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The Mad Dash

Christmas is in sight. The cars are clogging the roads as shoppers make a mad dash for last-minute presents. Saturday, I joined the throngs of shoppers, not for my presents, but to help my sister find hers.

It was an adventure that I’ll hold in memory. My sister and I are horrible when we shop together. I always manage to spend more money with her than I do on my own. Not that she encourages me to shop, but because when I’m with her, I’m forced to look around instead of arrowing straight for what I went to the store for.

That wasn’t the only reason it was a fun time. My sister’s goofiness provided both of us with much hilarity. Like her taking a lady’s basket thinking it was her own. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the basket hadn’t been filled with the lady’s purchased items. Oh yes, my sister was mortified. Luckily, we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. Then, to make things even funnier, we waved madly at someone in a car we thought was her son. You know, out the window waving, honking the horn…only to find out it wasn’t her son. Meh. Between blushing and laughing, we ended up in the Christmas spirit.

What gets you in the mood for Christmas? On Christmas Eve, I like to ride around looking at Christmas lights. It’s entertaining and puts me in a great mood for the next day. What traditions do you follow to get you in the mood?


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Anti-social Christmas Shopping

We’re finally getting into the holiday season. With the approach of Thanksgiving, Christmas madness begins to develop. Mobs of people will descend on the stores Friday to get the best bargains they can in preparation for Christmas morning.

Not me though. To borrow my nephew’s phrase: Oh Hells no! I don’t do Black Friday shopping. I never will. First of all, I really don’t like to shop. Remember, I’m ‘not normal’ according to my mother. In fact, there’s a distinct possibility I won’t even leave my house on Friday simply because I don’t want to get caught in traffic.

See when I go to the store on a regular day, I already have the store mapped out in my head. I approach shopping like most generals do a military campaign. I’ve been in the store, done a full day’s shopping in twenty minutes with most of that time spent in the check-out line.

I do my Christmas shopping the same way except I do most of my shopping online. I know most people consider that cheating, but really, when you’re not fond of crowds, it’s the only way to go. First I’ll buy for the girls in the family since I sort of know what I want to get them all. Then come the guys. T-shirts. That’s my secret to shopping for guys. Get them funny T-shirts and they can’t complain. The kids are an entirely different story. I don’t have kids, I don’t know what kids like, and I really don’t like shopping for them. Usually I get them clothes or stuffed animals (my cousins hate me).

Then there’s the mother lode. Every year we try to get her something she’d really love. Last year it was  gaudy purse (trust me, she LIKES gaudy). The year before, it was half a year’s subscription to World of Warcraft. Have I mentioned my mom’s a computer game freak? Yeah, she’s 60 going on 12. She Beta tests a lot of games coming out and she loves it. So what do we get her this year? I have no idea. I’m thinking I might have to force my siblings to chip in so we can get her a flat-screen television. She’s been hinting (not subtly) about it for over a year now. It’s either that or the hot tub and I am so not buying her one of those.

So tell me, how do you approach Christmas shopping? Do you have an exact idea of what you’ll get your family or do are you a spur-of-the-moment shopper? Are you like me and shop strictly online, or do you like to be in the midst of the madness?

P.S. Tomorrow is going to be Thanksgiving Heart Throb since I’m not going to blog on Friday. Look for it!!

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