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Caveman Justin’s Song Pick

With RomantiCon right around the corner, I wanted to give my audience a chance to relearn the cavemen. No, I’m not interviewing them again. I figure they need to get all the rest they can get because once October rolls around, these men will be busy, busy!

Instead, some of them were nice enough to take over my What’s Playing Wednesday posts. They’re going to pick songs they’re into at the moment whether it’s something they like to rock out to in their cars, work out to, dance to or just relax to, these are the Caveman Picks.

Today we have Caveman Justin who also happens to be an author with JustinEllora’s cave. Justin also makes me feel like a slacker because he’s always busy doing something constructive. Me? Not so much.

Justin chose a country song to share with y’all. Country music isn’t a genre that makes a frequent appearance here on What’s Playing Wednesday. And in his words…

I like it because its got a good beat, Kenny Cheney is awesome and the meaning behind it. Just enjoy the moment no matter what others think.

His song choice? “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney. And while you’re listening to this, be sure to check out Justin’s bio on Ellora Cave’s website, his caveman bio and friend him on Facebook! If you’re going to RomantiCon in October, be sure to look for him.

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Caveman Justin

You’ve been waiting for it and here it is. Today we have the sexy and talented Caveman Justin in the house. Woot-woot! I had the very awesome chance to chitchat with Justin at RomantiCon and found him to be a riot, as well as smart as hell.

You’re totally not here to listen to me, so I’ll let him take it away. Remember, if you have a question to ask this savvy Caveman, leave it in the comments and he’ll pop by later to answer!

Danica: Do you have a favorite book or author? Other than myself, that is. Yes, ladies, I am buffing my fingernails because I’m that made of awesome.
Justin: The secret: I am a self-help book type of guy. I will be reading my first erotica soon, tho!

Danica: Have you ever read one of the books you’ve been a cover model for?
Justin: Not yet

Danica: What’s your favorite part about being a cover model/dancer?
Justin: I feel like it is way more prestigious than saying I am a male stripper.
Danica: Your least favorite?
Justin: Nothing, I love everything about it
Danica: Why can’t we all say that about our jobs? I feel cheated!

Danica: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in your line of work?
Justin: So many things I could say right now…Watching a stage dance for a tranny. Everyone knew but the dancer!
Danica: Weirdest?
Justin: a girl was shaking so badly when I got close to her! It was like one of those kids crying when they saw Michael Jackson! Made me feel special! Lol!
Danica: Okay, I confess, for my “fantasy” picture shoot, my face was trembling…or it might have been my whole body. Wouldn’t you have been the same with three buff, half-naked men swarming around you? *fans herself* Ahem, back to the discussion at hand.
Danica: What was the scariest thing you ever saw?
Justin: watching a dancer pass out from too much alcohol and hit his head on the concrete in the dressing room!

Danica: What were you like in high school? Nerd? Jock? Skater? Band nerd? Cheerleader? Teacher’s pet?
Justin: Part nerd/jock ( I received the award for male athlete with the highest GPA in my class). Was big into theater and did 6-10 plays my last 2 years of high school. Basically, I had friends from nerds to jocks, from skaters to preps. I couldn’t be classified in one category.

Danica: What’s the ring tone you use for family members of the female persuasion? I use Riding Dirty for my aunt. Trust me, it suits her.
Justin: I had a funny Asian ringtone due to the fact I’m half Asian. It got old fast so I just use the normal ring now.

Danica: Do you have a favorite band? Is there a band you’ve always wanted to see live but haven’t?
Justin: The Cure! Their gloomy music made many of my darker days seems much brighter! I’ve seen them 3 times!

Danica: What’s the one place in the world you’d love to visit and why?
Justin: I can’t narrow it down to one! I wanna travel as much as I can and see everything!

Danica: What’s your cologne of choice? (Because everyone commented on how great y’all smelled.)
Justin: I have about 10 bottles and rotate them. Unfortunately , they are bottles I saved during my career as a dancer and just recently realized that they are all out of style! Curve, lucky you, cool water, Hugo boss, etc…
Danica: *blink* Did any of you ladies at RomantiCon even notice some of the cavemen smelling out of style? All I smelled was “mm, mm goodness”.

Danica: What do you plan to do after dancing?
Justin: I own my own business The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill in Houston. Also, I am a landlord to my two rental houses. I have two more contracts for books and still have a touring group that performs at many casinos and clubs throughout the USA.
The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. This sounds like the kind of spot the Cabal of Hotness should meet. Ladies? Research/writing road trip to Houston!

Danica: Do you have kids? (Daughters in particular) Are you protective of them?
Justin: Two little princesses! 2-4 years of age! I plan on making it very hard for them to bring boys home when they get older. This will be done by embarrassment and uncle Taylor and I  plan on scaring a few as well!

Danica: What do you have going on right now? Do you have any upcoming appearances? If so, when, where and will there be video? Just joking about that last one. Sort of. Ahem.
Justin: First finalized date so far is Davenport, Iowa on Feb 8th and 9th at Rhythm City Casino.
Danica: Can you feel me turning green with envy? Whoever goes to this show had better share pictures!

Danica: Do you have a nickname you’d like to share with us? And explain how you got it?
Justin: Boss man, I have over 20 employees at my bar.
Danica: *Sigh* I’d call you boss man 😉

Danica: At the Meet & Greet on Thursday night at RomantiCon, did you feel like you were in a zoo exhibit? (With everyone standing around taking pictures of you.)
Justin: Not at all! I truly loved that everyone was so damn nice! I wish everyday life I could be around such creative, positive and dirty minds! Lol! But seriously, I can’t wait until next year’s RomantiCon! I hope to be part of the awards ceremony!

Danica: If you were in a zoo, what animal would you be?
Justin: I would be whatever animal had the most space to freely roam. Or wait…probably, a lion. They have sex all day everyday! Lol!
Danica: OMG, I’m blushing! Quick, next question!

Danica: How many hours do you spend in the gym? Because ay chihuahua!
Justin: I spend 45 min. X 4-5 days per week. Roughly 3 – 3 1/2 hours a week. It’s consistency that matters. Last chapter in the book is dedicated to fitness and our short cuts.
Danica: For those of you not in the know, Justin and Taylor wrote a book called Take It Off which is a very fun read 😉 I highly recommend you read it this week because Justin will be back next week with Taylor Cole to answer questions about their book. Just sayin’

Danica: What do you think is your best attribute?
Justin: My best attribute is my mind. I always think outside the box and a strong mind can carry you farther in this business than any other one single attribute.

Quick response:
Favorite food? Vietnamese
Do you prefer summer or winter? Summer
What’s one movie you can watch over and over? Grease
Do you prefer mountains or beaches? Beaches
Pets? What kind? Two dogs, small
What attracts you to a woman:? Her positive aura.

And is there anything about yourself you feel enough people don’t know?
Justin: I live my life trying to be upbeat and honest. I cannot tell a lie and I cannot stand it when I’m lied to.
Well, there you have it. Justin was a great sport when I stalked uh, contacted him about the blog. Do you have any questions for him? Leave them in the comments. I hope y’all have had as much fun reading this interview as I had getting it. OMG, I did not mean it that way. I’m shutting up now.

You can friend Justin and “like” his sports bar. Find him on Facebook at the following places!
Justin: http://www.facebook.com/justin.a.whitfield?ref=ts&fref=ts
End Zone Sports Bar & Grill (Houston, TX): http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-End-Zone-Sports-Bar-and-Grill/151833938160534?fref=ts


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