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Blending In

I’ve mentioned before that I’m nowhere near being a domestic goddess. I hate to clean house, I don’t cook very often, and kids make me nervous. However, I actually bought an appliance this weekend. No, not that kind of appliance *eye roll*. I bought a blender.

First let me explain. For the last two months I’ve been drinking a health shake as a meal at night. This is all part of my diet plan and I’m doing a fine job following it. Yay me. I’ve already told you how I almost stabbed myself with a knife when chopping a banana, so now I break the fruit up with my hands. No stabbing here! However, a couple of weeks ago, I made my shake and because I was busy talking to my cousin on the phone, I forgot an integral part of the shake. The shake mix. I was basically drinking milk, banana, and ice. It was…very bland.

The blender I’ve been using is part of a blender/mixer/food-processor set that my mom bought before my brother was born. Yes, it’s old so I had to make the decision to buy a new blender. The old one was putting its little heart into making my shakes but I could feel it wanting to die. It was time to put it out of its misery. The new blender is pretty! So cool and fast!

But my lack of domestic skills didn’t prepare me for using it for the first time. See, I was ready to use the blender and thought I’d read the bloody manual thoroughly. Yes, I do read manuals most of the time, not that it does me any good. I put all of the ingredients in and was ready to stare in awe at my shake being made. What I didn’t do was tighten the base of the blender onto the cup…

No, I didn’t have milk and all that all over my face. I’m too cool for that! Instead, I had a seeping, sopping mess oozing out the bottom of the blender. It leaked all over the cabinet and I stood there in confusion. Oh, I stopped blending, but that didn’t stop the oozing until I figured out the flippin’ problem! Once I did though, I cleaned my mess and with steely determination, I put that blender back on and sighed as it did what it was supposed to do.

Sadly enough, I’m infatuated with my blender. It’s mine. My first appliance purchase. Sure, I’ve bought furniture and computers, but this is something you cook with! And I bought it! I’m still stunned, yet a part of me can’t wait to get home so I can use it again.

I believe I’m starting to feel the nesting instinct. Finally. I’ve even started looking at houses because I’m ready for my own house, something I’ve picked out and can not clean without feeling guilty. *cough*

Okay, so I have to ask: What was your first household appliance purchase? Did you fall in love with it? It’s okay if you didn’t, I’m pretty resigned to my weirdness.


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