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Excitement, Excitement

As y’all know this weekend I had a book party. It was great. I had so much fun and just enjoyed talking about books and sexy men and, well pretty much what I talk about on the blog.

It wasn’t a big crowd, which was actually good for me. It meant I didn’t have to freak out. My poor aunt was supposed to join us, but shortly before we were scheduled to head to the location, she was attacked by her kitty…seriously. She was! She had her other cat on the sofa and was clipping her claws when the male leapt on her head and started tearing into her like she owed him money. She was left with some scratches on her back, gouges on her back, and kitty bites in her scalp. I was nice enough to give her a pass on the party, although I did announce her absence as “I’m sorry she couldn’t make it, she was attacked by her pussy”. Which was a great icebreaker! (Thanks Denie!)

There was food, wine…more wine oh and more wine. I don’t remember how many glasses I drank before the reading, but it was enough that I didn’t rush through my words or stumble over them (much), and I even managed to make eye contact with people just like my prof told me to in Speech 101! She’d have been so proud of me. *sniff*

After the reading, we had a nice little question and answer session or what I remember as being the “Danica is talking lots and lots about nothing important” session. But it was what happened after the conversation that really kicked the party off. The hostess had bought a game called Pin the Lips on the Hunk or something like that. I don’t remember that part, only that it turned out to be the funniest part of the evening. My sister went first, her lips ready to stick to the “hunk”. I spun her around with her blindfold on and she placed the lips right in a very sensitive spot which was just short of the winning “spot”. Everyone who followed missed that crucial spot, but lo and behold, it was my mom’s turn.

I gave her two spins (because she’s not that steady on her feet when she’s walking normally) and let her go. I watched—we all watched—in stunned fascination as she sauntered right up to the hunk in his boxers and placed her “lips” right over the gold spot.

Here she’s pointing at her winning “spot”. If there wasn’t any glare, you could see my sister’s “lips” no more than 2-3″ above Mom’s. What does this mean? It means I come by my uh whatever you want to call it that makes me an erotic author naturally. Mom will most likely beat me next time she sees me because of this post, but I do believe it was so worth it!

So that was the party in a nutshell. We had a blast, I sold some books, and got to talk about my favorite subject: erotic romance. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, that was probably the wine talking 🙂


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The Nervous Stomach

Why does it always seem like the weekends are never long enough? *sniff* I think we should always have 3-day weekends just so we can slowly adjust to the upcoming work week. Who’s with me?

Le sigh.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a nervous stomach? Not like embarrassingly nervous or anything, but more like “Oh, I think I’m going to puke nervous”. Why am I nervous? Well a couple of things really.

First off, today is my first day blogging over at Darker Temptations. I know, you’d think after two years of blogging it should be old, but this is like…different. I have no idea what to talk about! *gasps* I know! I wrote three or four posts, hated them all and deleted them. It’s supposed to be an introduction, but I really don’t want to sound all stuck on myself or anything. It’s really bothering me LOL

Secondly, next weekend my sister-in-law’s mom is hosting a book party in my honor. *hyperventilates* Oh sure, most of the women in my family will be there, but it’s scary as all hell. I mean…I have to put my Danica hat on for them. They only know me as, well me, the woman behind Danica. How will they react when they see the other me? The one who smiles and laughs and talks to people without a bit of nervousness? How in the hell am I going to read an excerpt of my book without stumbling over my words?

I’m not worried about people not being able to hear me. I do come from a loud ass family after all. Being able to speak loud enough to be heard over ten other loud mouths is normal. No, it’s the actual speaking that’s worrying me. I mean, I know I’ve been talking for thirty something years, but when I get nervous or worked up, I mispronounce words, or slur like I’ve been hitting the Jack Daniels. *deep breath* Okay, calming down.

No, I’m not. I can’t be calm until it’s over. I have to choose a scene to read and practice. I remember that much from Speech 101. I have to make eye contact and not read in a monotone. I can do that. I think. But then I worry about my eyes jumping spots and wasting time trying to find my place again. *groans* It’ll be fine.

Maybe I can hit the wine before the reading. Just a couple of bottles glasses to calm me down. Or I can find someone in the audience and read to them…maybe I should ask them to invite a really hot guy. Of course then I’d have to be extra careful because then I’d start speaking in my usually-non-existant flat Cajun accent. Mais, this is going to be interesting.

But I’m calm…or I will be just as soon as the reading is over.

How about y’all? What makes you nervous? Are you a good public speaker, or do you have to psyche yourself up for it?


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