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Back to Reality

I’m not a beach person. Maybe it was seeing my cousin with a crab dangling off his big toe while we swam in the Gulf when I was 5 years old, or maybe I can blame it on Jaws, but I don’t like the beach. I don’t particularly care for sand either. However, sitting on my balcony watching and listening to the waves roll in soothes my soul in ways I can’t explain.

Pensacola was beautiful. No, I didn’t even walk on the beach, but I looked at it with awe and respect and if I would’ve had my binoculars, I’d have ogled the lean, young men in their swimming trunks. The Silken Sands Conference was great. The people were, of course, wonderful. I got to reconnect with my favorite Southern belles and met a host of new people I hope to keep in contact with.

And I accidentally pitched to an editor. I swear it was an accident. I’m not the elevator pitch kind of writer. I’m more comfortable behind my keyboard writing a query (which I abhor), than talking with someone face-to-face. Except I did just that somehow. It was innocent enough. I was passing along hellos from one editor (who is a Facebook friend) to another editor in the same house. By the way, Grace Bradley is a sweet, lovely lady. We didn’t talk strictly about books. It started off with talk of the Gulf and beaches and things like that and morphed into a pitch that went well. Shocking, huh? It was for me.

Did I mention the lovely Jillian Chantal introduced me to people as “This is Danica Avet. The Swamp People are her people.” LOL. It’s really funny because on Saturday night when I went up to¬† my room after the banquet, my mom (she’d never gone to Florida before so she came along for a mini-vacation) was watching Swamp People. Oh, I had to laugh at that.

The conference was great, the beach was gorgeous (from a distance), but I’m so glad to be home. My dog won’t let me out of her sight and fat cat slept right next to my head most of the night. I love going to conferences, but I love coming home. It makes me appreciate how relaxed it makes me to return to my stomping grounds.

Besides, I’m ready to dive back into my WIP. I had some killer ideas while watching the waves.


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