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Cajun Poem

In honor of Christmas, I did some hunting and came across this adaptation of Twas the Night Before Christmas. You had to know Cajuns wouldn’t leave it alone, right?

I’ve read and heard the original, but it isn’t nearly as much fun as when I listened to my aunt or grandfather reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas. This was the first book I ever read, which probably isn’t the best thing come to think of it. You see, it um…well, it’s written with our accent in mind, so some people – okay, most people north of I-10 won’t understand the vocalized version…or the written version…probably.

The book was written by J.B. Kling,¬†Jr.¬†otherwise known as Trosclair. Now I searched and searched for the perfect version of this poem. I couldn’t find one that I thought was the best representative of the story, but this is close. The book can be purchased on-line, if you’re interested in reading it for yourself.

I can try to interpret some words for you if you hear something you don’t understand at all, LOL.

I hope you enjoy the story.


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