butt implants. True story.

Danica: Do you have any upcoming appearances? When and where?
David: I’m a dancer at Dallas LaBare and perform Wednesdays through Sundays. I will also be at the Naughty Sleepover party in San Antonio, TX February 22-24
Danica: I see ladies stampeding to their computers to book flights to Texas…

Danica: What’s one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
David: The Hilton Maldives because it’s paradise.david4

Danica: What’s your favorite color?
David: Grey
Danica: Funny, I would’ve guessed red…*cough*

Danica: What’s your favorite food?
David: Puerto Rican food

Danica: What’s one movie you can watch over and over again?
David: John Carter

Danica: Do you prefer beaches or mountains? (even though I’m sure I know the answer to this already)
David: Beaches
Danica: I knew it!


Danica: What do you think is your best feature?
David: I love to smile, so my smile.
Danica: And David does have a fantastic smile. He also has a great, sexy smirk, as you’ll see below if you can drag your eyes away from everything else.

Danica: What’s one thing you think people should know about you?
David: There is a lot more to me.
Danica: There really is. I have to give major thanks to David for allowing me to pester him through his rehearsals last night. I can’t begin to say how awesome and helpful these guys have all been, so love them for more than their chiseled, muscle-dense bodies and insanely powerful hip thrusts. And great hair. And tattoos. And smiles. Uh. Any questions? I don’t think David will be stopping by today, but I’m more than happy to chat!david1

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Happy Friday! Stay thirsty, my friends.


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