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Mama Mia

Continuing on the mama theme we have going in honor of Mother’s Day, I had to pull out the ABBA. You knew it was coming, right?

I mean, it’s ABBA. Probably one of the best, badly dressed bands from the 70s. I’m sorry, let me back up a little. I adore ABBA. I have since I was little. This love was only reinforced in college when I’d sleep at my best friend’s house and her German mother would serenade us with “Waterloo” and “Fernando” at seven o’clock in the morning after we’d been out all night partying. It was either ABBA or Rockin’ Polka (her mother had an evil streak).

Then to make ABBA’s awesomeness even more evident, the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert featured a lot of ABBA from songs to uh, special surprises. It only enhanced my love of “Mama Mia” because really, it’s a great song. ABBA had a ton of great songs and sometimes, when no one’s around to hear this metal head act out of character, I’ll load in my Best of ABBA cd and crank it up to sing along to “Take A Chance On Me” and “Dancing Queen”. Ahem.

So here’s today’s song for the mama’s. I haven’t seen the movie Mama Mia! Mostly because I can’t abide bad covers and I’m afraid I’ll break something if I hear someone butcher ABBA. Here’s the original though.

And now you see why I say they’re the best, worst-dressed band from the 70s. I’ve never seen so much ill-fitting clothes!

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Remaking Gloria Gaynor

You didn’t think I’d forget about my summer remake series, did you? Tsk. For shame! I would never forget something as important (and fun) as that!

Yes, I’m still in NYC and I’ll go out on a limb and say that future Danica is having a blast. Today she’s meeting with her agent in person for the first time ever and I’m sure she’s freaking out over what to wear. I recommend the black skirt and plain blouse, but she’ll probably go with her black capris instead. Le sigh.

So because I’m…or rather she (future Danica) is spending so much time surrounded by thousands of romance writers, I—we thought today’s song could go out to all the writers at the conference and those who weren’t able to make it.

This song is an anthem for a decade and a mantra for every woman who went through a bad break-up. I love this song. I really, really love it. It’s simply amazing and timeless. Then in the 90’s a band called Cake remade this awesome song…and made me love it all over again. It isn’t the best rendition if you were looking for an upbeat song. No. Cake is kind of like…laid back and funky and tongue-in-cheek.

Here, listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

Gloria Gaynor:



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