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When I Was Younger

Looking through my local paper, I noticed that this week is Humans vs. Zombies week at school campuses across the country and the world? I read the article, seeing that my old university has participated in HvZ since 2005. Then I had to pout because we never had fun stuff like that when I was in school!

Of course, that might be because we didn’t have zombie movies at that time. No, we had the Scream movies and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Maybe if 28 Days had come out in the late 90s, we might have started thinking about the zombiepocalypse instead of our friends killing our families. In fact, we were doing a lot of fighting and stuff, but not against cool things like zombies and ghouls. No, we were fighting ourselves. Literally. Hello, Fight Club.

Now though, kids in college these days have the option of joining in the fight against the dreaded zombies. How cool is that? I discussed this with a friend of mine. We lamented that kids these days have no idea what college was really like before the fun games on campus. We actually avoided studying the old-fashioned way: By sitting at the Student Union and playing pedro (a card game common in south Louisiana). We’d wait for Crawfish Day with great anticipation of food and beer. We’d stay out all night on weeknights only to show up for class with bags under our eyes and heads about to implode. That’s the way it used to be done.

Not pretending to be zombies and playing tag around campus. *sniff* Although, if we had had this kind of game going on when I was in college, it wouldn’t have been very sporting. I mean, we smoked and drank, so we’d have been zombies within seconds. Now isn’t that an amusing thought? A plethora of drunk zombies stumbling all over campus trying to snag cigarettes and pizza slices instead of humans. *snickers* We weren’t that bad, but it’s a funny thought. It could even be a zombie movie spoof! Bwahaha!

Ah well, I suppose each generation has to have its vices. What would you have done if humans vs zombies had come out when you were in college?

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Zombiefied: Weekend Wrap-up

Last week I mentioned that I was helping move my godson to an apartment out-of-town so he could start college. Well, that happened, to my dismay. Oh, I know. It’s a good thing that he’s continuing his education and I’m all for it, but I want my baby home!

It might sound sad to a lot of people, but in this family, you don’t leave. No, we’re not the mafia, but we may as well be. My uncles were the first to go. In the late 80s, they moved to Baton Rouge. That was hard, but not too difficult because it’s only a 2 hour drive away. Everyone else stayed close to home. Sure, we may live on opposite ends of the parish, or in a different parish, but it would take no more than 30 minutes to visit.

My godson, however, has carried his butt to Ruston which is 6 hours away. It’s for his own good, I know, but…it’s so far away! I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if he’d gone to school out-of-state. I’d probably have to pick up and move with him!

But I’m not posting about my sniffly, depressive state today. No, I’m blogging about the fact that I feel like a zombie. Waking up at 4 on a Saturday morning is not my cup of tea. I do it during the work week, but Saturdays are sacred to me. Those are the days I’ll sleep late. You know, until maybe 6 in the morning. But this Saturday, I was on the road by 5:45 and that was just the start.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love to drive, and I do. I like the control of guiding my car, listening to my music, and taking in the sights. The thing about this trip though, is that there’s nothing to see. There are so many speed zones, my car was confused. We passed through towns that were called villages, which kind of blew my mind, and I saw more log houses than I ever knew existed in Louisiana.

Did I mention Ruston is in north Louisiana? It may as well be a whole different country! We took the kids grocery shopping and one of the most important items on our list was filé (fee-lay) so they could make a gumbo. Filé is a spice, ground sassafras leaves. We couldn’t find it in the spice aisle. We were staring at that small section of shelf in disbelief. No filé?? Inconceivable!

We did find it eventually. Around the crab boil and as far as I know, filé isn’t used in any seafood boils. But…what can you do? They’re not Cajuns.

Anyway, 6 hours on Saturday then immediately unloading two trucks, a trailer, two cars, and my little SUV meant we didn’t rest much. Oh sure, I had a nice soak in the hot tub at the hotel, but getting back on the road on Sunday morning (after 2-1/2 hours grocery shopping) only to drive for 6 hours to get home means I’m kind of in a daze today. I didn’t want to get in my car again, but had to. *sniff*

So that was my weekend. I hope the rest of the week turns out calm and relaxed so I can mentally prepare myself to travel for work next week. Did I mention I like to drive? Usually?

How was your weekend?


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Who I Became

In spite of my romance novel-reading ways, I was never an honor student. I didn’t sit on the stage for my high school graduation and there was serious doubt that I’d ever graduate from college. How many times did I sit on my swing at home with a 40oz beer and a Milky Way crying my eyes out because I couldn’t pass Math 101? Heh too many to count. Yes, I was that person in college who was in school long enough to get a Masters.

In all those years I was in college, real life seemed so far away. At first, I was trying to find my feet and learning to juggle a 18-credit semester with work and band. Yes, I was a band geek in college. Once I got the hang of things, I discovered the fine art of partying. *cough* Yes, my friends and I knew every bar in a twenty-five mile radius and which ones had $1 beer night on which day of the week.

Needless to say, I didn’t spend an awful lot of time on my books and studying. I didn’t completely slack; I just didn’t hit them as hard as I should have. I had a friend who always finished his papers a month before they were due, while I and two other friends would write them the night before. Cramming? It was a way of life for us. Yes, I wrote a 35 page independent study paper the morning it was due. *cough* And the professor loved it.

That was normal for me. I crammed, I procrastinated, and I graduated.

Twelve years later, I’m shocked to discover my nephew—who is about to start his second year in college—was finishing up a research paper the day before it was due. Why am I so shocked? I know what college life was like. I lived it and loved it until it nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. I suppose I’m so shocked because my nephew, unlike me, is a good student.

He has the GPA I never had and he’s more driven that I ever was. When he told me his paper was due so soon and he was just about to start typing it up…I had the nerve to ask, “Waited kind of late, huh?” *face slap*

It’s funny though. Now that I’ve had years to look back at my college days, I shake my head and think “I was a stupid kid”. Yet, I can’t deny that those were some of the best days I ever had. Sure, sure, my friend who wrote his papers a month in advance takes vacations to Italy and I’m lucky if I can go to Biloxi for a weekend, but I’m strangely okay with that.

So I will not fuss my nephew for not being an overachiever. Nope. I will not become that person who always says, “When I was your age…” because honestly? I was a lot worse than he will ever be, LOL

How about you? Do you find yourself warning those younger than you about something you’ve done in the hopes they’ll avoid the same mistakes? Do you ever want to slap yourself because you know it won’t do any good anyway?


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Cajun Word: Envie

Some of you may follow me on Twitter. If you do, you might see me use the word envie a few times.

Envie, pronounced “ahnvee” (or something like that), means desire, want, or inclination. I’ve often heard this in reference to food. Lately, I’ve had an envie for Chinese food since I haven’t had it in so long. But it can also indicate something you want to do. Like I have the envie to go to a Saints game.

I remember the first time I heard this word used. Before I went college, I spent a lot of time in my own parish. Sure, I went to neighboring Lafourche Parish to visit family and the like, but when I went to college there, it opened a whole new world for me. And not just formal education. Nicholls State University, my alma mater, used to be called Harvard on the Bayou because it drew a lot of students from the Tri-Parish area (Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish, and St. Mary Parish). As a result, you had a blending of many different Cajun English dialects.

I was in my 3rd year when I made friends with a group of people from central Lafourche Parish. One of these friends, though she didn’t have an accent, used Cajun English words left and right. Probably because she’d gone to school with so many people who spoke Cajun French. I remember her using the word envie and I didn’t even have to ask her what it meant. It was as though some part of me instinctively understood envie means strong want, desire, or inclination.

It didn’t become my favorite word (Mais has that honor), but it does convey exactly what I mean when I say I want something. Want, or need, are two words that sometimes don’t feel strong enough to use when I hunger for something. It has to be envie.

So when you’re sitting around and you have a sudden craving for chocolate or coffee, think…Hm, I have the envie for .


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What’s Playing Wednesday

Hm, so this is my very first What’s Playing Wednesday post. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Magical Music Player, but I’m not disappointed. Of course, this is all my music, so if I were disappointed, it would be my own fault, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, the song that popped up today is by a band I loved when I was in college. Most people know them by their biggest hit, Sex and Candy, which is a pretty great song. However, my favorite song by Marcy’s Playground, is St. Joe on the School Bus. I’m not sure what I find so great about it. It’s kind of weird, kind of dark, and the video is…um, well I’d never seen the video until this morning. It’s interesting, I’ll say that much.

Every time I hear either today’s song, or Sex and Candy, I’m reminded of spending far too much time in front of the library on campus (because God forbid we actually go inside) when we were supposed to study. Yeah, all of my plans to study well before exams were never realized because cramming is a much better way to go! Yay for staying up 48 hours during finals!

So without further ado, here’s What’s Playing today!

What do you think? Did the kid deserve it? Did the dog become mean because of the kid?


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