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The Great Swag Scramble

Sorry for being such a downer yesterday! I swear, I’m not normally that woe-is-me. Or at least I try not to be.

Anyway, sometime yesterday morning I realized we’re nearing RT. Sure, sure, we still have fifty-three days and all, but really…that isn’t enough time when you have things to do! Like me. Oh man, I have things to do. I have clothes to buy and outfits to figure out. I have my hair to fix and get all awesome (you know I have to get something special for this convention, right?). 

Then I have to start figuring out what kind of costume I’m wearing for the Ellora’s Cave Disco party. Meh…I want comfortable so I’m thinking I’ll wear jeans and a vintage style t-shirt with like Orange Crush on it or something and go all Farrah Fawcett on my hair. *flips it over her shoulders and lets it blow in the imaginary breeze* So that’s one outfit. I think. I have to get dressy clothes *mutters* and things to wear the rest of the time. Jeans are good the entire time, right? It isn’t like I’m important or anything…maybe I can get one of those massive, floor-sweeping skirts so I can pretend I’m girly.

Oh and I have to get swag. Swag is perhaps the most important part of a convention for an author after their wardrobe. The swag readers pick up at a convention is something they’ll (hopefully) have for several weeks, months maybe even years afterward. It’s the hope of the author that once the conference is over the reader will utilize the swag and think of the author and her books. I’ve had Romance Trading Cards (which I’ll have this time around as well). I’ve had guitar key chains and sewing kits (for Primal Song and Primal Design). This time, I’m going to try other objects that have my logo on them like the header at the top of this page. Nothing too suggestive, just my name and info. I think. I might need to see if they can put my website on the items I chose.

But the point of this is, I spent several weeks wondering what I was going to get for this convention. If I was pimping out a book, I’d choose something from the book for the theme, but since I’m pimping myself as an author…it’s a little more difficult. I mean, I want this to be stuff people want to keep, but I don’t want something too bulky either. *sigh* Ah well. I’ll probably change my mind a few million times between now and the deadline to get items.

Oh! If you’re not going to RT, but want to be a “part” of the experience, RT and ARe are teaming up to give readers a chance to participate from home. Click on the Book Expo button on the right sidebar for details.

What conferences are you going to this year?


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Panic Bound

As the blood finally starts to flow back to my brain from a lovely three day weekend, I realize that Nationals is just around the corner! Well…sort of…okay, not really. It’s still three weeks away, but it feels much closer than that.

This morning, as I gulped my coffee, I frantically tried to think of what I was going to wear. Really people, this is what I did at five o’clock this morning. I started counting outfits in my brain.

Okay, I have those two blouses, oh and those other two I bought last year for that other conference, but what about pants? Are cargos cool to wear for a conference? They damn well better because I don’t want to sweat. Oh my God, what about my shoes? How am I going to fit all of my shoes in two suitcases? Okay, I just won’t bring the boots (I’d kill myself in them anyway). Oh man…what about my make-up and my Chi? ARGH!

Because now I realize I have to go shopping. I really hate shopping, y’all. It chafes my butt. I hate trying on clothes because I think everything I try on sucks. Now if I’m shopping for someone else, I’m all into it. Me? Everything sucks. I look like a heifer. That makes my butt look big. This makes me look like a ghost. I’m not wearing THAT, it’s hideous!

I find so much to complain about when I’m looking for “dressy” clothes. If it’s jeans and T-shirts, I will grab at will because dude…it’s T-shirts! Those are always in style and comfortable and you can get them in so many sizes!

And jeans? Well…okay, jeans are a little harder for me. I’m 5’4″ which is a respectable height, I guess, but I have a lot of junk in my trunk. Finding clothes that fit the butt don’t fit the waist, or are too long and I don’t sew. But I will wear baggy jeans with no problem. It’s a product of my grunge youth. I actually have a pair of jeans I wear to work that I can put on and take off without unbuttoning and I’m cool with that. I just don’t put anything in my pockets.

But apparently we’re supposed to look profession at the conference. At least that’s what I understand. I wonder if authors of yore had this problem? I would’ve thought being a tortured writer meant you could dress…you know, eccentrically. I can do eccentric! I have some of those very baggy strappy pants teenagers used to wear (before skinny jeans). I can do the…well, okay maybe not. I am 34.

Eh. I’m going to give myself grey hair over this, I just know it. Of course you’ll never see the grey hair because I’m going to color it. So that’s okay. But clothes…meh. I suppose I’ll find something, but if you see me limping around it’s because of the shoes. If you see me pulling at my blouse, it’s because the collar/material/cut of it is killing me. If you see me pouting, it’s probably because my jeans and T-shirts are at home…waiting for me to return.

What do you worry about for conferences? And isn’t it strange that I’m more worried about this than I am about meeting agents and the like?


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