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Wicked Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Today marks the start of the amazing Wicked Scavenger Hunt. Yup, the entire month of July, I along with a ton of other bloggers have joined together to form a scavenger hunt. Be sure to stop by and search for clues in all the posts. The answers will be there, but DO NOT post them in the comments. That gets the comment immediately deleted, folks, so be sure you don’t do that.

So let’s get to it!

The Cajun Heat series has been a lot of fun to write. I love my little corner of the world. In case you’re not familiar with me, I write erotic romance with a touch of Cajun spice. And yes, I can officially say I’m Cajun. My paternal grandmother’s family came to south Louisiana centuries ago during The Great Upheaval from Nova Scotia. They settled in and around the town I live in now and never looked back.

My hometown isn’t as small and homey as the fictional town portrayed in the Cajun Heat series, but it used to be. I remember when you went to the store, you’d run into family or friends and neighbors. Everyone knew everyone which made misbehaving a problem. But I didn’t mind. After Hurricane Katrina though, life changed dramatically. Industry moved west and people followed where the jobs went. Now we have extremely high real estate, a shrinking sugar cane farming community and as much traffic congestion as a mighty metropolis.

And maybe that’s why I created this town. I miss small town life. Now that I’m older and not as inclined to misbehaving (while at home. I save my naughtiness for conventions and conferences), I miss knowing who lives nearby. I miss the peace and quiet. *sigh* I’m actually a little jealous of the shifters of Pointe-Aux-Chat Parish (which means point of the cat or nose of the cat) because they have the world my town has left behind in favor of improvements.

Enter this rafflecopter for a chance to win the grand prize which is massive, y’all. MASSIVE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
For the purpose of today’s post though, I have a very special prize to hand out. I have Danica Avet swag. A shot glass, compact mirror, a set of Romance Trading cards and a T-shirt. The T-shirt is black and available in sizes from Small to 4XL. Be sure to leave your size in the comments, but enter THIS rafflecopter for my individual giveaway. Follow the directions and have fun! a Rafflecopter giveaway

And comment if you know the answer to this Cajun Heat series question:



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Cover Reveal

I don’t have a fantasy man interview today. Sorry. The menz are not working with me lately, but that’s okay. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all of them. Really. Maybe once I’ve recuperated and had time to stalk I mean, discover new muscled men who like do bare it all, I’ll bring the friday interviews back.

But I’m not leaving y’all hanging. Nope, I have some awesomeness to share. Like the cover of my upcoming release, Primal Flavor (Book 3 in the Cajun Heat series). This one is about the tiger shifting chef, Zachary Trahan, and his  human huntress, Colette Robicheaux. No blurb yet, but I’ll just say that it’s spicy. And not just because Zach is one hell of a chef. Things happen that probably aren’t coded to happen on kitchen tables and sofas. But I’m not saying what they are.

So please, enjoy the long-awaited cover for Primal Flavor. I’ll be over here drooling over it. Because yeah, it’s a hot cover. It could almost be a fantasy Friday picture, don’t you think?primalflavor_msr


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Time Flies

Happy April Fool’s Day. Which makes no sense whatsoever really. Who wants to be made a fool of? Meh. April Fool’s Day isn’t a big deal for my family since they prank each other all the time. This is just a blip on their radar.

No, I’m going to talk about how fast time is flying. Because really, I can’t be the only one who realized we’re in April. Already. Already! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating making it through the Mayan End of Days and we’re now in the fourth month of 2013. FOURTH! Am I the only one having trouble wrapping their mind around this?

I had such huge plans when 2013 started. I had eight, or was it ten, books planned for the year. Do you know how many I’ve written since the start of the year? Two very short stories. I’m close to finishing the third, but hello. Eight, or ten, stories a year means I’d have to write a story every month and a half. And they can’t all be under 10k words. No, they have to be more than that. But the one I’m trying to finish now is testing me. Oh those sneaky characters!

For those of y’all wondering, yes, I am working on the third book in the Cajun Heat series. It’s tentatively called Primal Flavor and it’s about that bad boy chef and baker, Zach Trahan. And let me tell y’all, he’s tested my patience. What was supposed to be a quick, hot read has turned into an emotional mess. I didn’t even know Zach had all of these feelings, but he’s surprised not only me, but also his heroine. This story has surpassed the previous two Cajun Heat books in word count and it doesn’t seem ready to stop yet. However, I’m almost positive I can get it finished this week. So that’s one more book down for the count.

Should be a major yay, right? Hmph.

Finishing Primal Flavor only means I have eight months to write the fourth book in the series, two contemporary romances I’ve got planned for a series, another short story or two (an exokita and a spoof), a sci-fi I can barely wait to get my hands on again, possibly another paranormal (a spin off from the Cajun Heat series), and a contemporary romance I have a title for, but no story yet. Yes, I do come up with titles first sometimes. It just happens that way. And don’t even get me started on all the plot bunnies that popped into mind yesterday while I was at the zoo. Mais, it’s enough to make me crazy.

I have to buckle down, so it’s probably a good thing we don’t have anymore holidays coming up for a few months. Okay, okay s there’ll be a whole week I won’t write because I’ll be at RT, but after that…it’s on! And that means the next time I lift my head from the grindstone, it’ll be October and I’ll be in Ohio for RomantiCon. Right?

How about y’all? Has time been flying for you? Or do you feel like a kid again and the days keep dragging?


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