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Zombiefied: Weekend Wrap-up

Last week I mentioned that I was helping move my godson to an apartment out-of-town so he could start college. Well, that happened, to my dismay. Oh, I know. It’s a good thing that he’s continuing his education and I’m all for it, but I want my baby home!

It might sound sad to a lot of people, but in this family, you don’t leave. No, we’re not the mafia, but we may as well be. My uncles were the first to go. In the late 80s, they moved to Baton Rouge. That was hard, but not too difficult because it’s only a 2 hour drive away. Everyone else stayed close to home. Sure, we may live on opposite ends of the parish, or in a different parish, but it would take no more than 30 minutes to visit.

My godson, however, has carried his butt to Ruston which is 6 hours away. It’s for his own good, I know, but…it’s so far away! I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if he’d gone to school out-of-state. I’d probably have to pick up and move with him!

But I’m not posting about my sniffly, depressive state today. No, I’m blogging about the fact that I feel like a zombie. Waking up at 4 on a Saturday morning is not my cup of tea. I do it during the work week, but Saturdays are sacred to me. Those are the days I’ll sleep late. You know, until maybe 6 in the morning. But this Saturday, I was on the road by 5:45 and that was just the start.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love to drive, and I do. I like the control of guiding my car, listening to my music, and taking in the sights. The thing about this trip though, is that there’s nothing to see. There are so many speed zones, my car was confused. We passed through towns that were called villages, which kind of blew my mind, and I saw more log houses than I ever knew existed in Louisiana.

Did I mention Ruston is in north Louisiana? It may as well be a whole different country! We took the kids grocery shopping and one of the most important items on our list was filé (fee-lay) so they could make a gumbo. Filé is a spice, ground sassafras leaves. We couldn’t find it in the spice aisle. We were staring at that small section of shelf in disbelief. No filé?? Inconceivable!

We did find it eventually. Around the crab boil and as far as I know, filé isn’t used in any seafood boils. But…what can you do? They’re not Cajuns.

Anyway, 6 hours on Saturday then immediately unloading two trucks, a trailer, two cars, and my little SUV meant we didn’t rest much. Oh sure, I had a nice soak in the hot tub at the hotel, but getting back on the road on Sunday morning (after 2-1/2 hours grocery shopping) only to drive for 6 hours to get home means I’m kind of in a daze today. I didn’t want to get in my car again, but had to. *sniff*

So that was my weekend. I hope the rest of the week turns out calm and relaxed so I can mentally prepare myself to travel for work next week. Did I mention I like to drive? Usually?

How was your weekend?


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First Impressions

So, as many of y’all have probably guessed, I’ve never stayed in a city as big as NYC. I’ll admit to feeling very intimidated by it all. It’s not…quiet, lol.

Yesterday wasn’t really a conference day for me. It was more of a wake-up-before-the-crack-of-dawn-and-pray-I-make-it-to-the-airport kind of day. You’ll be relieved to note that, yes, I made it to the airport, made my flight, and even made it to the hotel…eventually. My shuttle driver was having conniption fits because every street she tried to take was closed off. Yeah, it took nearly 2 hours to get from the airport to the hotel, but it’s okay.

I got to meet with my publisher, Diana, with Siren as well as several Siren authors. We had a few drinks, talked about writing, and generally just had a nice time. One of the ladies, Cheryl Brooks, had her traveling sidekick, Willie, with her. Willie, in case you were wondering, is a naked male doll. He took pictures by margaritas and seemed to be enjoying himself. A lot. *cough*

One thing I will say about New York is that…well, these people seem to think they’re superhuman. Is there something in the water here? ‘Cause every corner we came to with a pedestrian light was more like a suggestion rather than a law. People were weaving in and out of the cars like they were nothing. I nearly put holes in my hands from wanting to yank the steering wheel out of the driver’s hands because I thought she was going to hit someone. I think we may have glanced a pole at some point. *shudders*

It’s going to be a quiet web presence week for me. I’m not paying the crazy prices the hotel has for internet service (at least for more than one day) and my phone keeps crapping out on me. So I plan to have a nice long blog next week to recap.

I hope y’all have a great week and if I can sneak any messages out, I’ll try!

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Fight the Stereotype

I didn’t know what to blog about this morning. The weather is atrocious right now, but it’s supposed to clear up…eventually.

So I just had a moment of utter disbelief. A lady was trying to back out of her parking spot. Someone had parked behind her by several feet. Like six feet or so. She cut her wheel to the right and started to back out…then she pulled back in. If she would’ve kept going, she would have been fine. She tried to go in the other direction, stopping three feet away from the vehicle behind her. She pulled back in. Got out of the car, looked at the distance and tried the same move again.

Eventually, she got one of her male co-workers to back out and what did he do? He cut the wheel all the way to the right and pulled right out. I wanted to run down the steps and move the car myself because her inability to pull out of that parking spot when she had plenty of room just firmly proved the stereotype that women can’t drive.

This infuriates me to no end. No, I wouldn’t say that I’m the best driver there is, but I at least try my best not to prove those “superior” men right. I had a lot of practice backing out of tight spaces when I first started driving. My best friend’s yard was always packed with cars and if you wanted to get out,  you either had to ask everyone to move, or you had to learn how to manuever around those cars. I learned.

Now, I can’t parallel park to save my life. I can get pretty close if I’m under no pressure, but most of the time, I look for a spot I can just pull into. Luckily for me, there aren’t a lot of places around town where parallel parking is necessary. However, if I get stuck between two cars…well, I can get out. Trust me, I will get out.

I’m not saying you should back into someone’s car if they’re parked behind you, but look at all the angles and check the distance before you call the big, strong man in to move your car. Please? Pretty please? For me? It would make me sooo happy. And we all want me to be happy, don’t we?


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