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Monster You’ve Made Me

Welcome back for another What’s Playing Wednesday!

The heroine of my current WIP has really consumed my mind lately. Last week I talked about her scars, the ones her past has left on her skin and played some good ol’ Papa Roach. This week I’m talking about the monster she’s become.

God, this song. It really kills me, but not as much as my heroine. Gyda, did I mention her name is Gyda? Gyda is perhaps my most damaged heroine. I’ve written a few with issues. We all have issues, by the way. Even growing up with a perfect childhood can leave its mark. In Gyda’s case…well, her issues have issues. And what’s been done to her causes a monster to emerge.

Think of it as her id taking over. The id only knows what it wants, what it needs and nothing else matters. Which is why today’s song really hits me when I think of her.

This is the second time Pop Evil has appeared on my blog in a very short amount of time. But then again, they have some kick ass music. If you get the chance, you should really check them out. Today’s song is “Monster You Made Me”. Sure, it most likely isn’t meant for a young girl who’s had a rough life, but it works for this story. Especially when there’s a line that goes “’cause who I am isn’t who I used to be”. Gah, right through the heart! Okay, check it out. I have to get back to Gyda’s story.

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