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Today is the Day

Can you hear me squeeing from here? I’m so excited! No, I didn’t get a mega-million writing contract. No, Gerard Butler hasn’t returned my many phone calls and agreed to be Mr. Danica Avet. It’s better than all of that.

Today my new mattress comes in! Wheee! There’s a lot of happy dancing going on in the Avet household, I tell you. If you recall this mattress set is the only thing I bought on Black Friday. When people say “So you bought yourself a Christmas present,” I tell them it’s actually for everyone who comes into daily contact with me. Trust me, you want me to have this mattress for your continued health.

I suppose some people would say my old mattress was just fine, but it killed my back. Each morning I greeted the day with a huge stretch and a grimace as my lower back cringed at the thought of moving. It was so bad my dog even greeted the day with a stretch and a little puppy groan. It’s sort of a habit with us. I think we’ll both sleep much better on the new bed.

Of course my belief in this mattress is based on the fifteen minutes I tried it out. Yes I tried it out for fifteen minuets while the salesperson talked with me. It felt a bit like a slumber party…in public, but in the end I knew I had to have this bed. And it’s coming in today! *squee*

Do the happy dance with me folks, hopefully I’ll be rejuvenated tomorrow morning!


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Fantasy Man Friday

It’s the end-of-the-week wrap-up. I’ve fought a cold all week, but it finally seems to be leaving me. Thank goodness. It was bad enough that I didn’t get any writing done for nearly two days. Horror of horrors!!

Now, however, I’m ready to get back in the groove, get some writing done, surf for some really hot guys…you know, hard work. This weekend is also NFC and AFC Championship games. I’m not going to dwell on my boys in black and gold. No, I can’t. I’ll get nervous, and be worthless the rest of the day.

On to more exciting things! Perhaps my cold would’ve gone away if I had stayed in bed, but there are so many things to pull me out of bed (like work, reading, writing, etc.) that I didn’t stay. However, if I had rolled out of bed, turned and saw this:

I would have most definitely changed my mind. In fact, I think I’m changing my mind right now. See how he’s reaching out to tell me not to leave him? As if I’d even imagine it! Look at those eyes! That 5 o’clock shadow! Meh…I’m going back to bed!

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