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Cajun Music vs. Zydeco

I got the idea for this post from a discussion on Four Foxes One Hound, the group blog I’m part of and thought it would be a fun way to show the differences between Cajun music and Zydeco.

According to a site I found, Cajun music comes from the Acadians who were forced to leave Canada. It borrows some from Creoles of African descent, country and western, and in some cases, rhythm and blues. It’s a mishmash of genres. From what I gather (since I don’t speak Cajun French), most of the songs center around ill-fated love, death, and loneliness.

This Cajun French song is called”Jolie Blon”, or pretty blonde.

Zydeco is not Cajun music in origin. It was created by the Creoles of African descent who borrowed elements of Cajun music. They kind of copied off each other, pretty much which is kind of funny and probably why people get the two confused.

Zydeco became more popular after WWII and was heavily influenced by rhythm and blues and jazz. It’s┬áconsidered party music now, but like most songs in the R&B genre, the songs were about hardship.

The song I’ll play for the Zydeco side is by Buckwheat Zydeco called “Tee Nah Nah”.

The major difference I find between these two similar genres is the instrumentation. Zydeco uses the accordion and washboard, while Cajun music relies heavily on the accordion, fiddle, bass, and drums.

What do you think? Can you tell the difference? Which one do you prefer? I’m partial to Cajun music, myself. It’s the perfect music to listen to when I’m going fishing or sitting on my porch.

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What’s Playing Wednesday

Greetings peeps! Winner of yesterday’s giveaway on Haunted Dreams, Dark Destinies is Brinda! Check back for information on my next giveaway.

I’m feeling very…Cajun this week. Maybe it was from spending so much time discussing Cajun French on Sunday, but whatever the reason, I’ve been in the mood for some good Cajun music.

It isn’t very easy finding songs since most of them aren’t posted on Youtube, but I did manage to find one that I love. Now, it’s in English, so you shouldn’t have trouble understanding the words, unlike some of the older Cajun French songs I love so much.

The song is called That Butt Thing by Horace Trahan. (That would be trah-han.) When I hear this song, I always want to do the two-step. It makes me want to dance until my feet are begging for mercy. I hope you enjoy!

I had this song as my ringtone for the longest time. Talk about fun!


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