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Christmas Fantasy Man

Well, it’s finally here. Tomorrow’s Christmas which means spending time with family and friends. We’re looking at a house full of people this year with new additions joining us for the first time. It should be interesting.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next three days, but I can never let a week go by without giving everyone a Fantasy Man. I tried my best to find a sexy Santa, but all the ones I found were so…not attractive to me. Instead, I spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect specimen to show how appreciative I am for all of you who read this blog.

So, in light of the holiday season and the gift of giving…Here’s your Christmas Fantasy Man:

I try not to be crude, but seeing this picture, especially around Christmas gives me a lot of naughty thoughts. Mostly, it’s me thinking, ‘I hope he’s about to show me his candy cane!’ What do you think he’s saying or thinking?

Merry Christmas all, thank you for stopping by!

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Men: Strange Creatures

Many times my topics revolve around men and their strangeness. This post isn’t any different.

I have the unique opportunity to observe men in their many phases. Do you remember being in high school and watching boys jump to see how high they could hit a wall? Men do the same thing. Honestly. They do. They also play fight. These are things I remember seeing when I was a teenager when the boys around me were in their ‘growing years’. Seeing them do the same things as adults makes me wonder if they ever really mature.

Then there’s the Alpha syndrome. Some men seem to feel the need to follow another one. Case in point: there are two men who seem stuck together like glue. One of them I’ll see alone, but the other one only shows up with the first. They walk by my office and I think Alpha, Beta. It’s interesting, that’s all.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned how really awful it is to share a bathroom with this many men? The toilet seat is NEVER down, I’m afraid of wearing long jeans because I don’t want the hems dragging in ‘splash’, and they really don’t use air freshener like they should.

On another note, Christmas is seriously like right around the corner. I’m hoping for a fun day, but with my family it could be the start of WWIII. It just depends on my infantile uncles and what antics they get up to. Le sigh.

Do you have relatives who are almost guaranteed to ruin the holidays? Do you frequently have to reprimand your elders for their naughty tongues? For instance, I never know when my eldest uncle is going to start reciting Ode to a Vagina that he wrote, or if he’ll splash water on one of his sleeping sisters. These are things we have to deal with for holidays.

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The Mad Dash

Christmas is in sight. The cars are clogging the roads as shoppers make a mad dash for last-minute presents. Saturday, I joined the throngs of shoppers, not for my presents, but to help my sister find hers.

It was an adventure that I’ll hold in memory. My sister and I are horrible when we shop together. I always manage to spend more money with her than I do on my own. Not that she encourages me to shop, but because when I’m with her, I’m forced to look around instead of arrowing straight for what I went to the store for.

That wasn’t the only reason it was a fun time. My sister’s goofiness¬†provided both of us with much hilarity. Like her taking a lady’s basket thinking it was her own. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the basket hadn’t been filled with the lady’s purchased items. Oh yes, my sister was mortified. Luckily, we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. Then, to make things even funnier, we waved madly at someone in a car we thought was her son. You know, out the window waving, honking the horn…only to find out it wasn’t her son. Meh. Between blushing and laughing, we ended up in the Christmas spirit.

What gets you in the mood for Christmas? On Christmas Eve, I like to ride around looking at Christmas lights. It’s entertaining and puts me in a great mood for the next day. What traditions do you follow to get you in the mood?


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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Actually, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas the day before Halloween. It’s madness, I tell you! I was walking in the store the day before Halloween, and where a week before there had been nothing but black and orange, was replaced with red and green. The bottles of egg nog were showing up, and I was thinking this madness needs to stop.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years, Christmas items will show up Labor Day weekend, then for the 4th of July, then Easter! What’s with that? I mean, really.

Gr. Okay, so Thanksgiving is now over. It was nice. Small gathering filled with lots and lots of food, and laughter. Oh, and paintball guns. No, we didn’t have a battle, but we did get to watch my nephew, his friend, and our 7-year-old little blonde haired, blue-eyed angel shoot targets. We also had this…I don’t know what it was, some kind of machine that checks voltage. So of course, everyone in the family had to see how much voltage they had. My mom, cousin, and I had the highest (read: we suck the life out of the others in our family), while my cousin’s daughter was a negative (she’s anti-matter). It was amusing, silly, and we had a great time.

Now we’re trying to decide what to do for Christmas. Mais, Christmas! Already! Where did the year go?? Hmph.

Did everyone enjoy their holiday weekend? I read all weekend long. Got an order of books in on Friday and read every single one of them by last night. I have several new authors I like, and I’m oh so excited!

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