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What’s Playing Wednesday

It’s time for another What’s Playing Wednesday when I let Danica’s Magical Music Player decide the day’s blog post.

First let me just say that yesterday’s ho-hum, I’m feeling let down feeling has moved on. Thank goodness! Really, yesterday felt like Monday for me for some reason and I couldn’t seem to get my brain in gear. Was it the weather? Probably not. It was a warm, sunny day yesterday. Today is the day I should have been feeling like that considering it’s windy, gloomy, and we’re going to get rain, but I’m quite excited today.

You see, I had an epiphany in the shower this morning. Why do my ideas always strike when I don’t have a pen and paper in hand? Maybe I should invest in some washable markers…you know, the kind you buy your kids when you don’t want them to ruin your walls. Then I could jot down ideas as I’m shampooing my hair! Man! Why didn’t I think of this before??

Anyway, so I have an idea for book 2 of the Olympus, Inc. series and I can’t wait to get started. Book beginnings are so vital and I stress over making the right impression in those opening paragraphs. I’ve tried several times with this book, but nothing felt right. Then came the epiphany in the shower. I have an idea and I’m going with it. Wish me luck!

Now for What’s Playing Wednesday. Today’s band is one I really enjoyed in my early college years. They were funky and different. Their music is a blending of metal, rap, and reggae. They are, of course, 311. Now I’ll inform you now, the music might seem a little hard, and it is at first, but once the melody picks up, it’s…well, it’s downright groovy. Whenever I hear this particular song, I always think about sipping a cold beer and bonfires. I do adore bonfires. I suppose because it takes me back to my early 20’s when that’s all we did was set things on fire (in a contained manner, of course) and drink and talk about life and college and anything else that came to our minds.

The song is called Beautiful Disaster and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

So what do you think? Too hard? Not groovy at all? Boring? It makes me feel like just doing my tip, tuck, and tighten (as learned from Shaun T on Hip Hop Abs) so I always get a workout when I listen to it.


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