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Hail To Friday

I had good intentions this week. I was going to actually blog a lot this week. Okay, maybe not a lot, but I was going to blog more than I did. Then life did what it normally does and went batshit crazy. Work has been hectic and I’m telling y’all now, I’ll be glad when it calms down some. Then I sent Touched by Lightning, the superhero story I’ve been working on for months, to my editor. Now I’m waiting. But while I’m waiting, I’m working on a new story so hopefully that’ll keep me occupied enough that I don’t become neurotic over the fact that my editor has my life in her hands.

Not to be melodramatic or anything.

I’m hoping this weekend will be a good one where I can just relax and catch up on sleep. God, I miss sleep! But y’all really don’t want to hear all that. I know.

So this is what’s going on. I still have the Big Cocks & Broomsticks Giveaway going on even though Halloween is over. There are gift cards and other swag available from several blogs. Be sure to check that out. Also, every month I hold a Fan Appreciation Giveaway on my Facebook fan page. This month’s drawing is done, but you can always “like” my page to be entered for November’s giveaway. I think it’s going to be gift cards so people who’d like to use them for Christmas gifts can. Or they can be greedy.

And then I’m going to hold a big giveaway here on my blog on the day I hit my 1,000th blog post. Yes, you read me right. One thousand blog posts! Isn’t that whacked? I’m not sure what I’m giving away just yet. Maybe I’ll ask some folks if they’d like to donate something and just give it away. Hm, maybe I should actually plan this, huh?

Anyway, because it’s Friday and because I like music and missed my What’s Playing Wednesday post, today’s Freaky on Friday song is by the very sexy Avenged Sevenfold. *drools* I heard this song twice this morning so I figured it was meant for me to share it with y’all.

Let’s get this weekend started! Crank it up!

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At A Loss

I’m kind of sitting here staring into space. I can’t think of anything entertaining or interesting to say other than…I can’t believe it’s already the end of April. My time of rest is almost at an end *sigh*. May is going to be non-stop.

On top of all the family things I have coming up, I also have two contest results due in May. To be honest, I’m not terribly worried about them. I enter contests with the vague idea that someone might like what I wrote and give me good feedback, but if they don’t that’s okay too. The pessimist in me won’t let me become too hopeful, which is probably a good thing because I’m rarely deeply disappointed.

Oh sure, I set impossibly high goals for myself, but I do it to myself. It’s when other people set goals for me that I don’t get disappointed. Does that make sense? I expect a lot of myself. I expect to do well in my job, expect to take care of my mom, expect that I’ll get published eventually. But when other people say “Oh you’re going to do so well, blah blah blah” I’m kind of like…yeah okay. Because their dreams for me aren’t mine, I’m not invested in them.

I might be making a total mess of explaining, but the basic idea is I entered those contests wanting honest feedback. If someone hates what I’ve written, I want to know why. What was wrong with it? Did they hate the character, the concept, my writing style? That’s what contests are for me. A way to test my writing against professionals and other unpublished writers. So, I’ll be waiting, not with my breath held, but curiously for those results.

In other news…well, there isn’t other news, lol. It was a tame weekend and I’m very tired today. I need something to give me a boost. Maybe even a song…hm, how about this:


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