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Hello? Is this thing on?

How long has it been since I blogged? Sometime last year? Funny, because I remember telling myself at the end of 2014 that I would be a good blogger come 2015. The New Year started and…I didn’t blog. I didn’t even think about blogging. What did I have to blog about? *shrug*

Anyway, I’ve decided to pick up the torch once more. Maybe not as frequently as I used to, but at least so those of y’all who follow this blog don’t think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. That cool? Cool.

So 2015 is looking to be a lot busier than 2014 was for me writing wise. I started the year off with the release of the first book in a four-part sci-fi erotic romance serial. Say that five times fast. Yes, a four-part serial. Me. I wrote that and I did it on purpose. It started in April 2014. Had this really whacked out dream about an adventure featuring a heroine in danger who gains the protection of one man. Then another. Then another. Then another. Get where I’m going with this? It’s a menage with four heroes and one heroine. I couldn’t write it one book. No way in hell. The edits alone would have bankrupted me in one go, so the serial was born. And I love it. I love making my readers wait a few weeks to find out what happens next. The second book comes out on March 24th with the third book scheduled for May 19th and the final book in July.

Is that all on my plate? Y’all must not know me. Of course not! I have a billion other story ideas floating around in my mind, but I have two I started working on which will release in the middle of books 2 and 3 of the sci-fi. Sinning To Win is the third book in my Southern Sin series and I have Pleasure In Crisis scheduled to come out either in June or July. After that? A plethora of stories I need to sort out, not to mention a new series whose characters have been invading my brain for weeks now.

Le sigh.

What do I see for 2015? Lots of writing and hopefully, several book releases. I probably should have written this post back in January, but really. Would that be me? I procrastinate with the best of them, so we’ll just consider today’s post my New Year update and move forward from there.

And because I’ve been gone so long, what do y’all have planned for 2015? Writing? Reading? Learning origami? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Post 999 – Pre-Celebration Woo-Hoo

Well, tomorrow is the day. Yup, 1,000 blog posts! And to celebrate, I’ve invited several of my writer friends to join me in giving away prizes. I’m talking a lot of friggin’ prizes, y’all. The giveaway will run from November 20th through November 30th so be sure to stop by and tell your friends about it. One of the authors is giving away 10 copies of her book so that means 10 winners on that one. Yup, y’all heard me.

In other news, I got the bestest best email yesterday from my editor. Ellora’s Cave is accepting my superhero novel, Touched by Lightning (working title), for their Twilight line. It’s the first book in the Love’s Defenders series and when I say this is awesome…well, it’s more than awesome. I’ve been sweating bullets worried she’d hate the story so you can imagine my joy when I found out she was taking it. Booyah!

Of course this means I need to work even faster on everything else because I have stuff. To. Do! Sweetest Taste of Sin is coming along just fine and I have a tentative release date of December 9th. That may or may not change, but I’ll let y’all know. I’m just gonna say now that J.B. Calhoun, my hero, is a lot more man than I thought he was and my poor heroine, Logan Guillory is running for her heart. Literally.

So that’s it I think. Tomorrow is the start of the giveaway and my 1,000th blog post. It’s weird to think I’ve blogged that much but when I started this enterprise um…*think* five years ago? Yeah, about five years ago, I never thought I’d end up here.

Enough mushy stuff, we’ll save that for tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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Fantasy Man Friday

Hello, Friday!! I’ve been waiting all week for you to get here! Not that I have anything terribly fun planned for the weekend, but still…it’s always wonderful to know that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I don’t have to actually get out of…bed. Wait, I do have to get out of bed. I have to get new tires. *groan*

Well, there goes my lazy Saturday morning. No, I don’t get Memorial Day off. That’s just another work day,  or is it? Did y’all know that Monday marks my 500th blog post? I know!! How awesome is that? It seems like yesterday when I started this blog, not sure what I was talking about, embarrassing myself and my family…oh, wait. I still do that. *shrug* Oh, well, there are more people who read it now than there used to be which means a bigger audience to enjoy the embarrassment!


I was trying to think of something truly spectacular for my 500th blog post, but everyone told me getting Charlie Sheen on the blog would be a bad idea. Now I have no idea what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll post the top five most popular Fantasy Man Friday men? How does that sound? Not the ones I like, but the ones that have received the most views by my readers. Would that be fun? Maybe I can give something away…um, anyone want an overweight cat? How about a specially painted Mardi Gras mask? Not one painted for my books, but a very special mask that kind of bleeds south Louisiana (without the blood). Let me know in the comments if that works for you.

Now for the fantasy man. I’m kind of nervous. This is my 499th blog post and my 78th Fantasy Man Friday. 77 men have appeared on this blog. Some have received more attention than others. Some have been ogled and drooled over enough to leave them pruney. But they’ve all been Fantasy Men, men who make me go “hm, now if I found this bundle of masculinity wandering around naked in my backyard with no memory of how he got there, what would I do?” *cough*

Today’s man is no different. Prepare yourselves for Fantasy Man #78!

As if seeing him once wasn’t enough, you also get to view his other side in the mirror! And…I like. He could totally stand in the mirror all day long and I wouldn’t have a problem with it if I was between him and the mirror. *cough*

So tell me what y’all think about the 500th blog post party!

Happy Friday and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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The Versatile Blogger Award

To my  surprise, I was given another blogging award, this time by Marsha A. Moore. Thanks for thinking of me! I feel special (and I don’t have to worry about what to blog about this morning!!).

Now, here are the rules:

1. Thank those who loved me enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 15 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I love them.
Sooooo….seven things about myself. Where do I begin?? (you know how much I love talking about myself!)
1. I talk to my animals like they can understand me and will talk back…if they ever did, I’m afraid I’d have a heart attack.
2. When I was 10 years old, my brother broke the middle finger of my left hand. Yes, my middle finger, which meant that I wore a splint that looked like I was flipping the bird to everyone. It was awesome.
3. My mom says I used to know the words to all the songs on the radio (as well as most of the commercials) when I was about 3. It annoyed them to no end.
4. I hate…hate…HATE…to dust. I have dust bunnies the size of boulders under my bed.
5. I can only take so much “girl talk”. I think 30 minutes is my limit. After that I’m looking for the nearest exit.
6. If I could get away with wearing sneakers or flip-flops for all events, I would. (I carry slippers with me when I’m forced to wear heels.)
7. I’m afraid I might be going through a “nesting” phase…God forbid I’m becoming domesticated! *shudder*
So now I get to pick people to share this award with. Yay! Without further ado:
Romancemama – She covers the 3 S’s of blogging: sweet, sassy, and Southern. Need I say more?
Daisy Harris – Insightful blogger with a twist of snark.
Allison Pang – Hello Kitty and bacon fanatic with lots of snark. (Not sure how she’d feel about a bacon wrapped Hello Kitty…best of both worlds?)
Tawna Fenske – Hilarious blogger…please, please check her out!
KAK – Constantly cracks me up with her comments.
Stacy McKitrick – Always happy to share embarrassing moments with me (she never leaves me hanging by myself!)
Lynn Rush – Sweet lady with a regimented blog (Throwback Thursdays are my favorite!)
Tammy Gallant – Busy lady with a blog that asks those important questions…like, what would you Karaoke to?
Naked Heroes – Yes, I said NAKED HEROES…’nuff said!
Angela Addams – Sweet lady who lets me rant at/with her!
Stacey Espino – Spicy bloggess…seriously spicy!
Jeffe Kennedy – I’m new to her blog, but she takes wonderful pictures of her desert home (from a soggy south Louisiana perspective, they’re awesome!)
Jillian Chantal – Adding her to my blog now that I know she has one, but I already know she’s an awesome lady!
Jus Accardo – She’s fabu with a lazy…I mean, a sleepy dog who provides me endless amusement.
Eden Glenn – She has wonderful Fantasy Man Mondays…which is a great way to start the week, you know? Between her fantasy guys on Monday and my fantasy guys on Friday. Like a sandwich…
So, that’s all 15 of the blogs I follow. I hope you’ll give them all a look-see to find out for yourself how awesome they are! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look for this week’s Fantasy Man. *sigh* My work is never done!


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The Lovely Blog Award

Well, I’m…stunned and very pleased. The lovely Goddesses over at The Naked Hero have honored me with The Lovely Blog Award. I feel all sniffly over it really. Sad, isn’t it? lol

I suppose I’m genuinely surprised when people acknowledge they actually read my blog. Oh sure, I try to lure people here, but the ones who keep coming back for every post? Well, they’re the best.

So, on to the award! *Drumroll*

One Lovely Blog, the rules for accepting the award include posting it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 10 other blogs.

The blogs I’m choosing are the following:

1. http://www.blog.angelaaddams.com/

2. http://staceyespino.blogspot.com

3. http://KAKler.blogspot.com

4. http://curiouslytwisted.wordpress.com/

5. http://www.latessamontgomeryauthor.com/

6. http://www.darkangelauthor.blogspot.com/

7. http://southernsizzleromance.wordpress.com/

8. http://edenglenn.wordpress.com/

9. http://tammygallant.com/

10. http://mynfel.blogspot.com

Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers for sharing their thoughts with me. Y’all help me more than you know 🙂

So that’s a lovely start to a Monday, wouldn’t you say?


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Anniversary Week IV – The Reader

It’s almost over folks. Tomorrow marks my 200th post and this anniversary nonsense will be over. Yay!

I’ve already talked about what I’ve learned, what I’ve blogged about, and…I can’t remember what else. Oh yeah, people I’ve met. Today I want to talk about the blog reader.

I never was a big blog reader until I discovered the world of blogging. Oh sure, I’d read a few things here and there, but I never followed blogs until this last year. It didn’t seem worth it because c’mon! No one is as funny as me, or so I thought. So here’s a list of blogs I follow and my thoughts on them.

The Bloggess – I came across this blog by accident. Someone tweeted about it and I was like, “Well, hell, I’ll see what they think is so funny.” And then found myself in tears. I love, LOVE Jenny (The Bloggess).

FF&P – Naturally, I have to follow the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal blog. They have a lot of great informative posts about the writing craft, industry, and anything you can think of.

Southern Sizzler Romance – I’m mentioning these ladies again because I read all their posts. They’re a wonderful group of writers from the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA. Wednesdays are “Wetsday”, Saturdays are “Badurday”, then between the eye candy, they have interviews with authors, agents, editors, historical information, paranormal information…well you get the idea!

The Naked Hero – No, I wish it really were naked men, but it’s close! Originally called Chasing Heroes, The Naked Hero is a group of writers stripping down what makes a hero. They have guest authors, information on writing, inspiration…you name it. It’s a great place to hang out and the Goddesses are fabu!

Borrowing Heaven, Subletting Hell – This is Alison Pang’s blog. She has a book coming out in 2011 and she’s pretty kick ass. Although, she does have an obsession with bacon and David Garrett that concerns me (because I don’t know if she has a fantasy involving both or not).

Escape Into Romance – Stacey Espino, another author, has this blog with interviews and news about the industry. She has one book out right now and two books coming out soon. She’s like a book writing machine!

Fierce Romance – Another group blog, this one hosts several author interviews with a lot of great information. Their posts always leave me thinking, which is sometimes a good thing (other times, not so good).

KAKler – With a wonderful sense of humor and a Meat Loaf fetish, reading KAK’s blog always leaves me smiling. She blogs about everything from dentist appointments to head-hopping to Meat Loaf. An author of epic fantasy and paranormal romance, KAK is fun to follow.

Tammy Gallant – Tammy is yet another author (are you sensing a trend here?) who posts some fun stuff. Spring, Spring Break, Karaoke…you name it, she blogs about it.  She hosts a monthly book club and is an all round nice lady.

I wish I could list all of the blogs I follow, but there are so many, it would take a whole day to get them all down. If you’re looking for more check out my blogroll. These blogs help inspire me in my writing and my blogging as well as giving me a chance to know my fellow writers better.

So how about y’all? Which blogs do you follow religiously? (Dare I hope it’s mine? Dare I??? Just kidding!) I’m always on the look out for entertaining blogs, so shovel them this way!


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Help Wanted

Well peeps, I did some calculating and realized that next Friday marks my 200th blog post. Wow. 200 posts! To be honest, I don’t even remember the exact day I started my blog. I’ll have to look into that.

It’s been so much fun. I thought I’d get stuck on what to post about every day, but things always creep up that I just have to tell you all about. I’m sure some of those things you wish I hadn’t mentioned, but at least you’re getting to know me. LOL Yes, I am strange, I know this. In a family full of characters, I’m considered the “weird” one, but I don’t mind. It’s better than being average.

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that Friday’s are reserved for my fabulous Fantasy Men. Since next Friday coincides with the 200th blog post, I want to do something special. This is where your help comes in handy.

What would you, my friends, like to see for Fantasy Man Friday? I had thought about posting more than one man, which I still might do. Ooh! Maybe a battle of the Fantasy Men? Hm, that’s an idea. I also thought about putting together a montage of men, but my creativity is limited to writing, not computer stuff.

So, give me some ideas, ladies! What would make a fabulous 200th Anniversary Fantasy Man Friday?

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