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The Busy Bee

As y’all know, I’m on my virtual blog tour this week into next week. I know, it’s so much fun! I love scattering my ramblings all over the interwebz. It makes me feel like I’m entertaining millions…okay, maybe a dozen people, but still! It’s better than entertaining myself.

Today, I’m over at Bab’s Book Bistro, so be sure to stop by!

But that isn’t the only thing going on this week. Nope, not by a long shot. If you weren’t aware yet, I’m on a couple of group blogs and this week is the start of another group blog!

You can find me on Wednesdays at Four Foxes One Hound (http://fourfoxesonehound.wordpress.com) where I, along with Micki Gibson, Jillian Chantal, Jeff Salter, and Lynn Rush talk about anything and everything.

One Thursday a month, I’m hanging out with the gee/k/ink (http://geekandkink.com) ladies talking about anything and everything having to do with being geeky and kinky. I’m joined by the awesome Daisy Harris, Charlotte Stein, Delphine Dryden, Sommer Marsden, and Christine d’Abo.

And now, every other Monday, I’m over at Darker Temptations! I’ll be joining Cynthia Eden, Sayde Grace, Marcella Burnard, Kristin Miller, Rebecca Zanetti, Katie Reus, and Erin Kellison. This blog is jam-packed with paranormal romance writers and I have no doubt there will be a lot of discussion about…well, paranormal stuff, LOL The blog goes live on September 1st so I hope some of y’all will stop over and say “hi” 🙂

If you’re ever in dire need of amusement, join me at one of these locations because I can promise you, I don’t surround myself by boring people. They all have something interesting, informative, or downright hysterical to say.

And as if any of this wasn’t enough, I’m attending the Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans book signing on Sunday. If you’re in the area, stop by to say ‘Hi!’ I really don’t want to sit there twiddling my thumbs wishing I was Angie Fox or Heather Graham.


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Fantasy Man Friday

Today started out well. I had real coffee as opposed to the fake stuff I had yesterday morning. That put me on the right track. I never really thought about it, but my morning cup of coffee is imperative if I have any hope of having a good day. Yay.

Then I’m checking my e-mail and a wonderful lady from Goodreads posted a review of my third Veil book, Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous. A five star rating and a great review before 6 a.m.? It was like a jolt of caffeine straight to my brain. I was awake, alert, and raring to go. Sort of.

And that’s when I realized that today is Friday. My favoritest day of the week. I heart Fridays so hard, it should be illegal. No, you won’t see me on the addiction show making love to a calendar with every Friday marked with hearts. Promise. However, I can’t say you won’t find me fogging up my monitor and drooling over my keyboard. Cause you know what today is. That’s right, class! It’s Fantasy Man Friday! Woot-woot!

Of course now I’m thinking about the song that’s been stuck in my head since Tuesday…pardon me while I sing a bit…

Them baggy sweat pants,
And the Reeboks with the strap,
She turned around and gave that big booty a slap,
She hit the floor,
Next thing you know,
Shorty got low, low, low, low…

Someone save me from the madness. Gah!

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program. It’s about the menz with bulging biceps and lickable abs and thick, muscular thighs. Rar. What do you think of this guy?

I’m not sure what’s up with that costume, but it totally works for me. He actually puts me in mind of Daisy Harris’ Mercury of Mercury Rising. I can see this guy as the messenger god. And it’s such a shame because he’s not interested in women. I wonder if I could change his mind? Because wow…those thighs. Do you get the impression I have a thigh fetish? I swear I don’t. I like every part of a man’s body, but when I see muscular thighs, I just want to bite ’em. Gr-owl!

Hope y’all have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend. Next week I’ll start the countdown to Nationals, so if it’s your first trip, stay tuned! Now, excuse me while I drool some more.


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Beware the Shuttlecock

Before I get to today’s post, I’d just like to remind y’all that special guest author, Daisy Harris’ giveaway is still open until midnight tonight. If you’d like to win a copy of her fantabulicious book, Mercury Rising, leave a comment. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Now I know y’all are thinking, what in the hell is she talking about shuttlecocks for? For those of you who don’t know what this thing is, it’s the little birdie you hit when you’re playing badminton. We had to play this in high school, not sure if y’all did as well, but as much as I enjoyed playing, I was equally terrified of it. Why?

Well, let me tell y’all a little story. My aunt, who’s twelve years older than me, was in high school when, of course, they had to play this game. I was only four or five at the time, so I don’t remember much, but this is one of those stories we retell year after year after year.

Anyway, my mom (14 years older than my aunt) was at work when she got a phone call from the school. It went something like this:

School Secretary: Hello? Ms. Blah?
Mom: Yes?
School Secretary: I’m sorry, but you have to come and get Blah. She has a birdie stuck in her eye and needs to go to the hospital.
Mom: A what?
School Secretary: A birdie.
Mom: A bird??
School Secretary: No, a birdie.

My mom, still not sure what the hell the secretary was talking about, went to the school to get my aunt. She says that the entire way there, she was thinking that a crow or pigeon or something had flown into my aunt’s eye. When she got there, imagine her surprise when she saw my aunt had one of these caught in her eye:

That, my friends, is a shuttlecock and it was lodged in my aunt’s eye socket. My mother was appropriately horrified, which means she was probably stifling her hysterical laughter. Did I mention the woman is sick minded? Well, she is. Not cruel, mind you, but she has a sick sense of humor.

Anyway, my aunt was taken to the hospital and the birdie was removed. However, the rest of us have been leery about playing badminton ever since. Of course, if we allowed all of my aunt’s weird accidents to put us off, we wouldn’t do anything. Oh yes, in the family, she’s the one who’s had the strangest accidents that have landed her in the hospital. Once, she went twice in one day.

This story, along with the bead up the nose, Mom’s ill-fated leap off of a garage while trying to play at superhero, my brother sticking a nail in his ear, and others are all part of the family legend.

As horrible as I feel for my aunt, I still giggle helplessly when we remember this one. Of course, it probably helped my ommetophobia (eye fear, fear of eyes, eye phobia). Yes, to this day I will flip out if anything gets near my eyes. Does it lead all the way back to my aunt and her unfortunate incident? Uh, yeah.

So do you have any hang-ups because of things that have happened to your family members? And admit it, you thought this was going to be a naughty post, didn’t you?


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Guest Author Daisy Harris

Hey y’all! As you know my awesome critique partner is none other than Daisy Harris. She has a new release out and is stopping by to share a bit with you.

Mercury Rising and the Fine Art of Compromise

As I write this blog post, a huge brouhaha is screaming through the interwebz about the author Judy Mays and the small-minded parents in her community trying to fire her from the teaching job she’s held for 25 years. It’s difficult to think about a book release in light of such a huge outrage.

We live in America. Ostensibly we can write what we want and think what we want. What we do in our free time is our own business. I understand that certain professions, teachers included, encounter more public scrutiny. But seriously, writing romance is not a crime. Writing about sex is not a crime. Heck, even writing about crime is not a crime!

This whole thing’s got me thinking about how difficult it is to live under the microscope of public inquiry, to toe the line and try to please everyone all the time.

Such was the theme of my new release, Mercury Rising. Mercury, the god of Compromise, is the Pantheon’s messenger to the human community. He’s a diplomat tasked with organizing a conference to further deity-human relations.

Mercury finds himself in much the same situation as teachers- which means lots of responsibility and little control. He strives to charm everyone, and as such lives a closeted existence and eventually hurts more people with his secrecy than he would have with honesty.

We all know how it feels to be between the rock and then hard place that is trying to make everyone happy. We work harder and harder only to be treated worse and worse. Most of us also know how it feels when we’re finally pushed to our limit. And what a weight is lifted from our shoulders when we realize we can’t be everything to everyone!

And yeah, Mercury Rising also contains mad-hot smexxing. 🙂

Below are a blurb and an excerpt. Comment below to enter for a chance to win a free ebook!


Over-extended charmer, Mercury the Messenger struggles accommodate all the factions of the Deities International Conference and Kibbitz, However, his skills at diplomacy stretch to the limit when a chance tryst turns out to be his assistant, and his arranged fiancée arrives at the scene.

Dillon Rodriquez, Mercury’s executive aide and a soon-to-be MBA student, refuses to be the closeted god’s side-dish. But when an accident at the conference strands the god in the human world, Dillon agrees to act as his guide.

Traveling from San Diego down the Baha Coast to Cabo, Mercury experiences a side of life he never imagined, and he learns that if he wants to earn the love of the one man that matters, he has to stop trying to please everyone else.

Mercury’s alarm bleated with the persistence of a hungry goat. He covered his eyes with his forearm and slammed a hand down on the cruise ship’s bedside clock. The one noise stopped, but a cockerel cry of messages dinged on his telephone. Mercury flared his nostrils and groaned before opening his eyes.
He muttered a curse as he sat up, his long legs draped over the side of the bed. Modern English contained so many such words, and watching television for an hour the previous night had made it clear that profanity had become commonplace in modern times, even encouraged.
     The god grabbed his phone from the dresser and walked the single step to the window of the tiny room. Outside, pink morning sky faded to blue. His thumb scrolled over two messages, one from his conference assistant saying he’d received Mercury’s schedule and would be upstairs momentarily and another from Jupiter chiding him to be nice when Vesta arrived.
     He clicked on his email, but his eyes panned past the tiny screen to the erection tenting his sleep clothes. Much as he needed to focus on his plans for the day, Mercury’s thoughts snuck to the human from the night before. By all the Pantheon’s gods, the boy had been beautiful! And feisty—Mercury loved the feisty ones. His free hand massaged his sex while he scanned his messages. The god tried to focus on reading, but he couldn’t stop reminiscing about the rivers of muscle that had run the length of the human’s torso.
     Mercury gave up trying to concentrate and stepped around the bed toward the bathroom. A moment alone with the Men’s Health magazine he’d found at the ship’s gymnasium, and he could focus on the day ahead.
     A knock sounded at the door, stopping the god mid-step. “Chairman?”
     Mercury recognized the human by the faint lilt of his Spanish accent. He threw a robe over his shoulders and smiled when his penis bobbed, pointing the way to the door. When he turned the handle, Mercury tucked his erection into a less obvious position. “Get inside!” He reached for the human’s arm.
     The boy hopped back, evading him, his eyes wide in panic. He looked down the hallway one direction, then the other. Finally, he checked the door number. “Um …” His lips thinned. He stood taller and squared his shoulders, a cold demeanor replacing his confusion, and held out a hand for Mercury to shake. “Hello, sir. I’m Dillon Rodriguez, your assistant.”
     Mercury took in the human’s conference uniform, the iPad in his hands, and the way his shaggy chin-length hair was slicked back. With his white-collared shirt and clean-shaved face, he looked more like an aspiring young businessman than the sexy, rebellious youth from the night before.
     Another human cleared his throat in the hallway. Mercury leaned further out the door to find Lanus standing a few feet away, looking uncomfortable. The manager’s eyes panned down Mercury’s body to the tent in his pajamas. He coughed into his fist. “We should come back later.”
     Mercury bent at the waist, hiding his hips behind the doorway. He kept his gaze as neutral as he could and chimed, “No, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you and Mr. Rodriguez.” Mercury breathed through his nose and willed his erection down.
     The young human’s lip curled into a scowl, and he walked into the closet of a room like he owned it, his defensive attitude from the previous night returning.
     Lanus stepped in behind him, face crimson. “Well, I wanted to introduce you two in person since I didn’t get the opportunity yesterday.” He didn’t close the door.
     The human crossed his arms over his chest. His chin jutted forward. “Yeah, I’m sorry I never got a chance to meet you last night.”
     Mercury’s gaze darted to Lanus, checking whether the older human caught Dillon’s tone or the implication beneath it.
The manager shuffled the papers in his hands. “Mr. Rodriguez has been briefed on your schedule and, as requested, has accessed your conference-related emails and messages.” Lanus looked up and addressed the young man directly. “You’ve responded to the pre-dawn ones, right Chico?”
     The human shot his boss a warning look, his high-cheek boned face shifting from handsome to hawkish. “Dillon, please. And yes …” He turned to Mercury. “I’ve responded to all messages received between eleven thirty last night and six this morning. The correspondence should be in your inbox, but not in bold.” He peered down at a smart phone in his hand, a twin of Mercury’s. “Someone named Vesta is arriving at 7:30 a.m.”
     “What?” The tiny computer slipped from Mercury’s grip. “That’s in fifteen—” He bent to pick his phone up off the floor. “Oh by Hades, that’s in four and a half minutes.”
     “You have your clock set to count seconds too?”
     Mercury ignored the human’s argumentative tone.
     “Would you like Dillon to meet her when she arrives and escort her to breakfast while you get ready?” Lanus spoke in the upbeat-yet-measured tone of a lifelong server.
     “I’d be happy to take care of your fiancée for an hour or two.” When Lanus wasn’t looking, Dillon’s lip twitched in a smirk.
     Mercury scrubbed at his forehead, then over his eyes. “Yes. Please do.” He strode to his dresser and started pulling out clothes. He didn’t have time to decipher the reason for Dillon’s annoyance. “Mr. Rodriguez, please make sure Vesta’s bags are taken to her quarters, and then escort her to the Main Dining Room.” He fought the twinge of jealousy that the human might find his fiancée attractive. Perhaps he enjoyed women as equally as men.
     “I believe …” Dillon sounded like he could barely contain his venom. “Vesta is scheduled to stay in your room.”
     Mercury snapped shut the dresser drawer, crushing his fingers. “Fu—” He ground his teeth through the pain. His nostrils flared on a deep breath. “That will not work. I have too many responsibilities at this conference to take on a roommate.”
     Lanus cleared his throat, taking a nervous step back towards the door. “Very well. I’ll speak to the front desk about arranging other accommodations. Perhaps one of the other boats—”
     “That would be great!” Mercury’s words flew out faster and more emphatically than he’d intended.
     Dillon followed Lanus out the door. Even in the tiny space of the cabin, his gait rolled in a kind of homage to the defiance of youth. “I’ll set her up somewhere nice … boss.”
     Mercury closed the door behind them, and then threw the additional lock. He couldn’t even bring himself to care if the handsome boy “accidentally-on-purpose” relegated her to the Egyptian god Seth’s barely-floating dinghy. Honestly, he was beyond caring at all. 


Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still isnʼ’t sure if she writes erotica. Her paranormal romances start out innocently enough. However, her characters behave like complete sluts. Much to Miss Harrisʼ’s dismay, the sex tends to get completely out of hand.

She writes about trampy mermaids, sexy dragons, and snuff-y shark-shifters. Her works feature zombie ingenues, horny gods, and some holiday characters like youʼ’ve never seen them before. And thereʼ’s almost always a mad scientist in there somewhere.

If you like science-y subplots, fantastical creatures, and red-hot chemistry, youʼ’ll love Daisy Harris. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and at http://www.thedaisyharris.com/


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday! It’s a beautiful day today and I can’t wait to get my weekend started. Oh, no, I don’t have anything special planned. Gotta finish cleaning out the junk room and yeah, that isn’t very yay worthy, but at least I’ll be at home. *happy sigh*

It’s been an interesting and tough week for a lot of people. We had Judy Mays’ story hit us in the middle of the week, my CP Daisy Harris had a book release yesterday (and she’ll be by on Monday to talk about her newest release, Mercury Rising), and the horrible damage in the southeast U.S. My heart goes out to those who’ve been affected by the storms that roared through the South this week. My prayers are with you!

Fantasy Man Friday is all about making you feel better for the upcoming weekend. Maybe making you smile as naughty thoughts dance in your head, maybe spew coffee on your monitor when you see the gorgeous men I have, or maybe even drool a bit and shorting out your keyboard. That’s what my Fridays are about and today is no different.

Also, because Daisy’s book features two very hot men *cough* I think I need to give her props for this week’s fantasy man. That Dillon…num, num. Now, this guy isn’t Hispanic, but really? Does it matter? Look at these muscles!

And he’s wet. Wet + Muscles = Happy Danica. See? I do know a little math. Of course it’ll never win me an award or anything and I still need a calculator to figure out everything else (or to hit up one of my brilliant co-workers), but this I can figure out. I had to go back and look at the picture because…that water…those muscles…that intent expression on his face. Le sigh.

Come to mama…

Happy Friday y’all. I hope y’all have a great weekend!


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What’s Playing Wednesday

Morning folks! It’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday when I let Danica’s Music Player have at the blog.

First though, let me congratulate Arabella Stokes on winning Ruth Hartman’s Flossophy of Grace! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll hook you up with Ruth. Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m having another guest author stop by on Monday. That’s right, my very awesome CP, Daisy Harris is letting me pimp her new book, Mercury Rising. It’s a really, really hot m/m romance. Excellent book, so put it on your TBR pile!

Now to the song! Yay. I’ve played a song by this band before, but the song my MP3 player chose is one of this group’s biggest hits. I love the song. I got to see the band, Shiny Toy Guns, play at the House of Blues in New Orleans. The show didn’t disappoint (although the “headliner” left a lot to be desired).

The song is called Le Disko. This is actually the song that my then 14-year-old cousin and I both loved. Her oldest sister was shocked to learn I enjoyed the same music her baby sister did, but I feel no shame. Music keeps you young! Well, depending on what kind of music you listen to, I suppose.

Now, I will say the video is a bit…well, weird. I’d never seen it before since I no longer plant my butt in front of the television to watch MTV (because they no longer play videos. Hello! It’s supposed to be MUSIC television, but I rarely ever see actual music on there.) Okay, getting off my soapbox now.

Here’s Shiny Toy Guns! I hope you enjoy the song.

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Pick A Card

I have to say I adore being in the RWA. Sure, there are tons of awesome workshops and stuff to do, but the people are the ones that make this organization the very best. Case in point, I met my fabulous critique partners through the RWA and they’re beyond awesome.

As many of you know, Daisy Harris (she of the Ocean Shifters series and hot, naughty stories fame) is one of my critique partners. Not only is she great at helping me see beyond my creative stubbornness, but she’s also a great marketer. A few weeks ago, she showed me this site called www.romancetradingcards.com and suggested I give it a try.

I was scared. I’m not a technical person. I don’t know how to do all those photoshop thingies and okay, I also don’t have the patience for it. However, I saw the benefit in romance trading cards. So I pulled up my big girl panties and decided to give it a shot. If they came out horribly, I could always keep them to myself as a sign of my failure and I could weep copious amounts of tears as I munched on a Snickers and drown my sorrows with a 40oz beer. I’ve done that before.

Anyway, I followed the very in-depth how-to steps on the site and with the help of my mom (who loves that technical stuff), figured out how to do it. I made two cards for each of the books in my Veil series and I’m quite proud of them. As a writer with a limited budget for marketing, these cards are great. I’m not going to RT this year, but Daisy is and she was sweet enough to take some of my cards with her to hand out.

So these are the cards I made. They’re not as nice as the ones I’ve seen, but as a complete noob in the world of photoshop and stuff, I think they came out well. If you’re looking for something to give out to readers as a way to entice them to read your books, I don’t think you could go wrong with a few of these.




Okay, so I had a lot of fun making these things, more than I thought I would, that’s for sure. Once I figured out how to make them, it didn’t take long to make and the cost, while more than I’d like to spend on anything (can you say cheap?), wasn’t terrible.

For those of you banging your heads on the wall trying to think of some cool little favors to hand out for giveaways, you might want to look into these. For anyone who has won in the past, if you’d like a set, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send a set to you.

Happy Tuesday y’all. Tomorrow’s release day, so expect craziness on the blog (and a giveaway)!


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Nerves and Winners

These two things aren’t really connected, but I’ll start with the winner first. On Saturday, Southern Sizzle Romance was kind enough to let me guest blog for their Badurday post. I had a lot of fun and everyone came up with some great villains. I can’t believe I left Gary Oldman out! Gah!

Anyway, so I hit up random.org and let it pick a number and the winner was none other than Daisy Harris! This is what she won:

The flowered thing on the left side is a table runner, not feathers although that would have been awesome!

The idea behind the masks for Book 1 was to give a  unique twist to the tattoo Ruby ends up having on her face. I let my relatives have creative license with the painting and this was one my mom did. It’s very nice and I hope Daisy enjoys it! I have several more masks (all unique) to give out, so be sure to follow along the tour!

Now to the nervousness. Tomorrow is release day. Yeah, just thinking that ties my stomach in knots. There’s so much I have to do tomorrow, I might not even have time to be nervous, but today I can feel my body going into a tailspin. I’ll be fine. Logically, I know I’ll be perfectly fine, but my body does its own thing when I’m nervous.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be posting here as usual for What’s Playing Wednesday, but I’ll also be blogging over at my new group blog, Four Foxes, One Hound about what I think romance is. Daisy kicked the week off with her hilarious post and today is Jillian Chantal. It won’t be easy following these two, but I’ll try my best!

I’ll also be back over at Southern Sizzle Romance for Wetsday guest blog. Romancemama was so sweet to invite me back to talk about wet men. I’m so going to have fun with that post! Smexy, wet men? Hello! I’m there! I hope you check it out because I’ll once again be giving away a mask in honor of Ruby’s debut.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit in my corner, rocking as I wait for the bad day to be over.


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On Tour

I’m giggling at myself for the title of this post. I always wanted to be a musician with gigs all over the country, unfortunately, I’m not terribly musically inclined. Instead, I save my creativity for writing but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a tour!

My erotic paranormal, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose will be released a week from tomorrow. It’s so exciting! And sickening. The sickening thing will probably grow worse as the release date creeps closer. I’ll probably stop eating, or if I do eat, everything will come back up (you wanted to know that I’m sure). The thing is, when I get nervous, I tend to get sick to my stomach. It could help me lose weight, but I don’t think that’s a good way to do it. Hm.

Anyway! The tour. That’s what I was talking about (forget about my sensitive stomach for the moment). Several lovely people have expressed interest in having moi on their blogs and I’m so happy (and nervous). Again with the stomach. So here’s the list of where I’ll be:

January 29, 2011 – Southern Sizzle Romance for Badurday. I’ll be talking about bad boys, villains, and have a little excerpt from the book. Giveaway!

February 5, 2011 – Falyn Donaldson is having me over on her blog for a special edition of Teaser…er, well it isn’t Tuesday, so let’s call it “Sneak Peek Saturday”. I’ll have an excerpt up and yet another giveaway!

February 7, 2011 – Nikki Brandyberry is interviewed me. Let me just mention that I labored and edited and labored some more over my answers. Oh, and we’re having a giveaway!

February 10, 2011 – Rachel Firasek will have me over on her blog for another interview and yet another giveaway!

February 15, 2011 – Jillian Chantal is interviewing me as well and you guessed it, another giveaway! (Do you see a theme here?)

February 17, 2011 – Avril Ashton, one of my critique partners and wicked good author is having me over for an interview and a giveaway. Also, she’ll be stopping by here on Friday January 28, 2011 for me to pick her brain (be sure to stop by as she’s having an ARC contest of her soon-to-be released romance, A Wicked Ride).

That’s all for right now, but I think that’s plenty. On top of all the tour dates and giveaways, next week I’ll be joining several other wonderful writer type peeps on a group blog called Four Foxes One Hound. I’ll be joined by Jillian Chantal, Daisy Harris, Lynn Rush, and the lone hound, Jeff Salter. We’ll talk about anything and everything to do with life, romance, and writing. Be sure to visit us!

I’m probably leaving out a date, but as soon as I figure out which one it is, I’ll let you know!

P.S. Be sure to check out Allison Pang’s debut release, A Brush of Darkness. She’s a snarky, brilliant lady!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Wow, what a week!

In case you haven’t heard, I discovered that Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose will be released on February 2, 2011! I’m still swooning! Oh, and I got my cover 😉

Several people mentioned the hero looked a bit like my Fantasy Men and I had to agree. Maybe the artist took a moment to look over my website and my past Fantasy Men, or maybe she just ogled them here on the blog. Who knows? All I know is that I heartily approve of her artwork 😉

I’m so excited about the upcoming release and I already have several guest spots and interviews coming up. On top of that, starting January 31, I’m teaming up with four other romance writers on a group blog. It’s called Four Foxes One Hound. Why? Because we’re four female romance writers and one lonely male romance writer. We won’t torture him. Much 😉 Be on the look out for the first post by none other than the lovely Daisy Harris.

Did I mention today is Daisy’s birthday? It is! If you see her on Twitter or Facebook, be sure to wish her a happy birthday. Me? I’ve already decided that today’s fantasy man will be dedicated to my lovely critique partner and friend. You can all look, of course, and he’s still coming home with me, but she gets to ogle him more than the rest of y’all 😉

I know what you’re thinking…why bother with goggles? 😉 Mm. This beautiful specimen is getting himself all clean before he climbs in bed. *cough* 😉 He does look inviting, what do you think? So this is Daisy’s Fantasy Man birthday present. Why a guy about to expose himself and drenched with water? Because when I see soaking wet men, I instantly remember Daisy’s heroes. Those sexy dragon and shark-shifters. I do love those shark-shifters. Oh, my!

By the way, y’all simply have to read Shark Bait. It’s such a good book! (Sorry, Daisy, I’m biased because it’s that gorgeous Raider’s book…Le sigh.

So Happy Birthday, Daisy! Happy Friday everyone else! I hope y’all have a great weekend. I know I will 🙂


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