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Fantasy Man Friday

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be sitting in my sister’s backyard sipping something alcoholic and eating boiled crabs. Today is Good Friday, probably one of the most anticipated holidays of the Spring. Not because of the alcohol, but because of the seafood.

Good Friday just so happens to fall right in the middle of crawfish season. People will be lined up at the crawfish houses to get what they can before it runs out. And yes, they are expecting the crawfish to run out this year. It wasn’t a good season. Because I’m allergic to crawfish, I begged and whined for my brother-in-law to boil me some crabs instead. That way I still get to enjoy the boil. Otherwise, I would’ve stayed in my house and sniffled into my pillow.

Ah, my friends. I do look forward to sitting in the sun and relaxing for a whole day. I feel like I need it. *fans herself* I’m not going alone either. I need someone to hand me a towel when my hands get dirty. I think I’m taking him along…

Well? What do you think? Do you think he’d mind me using his um, towel? *cough* Bwahaha! *thinks lots of naughty thoughts*

Since I’m actually able to participate in the festivities this year, I’ll take lots and lots of pictures so to show y’all what our seafood boils are like. Monday I have guest author, Ruth Hartman, stopping by to share her thoughts about her newest release Flossophy of Grace. Tuesday, I’ll have pictures from the boil up to share with you. Bring your appetite!

Happy Friday, y’all and have a safe and Happy Easter!


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Decidedly un-Cajun

With Easter approaching, people are making plans for Good Friday.

I’m not sure how it works elsewhere, but in South Louisiana, Good Friday is a holiday. Most companies close so their employees can celebrate it with their families. Now, I’m not a good Catholic. I don’t even consider myself Catholic anymore, but I always found it weird that people went a little buck wild on Good Friday. The usual Good Friday celebration includes mounds and mounds of boiled crawfish and beer. It’s almost a requirement.

I remember working for this small company several years ago and they didn’t give us Good Friday off. The boss said he didn’t call it a holiday because we would just go to the lake and get drunk. I didn’t even know where ‘the lake’ was, so I was a little offended by this remark.

So this is how it works. People start calling around to the local crawfish houses the week before Good Friday to find out when they’re taking orders. Then they start planning who’s bringing what and how much. It’s like a race. On Good Friday, cars hit the road in search of crawfish. Some houses take orders ahead of time, some are first come, first serve. Then these brave people return home for the Great Crawfish Boil.

In several ways, boiling crawfish is like barbecuing. It’s mostly cooked by men and each of them have their own method for boiling. Some feel that a lot of salt in the purging process makes a better boil. Others believe it’s all in the boil. Whatever the case, I can’t eat crawfish! *gasp*

Let me just explain. I love crawfish. I looked forward to this time of year every year, up until about seven years ago. The strangest thing started happening when I would eat crawfish: my feet would itch. I’m talking it’s an itch that will. Not. Be. Satisfied. Over the years (before I realized my consumption of crawfish was causing it), the itch would then carry over to my hands…and one time, my throat began to hurt.

This doesn’t happen when I eat the crawfish boil fixings (corn, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, etc.), only when I eat the actual crawfish. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having a boil in the first place (or attending one). So now, I don’t have that to look forward to and when I mention to people thatĀ I can’t eat crawfish, they look like I told them I have leprosy. “What? You can’t…eat crawfish? WHY?” Like it’s a crime, which in this area, I suppose it is.

What Good Friday/EasterĀ traditions are common in your neck of the woods? Is there a local dish that you can’t eat due to an allergy that you dearly wish you could eat? And most importantly, have you ever had crawfish?


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