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Hacksaw to the Bone?

The theme for What’s Playing Wednesdays this month is misunderstood lyrics. You know you’ve done it. Everyone’s done it at least once and we’re going to embrace our silliness (or bad hearing) this month.

Today’s song was one I figured was a no-brainer. It’s obvious they’re saying “Hats off to the bull”. Yet I discovered a coworker completely misunderstood this song. Let me set the stage for you:

It was my boss’ birthday. We went to the golf course for lunch. It’s a nice place and the food is decent. Most of the office is crowded around this table and the coworker who’s my least favorite is seated across from me. I spent most of the lunch chatting with the girls and trying to ignore my boss and his main cohort’s antics (They’re going to hell. Just sayin’). Anyway, somehow we got on the subject of music for the company Christmas party (Which I’m not attending).

The coworker I least like suddenly stops and says, “You listen to that hard stuff. Do you like Chevelle?”

Feeling as though I was about to step into something sticky, I answered in the affirmative. Chevelle is one of those bands whose songs I love, but I’ve never managed to buy their albums. I listen to them when they come on the radio and jam out like there’s no tomorrow, yet I can’t be bothered to buy their music for some reason.

Anyway, he says, “You know that song, Hats Off to the Bull? Well I heard it, really liked it and started looking for it but I could never find it because I thought they were singing “hacksaw to the bone”.”

Hacksaw to the bone…Hats off to the bull…It must be a down the bayou thing. It seemed pretty straight forward to me, but the more I listened to this song and put myself in my Cajun mind…the more I could honestly hear “hacksaw to the bone” which sounds pretty bad ass, doesn’t it?

You be the judge, do you hear hats off to the bull or hacksaw to the bone?


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The Red

Today is the last post for December’s red theme. I hope you’ve enjoyed the music and found things to add to your playlists! I think next month will be blue. I have a lot of blue songs in my head right now and I have to get them out. You poor, poor readers!

Today’s song is by one of my favorite bands. I can’t remember when I first heard of Chevelle. I imagine it was in 2002, or 2003, but once I heard this song, I was hooked. They have an edgy, melodic sound that I find very interesting. They show up a lot on my Pandora stations because their sound is similar to my absolute favorite band ever: Tool. Not exactly, mind you, but close.

I’ve actually played a song by them before on another What’s Playing Wednesday. I’m too lazy to go back and find the link, but I know I had them on here. Today’s song is called “The Red”. I hope you enjoy!

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What’s Playing Wednesday

Before we get into What’s Playing Wednesday, if you didn’t see my Tweet yesterday, I found out that Siren is going to publish the first THREE of my paranormal romance series, The Veil!! Woo-hoo!! The publication dates have moved up as well. Instead of starting in May, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose will be out in March, Succubus-in-Waiting will be out in April, and Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous will be out in May. I’m so excited and terrified! This will cut short my editing time by two months! I hope I’m up for to the challenge! Plus, I’ll have to start working on my promotional items a lot earlier as well. *pants* Okay, I can do it. I know I can!

And now for What’s Playing Wednesday! Danica’s Magical Music Player decided to give you all a rock song that isn’t too hard or too soft. I will warn you, there is some growling/screaming towards the end, so if you’re listening at work, watch out for the bridge.

I can’t remember the first time I heard of this band. It seems like I’ve always liked them, but I know that can’t be true. Can it? Hm. Anyway, the band is called Chevelle. A trio of young musicians, they manage to create songs that are complex and compelling. Today’s song is Send the Pain Below. I’ll give you a minute to watch the video, then talk about it. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, I find it funny my MP3 player chose this song since last night there was an author chat on Twitter with Jill Shalvis. If you read her Wilder Series, doesn’t the main character of this video kind of remind you of Cameron Wilder from Instant Attraction? *shivers* Funky!

Anyway, I think there’s a great lesson to be learned from this video that we can apply to writing. Our hero (in the video) was wary of returning to his sport after a dangerous fall. He’s tormented by it, but in the end, he sends his pain below to get back on his board and snowboard for the fun of it.

The same thing could be said of writing. Writer’s block, bad critiques, bad contest results, rejections, even bad reviews can make us all break down and want to bawl. Which is okay. You’re human, you’re allowed to have feelings. In the end though, you have to push that pain aside (or pull it inside of you to fuel your desire for success) and get back on the keyboard. Get back to writing, but do it for the friggin’ fun of it! You’re building worlds, making relationships, you have control over what happens in your books (to an extent). Enjoy it. Bask in it.

But most of all, get back on the keyboard and have fun.

What do you think? Am I talking out of my rear end again? I don’t try to give advice, but this song inspired me.


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