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Guest Author: Ruth Hartman

Happy Monday! I’d like to introduce y’all to my special guest, Ruth Hartman, author of Flossophy of Grace. Please give a warm welcome to our guest! Take it away Ruth!

Hygienists in Love

Being a dental hygienist sure has its interesting moments. For starters, most people don’t like going to the dentist. Hard to imagine, huh? I’ve even had patients tell me not to take it personally but they just don’t want to be there. I never do. I just smile and say, “Sure I understand. I hate having a mammogram.” That usually gets some strange stares. Some are terrified of being there, some are annoyed, and a few strange ducks actually like having their teeth cleaned. Ducks have teeth, right? I find all of their responses fascinating. Not only for just everyday chuckles, but it’s all great information for my books.

“Flossophy of Grace” is a sweet romance about Grace, a hygienist, who falls in love with Bruce, her patient. They have to keep their relationship a secret because Grace’s boss has made it clear he’ll fire her if he finds out she’s still seeing Bruce. I’ve used several patients as examples in the book, but I never mention names, and most of the characters are conglomerations of several patients I’ve had.

It can be distracting, though. There I am, scraping goo off of someone’s incisors and I have another writing epiphany. I never tell the patient I’m having one, of course. That might not go over so well. It would worry some and frighten others. Especially if they don’t know what an epiphany is. They might think it’s contagious. And I can’t really ask them to just sit there, mouth open like the Grand Canyon, while I take off my gloves and jot down the fantastic idea I’ve just had. Nope. Gotta just file it away until after work, when I can hopefully remember it all and jot it down.

This book was the first romance novel I wrote. Because of using several different publishers, it was released after two others. When I got the idea to write it, I never dreamed I’d end up with several dental-related books. I sort of fell into my writing niche. Head first. And I’ve come to find that romances about dental hygienists, dentists, and tooth fairies aren’t all that common. Who knew? It’s that whole write what you know stuff we learned in high school. Well, I sure do know a lot about dentistry, that’s for sure.

And cats. No, not cats who go to the dentist. Although I supposed they could, if they could find someone to drive them there. It’s just that I know a lot about them. And all of my characters have two or more. I think that helps the reader connect to them as human people, not just dental professionals.

So if you love sweet, funny romances, and would like to see what happens in the exciting world of a dental hygienist, give “Flossophy of Grace” a try!

What happens when a dental hygienist falls in love with her patient? That’s what Grace Hart discovers when she meets Bruce Gardener. The problem? Grace’s boss has a strict policy against relationships with patients. Can Grace and Bruce find a way to be together without her employer finding out? 

Hey y’all! It’s Danica again! Now it’s time for the giveaway. Yup, y’all have a chance to win a digital copy of Flossophy of Grace. You just have to leave a comment for Ruth telling her whether or not you like to go to the dentist. The contest will be open until Wednesday, so be sure to comment!

Ruth J. Hartman is a published romance author as well as a licensed dental hygienist. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband of 29 years and their two extremely spoiled cats. To learn more about her books and writing, visit www.ruthjhartman.blogspot.com


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