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Well, today marks the last day in our month of acronym-titled songs. I’ve had fun with these and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening.

Next week marks the release of the first book in my Cajun Heat series with Ellora’s Cave, Primal Song. The book is about a rock star and a small town deputy, so I’ll be playing songs that remind me of the rock star’s fictional band, Saber. Did I mention the membersĀ of Saber are all cat shifters? Yup, a lion, two tigers, a lynx, and a panther. I had a lot of fun writing the book and a lot of music inspired me to write about Ramsey “Ram” Reinhardt, the hero of Primal Song. I hope you check it out!

Today though, it’s all about a band with the last acronym-titled song of the month. I do enjoy this band’s music. They can sound frantic and chaotic one minute, but melodic and groovy the next. “B.Y.O.B.” is an example of this. The band even goes by an acronym: SOAD, or System of a Down.

I hope you enjoy!


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