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Remaking Sweet

Today’s the 3rd day on the blog tour. It’s been great! I’m over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind (http://closeencounterswiththenightkind.blogspot.com) today for a review and another giveaway!

But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the summer remake series. Last week we had Johnny Cash taking on those whippersnappers, Social Distortion. It was good rockabilly fun, I thought, although not many seemed interested in it.

Today might be another flop because I had to go with one of my favorite songs ever. I know, I say that about every song, don’t I? Well, in this case it is. Every time I hear this song, I crank up the stereo and scream along. Well, okay, they don’t scream, but I can’t hit those notes unless I do. So there.

The band Sweet was a 70’s UK glam band. The reason I know about them is because my uncle loved their song “Little Willy”. This particular uncle passed away the year I was born, so I never got to meet him, but I listen to that song and imagine I know him rather well 🙂

However that isn’t the song being remade today. Nope. Today we have “Ballroom Blitz” which always makes me want to mosh. How crazy is that? I just listen to the words and I picture a big, writhing mosh pit. It’s kind of fitting, I think.

Anyway, in 1984, a metal hair band from Switzerland remade “Ballroom Blitz”. The band’s name is Krokus and I know this is a way back then song and remake, but really, I feel a little frantic this week, so it feels right.

What do you think?

The Original (Dig those costumes and that hair!):

The Remake (Check out those costumes! LOL):


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