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What’s Playing Wednesday

Hey y’all, it’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday. This is the day of the week I let Danica’s Magical Music Player choose the topic for discussion.

I’m a music fiend, as you may have guessed. I like a little bit of everything and my MP3 player has lots to pick through. There are some songs that get me fired up. These are songs I love to listen to in my car, or while I’m writing. It’s like a rush of adrenaline and I’ll either drive faster (don’t tell the police), or I’ll write faster.

Today’s pick is one of those songs that make me feel…all wild and free. I want to sing it at the top of my lungs (and I do…in my car because I am the American Idol in my car).

When I expressed an interest in this band, the only person in my family who listened to it was my then 15-year-old cousin. This made my other relatives, who are closer in age to me, say, “I find it funny you have music in common with my younger sister.” Yeah, it made me feel like I was trying to be young, but really, who cares? If music is good,  you listen to it. At least I do. Does that mean I like Justin…what’s his face? Bieber? Beiber? Whatever, no. I hated boy bands when they were popular and I was never a fan of the latest teen idol craze. *snort*

Anyway, the band is called My Chemical Romance. I know, not really a teen band, are they? I mean, are they? Seriously. Their music is complex and deep. *shrug* Whatever. I can’t help it if the cousins I have that are 6 years younger than me act like they’re older than me, LOL

The song is called Famous Last Words. Hm. There are lots of famous last words I can think of, the most common being “I’ll never do that”…yeah. Okay. So I can’t get too philosophical this morning. I have a migraine. Again. But I hope you enjoy the song and that it fires you up!


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