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Fantasy Man Friday

Good morning and Happy Friday to you all!

Before I get into today’s yumminess, let me announce the winner of the free book. Drum roll please…*crickets* Right. I don’t have the budget for that yet. Okay, so the winner of the free book is….Angie, Sayde, and bunnyb. Since I only had three comments and it’s Friday, I’m giving you each a book! E-mail me at danica.avet@gmail.com so I can get your information and find out which book y’all would like.

Now Fantasy Man Friday…I wish you guys could see the hunks I have saved to my external hard drive. I’m afraid if it were ever stolen, I’d be considered a major perv. There are a lot of half-naked men on it. It gets more and more difficult to choose just the right man for Fantasy Man Friday. There are so many gorgeous men out there just waiting to be seen.

So today, I’m going with my favorite kind of man…a dirty man. Literally dirty.

You may ask why I’m digging a picture of a dirty man so much. Well, I suppose it’s because I know sooner or later, he’s gonna have to take a shower. And I would so love washing his um, back. Yeah, his back. Besides, is there anything more touching than a man who appears defeated or tired? Don’t you just want to make him feel better? I do!


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